Weekly “United’s Facebook page is entertaining” post

As I blogged about last weeks, reading the Facebook walls of airlines can be quite entertaining. Today’s laugh comes at Facebooker Kaira’s expense:

Hey United. I REALLY have a hard time believe that EVERY First Class Seat of my flight mid-Nov is taken when I booked my miles travel nearly ONE YEAR in advance! In fact, I so strongly doubt it that I’m going to ask all the First Class passengers when they booked their seat if I am still in Standard but *paying* with F…irst Class # of miles.

I’m not sure what exactly she’s saying, but it doesn’t sound good…

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  1. She booked her award ticket a year ahead and is angry because she booked a standard award (rather than saver award).

    She’s going to ask everyone in first class when they booked their tickets.

    Since everyone is on an award, they therefore must have booked their seats earlier than she did. After all, award seats are all released 331 days in advance of travel. So anyone who got a saver award booked at that time, probably minutes before she did.

    It’s not possible that United
    * sells seats [ok, good laugh line if we’re talking INTERNATIONAL first class!]
    * sells business class seats and makes first class available for upgrade rather than redemption
    * isn’t sure how many seats they’ll sell, so they hold back seats and release them as awards letter when it looks like some will go unsold

    Given that all of the above is impossible, Kaira has a reasonable gripe.

  2. Pay for 1st, fly coach….that’s surely what they mean when they say “The mileage program that wants you to use your miles.”!

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