Use US Airways Challenge To Earn Executive Platinum Status!

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Earlier today we learned more about what the 2015 AAdvantage program will look like. Dividend Miles will be integrated into AAdvantage in the second quarter of 2015, and fortunately for us, AAdvantage is more or less staying the same. That’s great news.


Heck, I’d say on balance the value proposition of AAdvantage is even improving, as American is adding complimentary same day flight changes for Executive Platinum members, and many would argue it’s good news that they’re adding complimentary upgrades on American flights of less than 500 miles.

US Airways Chairman’s Preferred are the biggest winners

The other “big” news we now know is that those qualifying for Chairman’s Preferred status will receive eight American systemwide upgrades when the programs integrate in the second quarter of next year.

In a way, Chairman’s Preferred members are getting a better deal than Executive Platinum members:

  • They get the two systemwide upgrades for earning status this year (each of which can be used for a companion traveling on the same reservation as well), which can be used between now and the time the programs integrate next year
  • They’ll get an additional eight systemwide upgrades when the programs integrate

So those that qualify for Chairman’s Preferred this year are really earning ten systemwide upgrades!

Redeem systemwide upgrades for travel in American’s new business class

Easy way to get Chairman’s Preferred status?

With that in mind, I think it’s worth revisiting the challenges available for earning status with both programs:

While speaking to Suzanne Rubin, the President of AAdvantage yesterday, I asked about the future of status challenges, and which we should expect to see going forward. Understandably AAdvantage is still trying to work things out and didn’t have a clear answer, though my interpretation was that:

  • The AAdvantage program is surviving, so for the most part we should expect the AAdvantage offerings to continue, unless otherwise noted
  • AAdvantage is always reviewing their product offerings to try and optimize them, so I wouldn’t count on anything being around long term, especially if it’s “too good to be true”

US Airways Trial Preferred

And this brings us to the US Airways trial Preferred status challenge, which is hands down the best way to earn top tier status with US Airways (and now by connection, with the new American).

Through a US Airways status challenge, you can get a fast track to status based on how much flying you do in a 90 day period.

US Airways gives you the status upfront, and charges you the following amounts:

  • Dividend Miles Silver Preferred status costs $200
  • Dividend Miles Gold Preferred status costs $400
  • Dividend Miles Platinum Preferred status costs $600


At the end of the 90 day period, your status is based on how many miles you flew, as follows:

  • Silver: Fly 7,500 miles or 10 segments
  • Gold: Fly 15,000 miles or 20 segments
  • Platinum: Fly 22,500 miles or 30 segments
  • Chairman’s: Fly 30,000 miles or 40 segments

Put another way, if you pay $200 for a Silver Preferred challenge and fly 30,000 miles within 90 days, you’ll be a Chairman’s Preferred member through February 2016. The flying requirements for earning Chairman’s Preferred during a trial are the same regardless of whether you do a Silver, Gold, or Platinum challenge.

In terms of the fine print:

  • Only travel on US Airways and American counts towards the trial status, so oneworld partner flights wouldn’t qualify
  • Only Dividend Miles non-elites are eligible for a trial
  • You can only do one trial in every consecutive 12 month period
  • Dividend Miles could change this challenge at anytime — they got rid of the ability to buy status without advance notice recently

Should you do a Silver, Gold, or Platinum trial?

As I said above, assuming the goal is to earn Chairman’s Preferred status, you have to fly 30,000 miles in a 90 day period regardless of which trial you select.

So why would you pay $600 for a Platinum trial when you could pay $200 for a Silver trial? Well, because those 30,000 flown miles will potentially be more pleasant and rewarding with higher status.

For example, as a Silver member you earn a 25% mileage bonus, while as a Platinum member you earn a 75% mileage bonus. So over 30,000 miles, that’s a difference of 15,000 miles. And that doesn’t factor in the much higher upgrade priority, oneworld Sapphire status, etc.

Everyone has to crunch the numbers for themselves, but I’d probably lean towards a Platinum trial if you’re serious about going for status with US Airways.

Bottom line

This is hands down the easiest way to earn Executive Platinum status with the “new American” from scratch, so if you’re interested I’d take advantage of this ASAP. There’s no telling how long the offering will be around.

Do you plan on doing a Dividend Miles Preferred trial in order to get Executive Platinum status?

  1. Ben, I am based in NYC and am ~25K short of requalifying for EXP. Any ideas on whether I can do a long-ish MR over a weekend that can help me get to EXP? I am fine with z fares as well.

  2. Of course, now the big question is what are the easiest ways to get 30K EQM (e.g. a couple of weekend MRs).

    P.S. Would be nice if US Airways joined AA & BA in transatlantic J/F promo.

  3. Hi Ben…

    Do Preferred-Qualifying miles earned through meeting the credit card spend threshold on the US Airways credit card count toward the challenge?

  4. @ sheldon cooper — 25K in a single weekend is a LOT, but spread over a couple of weeks it’s much more feasible, in my opinion.

  5. @ GK — Don’t have any off the top of my head unfortunately, but fares to China tend to be pretty cheap in the off season.

  6. Hi Ben, I’ve always been under the impression that you do not receive status during the actual challenge period. Was this only true at American, and with US Air you receive status with the trial? Thanks for the help!

  7. To clarify, do EQMs count toward the mileage requirement? For example, if I do two SFO-MIA-LIM roundtrips in First/Business (10,387 miles X 150% (?) x 2 trips), would I meet the requirement?

    I am sure there are better deals out there than this but I trying to think of the most efficient and least painful way to get it done if I go for it.

  8. @ Travis — I believe they’re counting actual flown miles and not elite qualifying miles, but I could be mistaken.

  9. @Ben, since the challenge is over a 90-day period, does this mean that your miles don’t need to be flown before the end of the 2014 calendar year? In other words, if I sign up for the challenge next week and fly 30,000 miles on US/AA before February 1st, 2015, I’ll be Chairman’s Preferred? I was slightly confused since typically elite status is calculated based on the calendar year, but I assume this is another “bucket” entirely.

  10. (@Ben — that was a hypothetical, not a declaration of intent to jump ship to the American elite bandwagon.)

  11. @ Travis / Lucky — the small print mentions EQM: “Only elite-qualifying miles earned on flights operated by US Airways, US Airways Express, American Airlines and American Eagle can be applied toward the Trial Preferred program.”

  12. Can one credit to US while leveraging EXP perks? I’m not going to requalify for EXP, but have enough flying through the rest of the year to make the challenge if I credited my AA flights to US instead. My only concern is I’d lose my (sticker) upgrades…

  13. @ Erasmus — I’d guess you can get most perks like priority seating, but doubt you can get complimentary upgrades to stick while switching your mileage number. I could be wrong, though.

  14. Hi Lucky, is this restricted based on year? For example, does it matter if I start now and let me 90 days run into 2015, or should I start in 2015?

    Also, you said it is for Dividend Miles non-elites. If I’m AA Gold it won’t affect it, correct?


  15. Lucky, I’m a long ways from re-qualifying for AA ExPlat (more than 50K), so I’m considering the Chairman’s challenge. If I do this and I fly on AA flights, can I use my SWUs to upgrade and still credit the miles to my Dividend Miles account for the challenge? Thanks.

  16. Hi Lucky, just one point to clarify. if your flight is marketed by AA or US with a codeshare (I’m thinking a QF flight with a AA codeshare), will that satisfy the metal requirement?

  17. I made the decision to earn CP for 2015 rather than re qualify for EXP, and am glad I did! I’ll only be without true EXP for 2-3 months next year depending on when the integration happens! Score!

    Ben, a slight correction though. From what I’ve read (and the wording is not great I know), CPs technically get FOUR SWUs annually. It’s just that TWO of those May only be used by companions on the same record. Unless I’m not understanding it correctly, and that could be since this will be my first year as CP.

  18. @lucky – Does this means that if I sign up now, but complete the challenge in January 2015 I’d get Chairman’s Pref/EXP until Feb 2017? Or is it just for 2015? I believe if you complete the requirements early in 2015 with AA, then your status is good for that year and the next. Correct?

  19. Hey Lucky –

    I’m currently AA platinum (status matched to UA Gold this year) and I’m planning on making it to at least Gold this year on AA/OneWorld. I have about ~7,500 EQMs worth of trips between now and the EOY, but do you think it would be worthwhile to status match to US Silver, pay $200, then attempt to fly 15,000 miles between Nov. 1 and January 31? I feel like the difference between US Silver and Gold, and AA Gold and Platinum, is pretty marginal (extra luggage and lounge access) but I rarely travel international nor do I check more than one piece of luggage.

    Any advice would be appreciated.

  20. @ Rohan — That’s a toughie. Definitely could be worth it, since you’d be earning a 100% mileage bonus instead of 25% bonus. Assuming it’s not too much trouble to fly the extra miles I’d do it.

  21. @ Angel — If you complete the challenge in the first half of the year then status is only valid through February of the following year. So if you complete it anytime between now and June 2015, status would be valid through February 2016.

  22. so if I do Platinum and fly 17,500 miles does that get me chairmans level with the 75% bonus (30,625 with bonus) or is it 30k butt in seat miles?

  23. @ Zed — Nope, has to be AA/US metal as far as I know, so a flight on another airline’s metal wouldn’t qualify.

  24. @ Angel — Nope, if you qualify for Executive Platinum with American now it’s valid through February 2016.

  25. If I’m a current US silver with a big flight on Qantas planned for December, can I sign up for an AA platinum challenge? that is, will the Qantas miles count toward my status, and am I eligible for a challenge with American though I am a US elite?

  26. Sorry to be a pain, but here is what they say. Those dates are for 2014 but I assume they’ll work the same in 2015.

    Here are some examples of this elite qualification timeline:

    If you earn 25,000 elite-qualifying points or miles on July 31, 2014 your AAdvantage Gold membership is valid through February 29, 2016
    If you earn 25,000 elite-qualifying points or miles on January 31, 2014, your AAdvantage Gold membership is valid through February 29, 2016

  27. @ Angel — Sorry, I might be confused. If you qualify for Executive Platinum by December 2014, the status is valid through February 2016. If you qualify for Executive Platinum January 2015 or later, the status is valid through February 2017.

  28. @ Emily — You are eligible, and travel on American, US Airways, British Airways, Iberia, Japan Airlines and Qantas is eligible for the American Airlines challenge.

  29. @lucky – 🙂 that was my question. Thanks! Now the dilemma…spend around $3,500 at the beginning of 2015 and get EXP until Feb 2017 or do the Chairman’s preferred challenge and spend about half….Thoughts?

  30. Lucky, do you have a post that explains how you can do this: you said earlier “@ elwoodbud — Yep, sure can use SWUs and still credit to US.” I am EXP and have about 30K miles left to fly this year, which will still come up short for EXP requalification. so, seriously considering this CP challenge instead, but all my flights are booked on AA and I want to try to use SWUs.

  31. @ Angel — out of curiosity, what’s your strategy to get EXP? Getting full 100K miles for a relatively low price (3.5 cpm) is very nice.

  32. @ eric — There’s no trick to it. You can just put your American number on the reservation, apply the upgrade, and then day of departure (or anytime prior to departure) switch your frequent flyer number to US Airways.

  33. @ eric — All depends what you plan on flying. You’ll earn at least 15,000 more miles as a Platinum, and if you’re flying US Airways you’ll do a lot better with upgrades, etc.

  34. @Ivan Y – BA has some DCA-DFW-LHR-DOH for $700-$720 with a 2hr ground time in DOH. You can book on and use the $65 discount from AAA plus pay with the BA card to get an extra 10% discount. Fly 5 of those and you are almost there… only interest in doing that would be to secure 2 years of EXP and potentially beating any spending requirements they might add in 2016 (like DL and UA). Downside: all those flight would be in Coach… 🙁

  35. Any idea how long the challenge will be available for? I have a big US Airways trip coming up in late April and would want to use that to count toward the challenge. However, I see that the programs are planning to integrate in Q2 2015. So not sure what the cut-off would be. Any insight?

  36. @ Betty — It’s anyone’s guess. I wouldn’t be surprised if they make some changes to the program before the end of the year.

  37. @ Angel — FYI, I don’t think you can use 10% on your suggested route because it’s only valid for BA metal so DCA-DFW segment nullifies it.

    Thanks for the idea of using Middle East via London: can get a little break instead of flying 13-15 hours nonstop to Asia. For Houston-based folks there are some good fares to DOH on BA metal (some dates in Nov. 2014 for 0 day stay as low as $806 before any discounts: IAH-LHR-BAH-DOH-BAH-LHR-IAH. Something to keep in mind for potential EXP run but too bad can’t fly a couple of those to meet US CP challenge.

  38. Ben…Ben…Ben.

    Where were you 18 months ago when I started this project? I could have been Platinum from the start!

    Honestly, I’m distraught.

  39. Lucky, Since I am EXP and will only be flying AA flights, it seems the only benefit of buying Platinum is the double miles, but I don’t think 15,000 miles is worth $400, do you? Am I missing something?

  40. @Angel @lucky

    What lucky said initially is correct. If your trial started before June 30, it only last the Feb of the next year. Either you start now or Jan 2015, EXP will last until Feb 2016. If you start Jul 1 or after, then EXP expires on Feb 2017.

    Then, over the next 90 days, fly a minimum number of miles on flights operated by US Airways or American Airlines to keep your Preferred status through February 29, 2016. If your trial began on or before June 30, 2014, you’ll maintain your Preferred status through February 28, 2015.

  41. Ben, Ivan and Angel,

    I need segments not miles. Is there a place to find out the cheapest way to rack up a quick weekend 8 segments?

  42. @ John – perhaps you can ask in Mileage Run Discussion forum on FlyerTalk? At one point, AA had Houston-Dallas and Dallas-Austin roundtrips for $93 and I considered doing a run using those. So if you are close to a hub, perhaps you can do multiple short hops (e.g. for me would be something like IAH-DFW-IAH x 4 times in a day) instead of trying to string together a super-complicated itinerary?

  43. If I’ve already booked holiday travel with AA and provided my AA number and sign up for the challenge now, if I change my FF # to my US Air number will it count towards the trial?

  44. @ Kevin — Yep, it would. Just keep in mind you can’t get comp upgrades as an Executive Platinum and then credit to US Airways. Otherwise should be fine.

  45. lucky – I don’t have status with anyone. If i sign up for the chairman’s trial ($600) and did some long haul mileage runs. Could I use the 2 SWU’s from the trial itself for my mileage run?

  46. Lucky, your response to Kevin confused me. Earlier you said you could fly AA as EXP and get upgrades/benefits, but just change FF# to US on the day of the flight and get the US credit. So you actually can’t get upgraded? I’m EXP and flying to SFO a couple times and to Hong Kong . I want to get upgraded as an EXP, but also want to do this status challenge on US since I won’t hit 100K miles this year. Can I do it?

  47. @ eric — You can use systemwide upgrades and still credit to US Airways, but you can’t use your American status to get complimentary upgrades and then accrue miles with US Airways.

  48. Got it, thanks Lucky. So buying up to Platinum may make sense to try to upgrade my domestic AA flights. what happens if I get upgraded domestically 100 hrs out and want to change to my US# on the day of my flight. Do they take my upgrade away at that point or not allow the FF# switch?

  49. @ Eric — I believe the upgrade would be taken away, or more specifically you’d be downgraded if the mileage number were changed.

  50. The US Air terms state: If your trial began on or before June 30, 2014, you’ll maintain your Preferred status through February 28, 2015. Is this correct?

  51. So why would anyone start this at the end of October? Won’t the Chairman’s Preferred status expire in a few months WITHOUT earning the AA EXP EVIPS/SWUs?

  52. @ Julianne — No, it would be valid through February 2016. The above text you copied talked about challenges before June 2014. It’s now October.

  53. Lucky, I’m similar to Eric’s situation, trying to follow all this. I’m EXP will not requalify so going to do the Chairmans challenge. Where you said to put in AA number, get SWU, then switch number to US, who are you doing this with – US or AA? Where do you book your original ticket – on or

    Also, I would much prefer to fly AA metal instead of US. So does this mean I have to book on, for AA metal, but use AA number, call AA for SWU, then go back to USAir and change AA number back to the US number? Sorry this switching numbers and who’s website to use is confusing me.

  54. AA notice today about combining programs says that AA elite will be able to book with miles using AAnytime, does this mean they are getting rid of the discounted miles? AAnytime across the board is pretty steep.

  55. @ Laura — You can’t redeem American systemwide upgrades on US Airways yet. It doesn’t matter where you book. If you’re flying American, just use American’s site and apply systemwide upgrades. You can put your Dividend Miles number on the reservation at any point you’d like. Not even a need to wait.

  56. @ Laura — They’re just saying US Airways flyers will have the choice of redeeming miles for standard/AAnytime awards on American. That wasn’t previously possible.

  57. Thanks Lucky. So, first I have to call US Air direct and do the challenge? Then I can go to, use AA number, book any US or AA metal, get SWU, then after getting SWU go back and change to US number before departure? What if I am waitlisted for the SWU, how close to take off can you change the number to USAir?

    And are you saying you will earn the ability to get bonus miles as soon as you make each level of status, on the way to Chairman? Not once you reach chairman? I would not get any EXP perks while doing the challenge since I would be flying under US number even though flying on SWU? But I could still use Credit Card privileges for boarding and baggage.

  58. Sorry, forgot to ask, if flying on Q class which normally gives you only 50% miles on AA, do you still earn the full 100% of the actual miles flown for the challenge?

  59. @ Laura — When you book your ticket is unrelated to the star of the challenge. You can apply a ticket you booked 10 months ago towards a challenge, as long as you travel over the dates of your challenge. So you can book your ticket before or after you start the challenge.

    You can use your AA SWUs for AA metal flights, so just book on AA’s website. You can add your US number to the reservation at any time.

    If you’re applying a SWU then you’d be in first or business class, so you’d get most perks.

  60. My bad, I misread and thought it was AAnytime miles for combined carriers in 2015. THis says US Air flights.

    “Earning miles will continue to be easy. You’ll still be able to earn miles by making everyday purchases and by flying. Plus, you’ll be able to redeem your miles for any available seat with AAnytime® Awards on US Airways flights.”

  61. @ Laura — Yes, you earn 100% EQMs for AA “Q” class with US, just as you do with AA. You just don’t earn 100% EQMs for “Q” class with AA (US doesn’t have an EQP system).

  62. @ Laura — Right, as of second quarter 2015 American flyers can redeem miles for standard awards on US Airways, and US Airways flyers can redeem miles for standard awards on American. That wasn’t previously possible, as before you could just redeem saver miles for travel on partners.

  63. So I think you are saying I can book Q class on for the challenge on AA metal, use SWU to fly in business, and earn full actual miles flown to count toward the challenge?

    My usual itin is AA DFW-PVG for around 7500 miles ea. way. 2 roundtrips, on AA metal, under US Challenge and I’m at 30K and retain AA EXP? (just trying to not fly US metal at all costs). Will miss AA First Cabin to PVG.

  64. Ben,

    Just to make sure I got this right: I am currently EXP with AA but need more flying to requalify … If I do sign up for the US AIR challenge now, I have 90 days (until sometime in January 2015) to fly 30,000 miles and I will be EXP again in 2015 through February 2016, and get 10 SWU. Did I get that right?


  65. @ Laura — Correct. Though to clarify you’d earn Chairman’s Preferred, and then at some point in the second quarter of 2015 that would be converted into Executive Platinum.

  66. @ Fran — Slight over simplification, but that’s the general idea.

    You’ll be made Chairman’s Preferred for now and get two systemwide upgrades, and then in the second quarter of next year you’ll be made Executive Platinum and will be given eight systemwide upgrades.

  67. Thanks Ben!

    Perfect then. And my current EXP would not expire until February 2015 and could still use any SWU left in my account until then, no? The way I see it, current AA EXP will expire pretty much around the time when the new EXP acquired through US AIR will kick in. Do you think there could be a one or two months gap between one and the other?

  68. Ok. So I would be EXP AND Chairman Preferred thru Feb, then only Chairman Preferred in March, Chairman Preferred some time in Mar-June until the switchover, then full EXP.

    As Chairman Preferred, can’t I fly on AA with full benefits until the 2nd quarter?

  69. @ Laura — There’s not full upgrade reciprocity between airlines. So until they merge programs as a Chairman’s Preferred you only get upgrades day of departure on American.

  70. Ben,

    One more question: Would a flight on CX metal, codeshare with AA, booked as an AA flight count towards this challenge or every flight would have to be in either AA or US metal?

  71. Hi Lucky,

    How does this the Dividend Miles Preferred trial work if you book an AA ticket on fly on AA? Do you just give AA your US frequent flyer number after booking the flight?

  72. Is it confirmed that CP automatically goes to EP in Q2 2015? What I have seen makes it sound like they will evaluate your 2015 status in the combined program based on combined qualifying miles/segments flown in 2014.

    I have already earned CP status in the trial program (valid through Feb 29, 2016), but will only have about 70k miles flown combined US/AA for 2014. So, obviously concerned. You are making me feel better, but hoping you have a link or something.


  73. Ben, I’m wondering when they say if the flights have to be on US/AA, do they mean like the AA status challenge where it is by the marketing carrier? Would it theoretically work on AA/US metal sold by other partners or do they have to be both Marketed and operated by AA/US? It wasn’t really clear in the conditions, thanks!

  74. Something I thought about is in the world of corporate, the 2nd quarter could also mean 6/30 rather than 4/1.

  75. With posts like this, you deserve every dollar earned via cc signup offers, etc. Mad props for your lightning-fast responses (I got a migraine just skimming the comments!)

    Lucky, you rock.

  76. @ jvb — Yes, you’ll be fine. Looking at your combined total in both programs refers to giving status to those that wouldn’t have earned the same status (like having 15K EQMs in each program, which would get you elite status in the new program).

  77. @ Jonathan — I believe the flights have to both be marketed and operated by AA/US, but I could be wrong.

  78. @ off — Correct, I definitely wouldn’t assume it’ll be the first half of the second quarter. It might be, but wouldn’t count on it.

  79. Lucky/anyone — can you please clarify something for me in re: EQM’s?

    On AA, paid F earns 150% EQM — e.g., 1000 mile flight earns 1500 EQM and the 1500 counts toward elite qualification.

    Is the same true for US and, more importantly, for the Preferred Challenge?

    IOW, would I only need to fly 20,000 in paid F to make Chairman’s Preferred

  80. @ GringoLoco — Yes, all EQMs count, so if flying paid first class you’d only need to fly 20,000 miles.

    The first point isn’t right, though. With American you earn 100% EQMs regardless of which revenue fare class you fly. You earn extra EQPs for paid premium cabins, which are different than EQMs.

  81. In your response to GringoLoco RE: only have to fly 20K miles in paid F (20K+50% bonus=30K), do you have to be an elite to earn the 50% bonus for flying in F? Or just the purchase of an F gets you 150% bonus? How about J?

    I’m looking for the quickest way/least number of miles and time invested to CP – would this be it? I would scrap the SWU idea if this will get me there faster.

  82. Lucky, I’m starting to get mixed up on the timing of this. If they don’t grant EXP until, say, 6/30 (or later), and it expires 2/2016, then you really aren’t getting benefit of EXP for very long – do I have that right? Does it matter if you finish your challenge in 2014 vs. 2015? If you finish challenge in, say, January 2016, will your EXP last til 2017?

  83. @ Laura — Correct, you’ll be granted EXP sometime in the second quarter (April 1 through June 30), and it will be valid through February 2016. As long as you finish the challenge before June 2015 your status will only be valid through February 2016.

  84. I didn’t know about this challenge, thanks. Any insight as to when they will be removing this challenge program.

  85. The online sign-up form doesn’t accept Canadian postal codes, even though my Dividend Miles Profile does. “Oops” is all I could get from Web Support.

  86. If I have my AAdvantage number on already ticketed flights, how do I change it to my Dividends number to qualify for upgrades if I sign up for the challenge?


  87. @ Shannon — Just log into your reservation online and change your number, or otherwise you can call the airline.

  88. quick question. It appears from AAs website that elite status is still calculated based on 2014 EQMs and points and not automatically brought over for chairmans preferred (I.e if someone did the trial) . Did AA say they were transferring status ?

    Q:Will American and US Airways combine their respective loyalty programs into one?A:
    We expect to bring Dividend Miles member accounts into the AAdvantage program during the second quarter of 2015. When we combine programs, we’ll move your Dividend Miles elite-qualifying activity, award mileage balance and million mile balance into your AAdvantage account on a one-to-one ratio. We’ll determine your elite status by looking at your combined elite-qualifying activity for 2014, and separately, your combined 2015 year-to-date elite-qualifying activity.

  89. @ Billy — The programs will be integrated in the second quarter of 2015, at a date that hasn’t yet been determined. So it won’t be transferred immediately, but will be in the second quarter.

  90. Oops. While paid F/J does earn the CoS bonus — like any other paid F/J ticket — the CoS bonus DOES NOT COUNT for purposes of the trial.

    IOW — Chairman’s Preferred requires 30k BIS (butt-in-seat) miles!

    Confirmed via the FT Trial Preferred Thread, an email and Twitter exchange with DividendMiles.


  91. @ GringoLoco — thank you for the information!

    I am starting to think that if you can meet the challenge requirements in Q1 2015, it may be best to fly during that time and double-dip on the miles. For example, if in January-March you can do 30K and get US CP (good until Feb. 2016) that will end up being converted into AA EXP in Q2 2015 and you will have 30K towards 2016 status, meaning already enough for AA Gold (good until Feb. 2017).

    @ Lucky — is the above correct or do I need to drink a few more cups of coffee and re-read program merger info? 😀

  92. @ Ivan Y — Exactly right, and that’s a great point! The only thing I’d note is that I wouldn’t count on the challenge sticking around, so that’s my only reservation in not starting it sooner rather than later.

  93. Great blog!

    Just a quick question, if I purchased the Platinum status, would the bonus mileage conferred from that status count toward the challenge requirement? IE would the addition 75% reduce the overall number of required miles?

    Sorry for the noob question, just starting in the mileage game (and loving it).

  94. Lucky, I just signed up for Platinum trial. Many thanks for bringing this to our attention! I was really sad about coming up ~25K short of EXP this year, but this will get me there since I have 30K miles to fly in the next 90 days. Yay! My alternative plan was to MS $25K spend on the US Air card and then do a MR to CGK to bridge the gap – my wife thanks you for me not having to do a long MR away from home.

  95. How do you sign up for the challenge – online or call USAir? I called and the agent acted like she didn’t know what I was talking about so I just hung up.

  96. Lucky- Is there any way around the good only for non-USAir elites rule for the USAir CP challenge? I’ve got the opposite problem from most posts here in that I’m a USAir CP now but won’t have flown 100K by year’s end to re-qualify. Could I just sign up for a new USAir Dividend miles account then take the challenge? I wouldn’t mind the “downgrade” over the 90-day challenge period (I’d pay for Platinum then fly the 30K as Platinum using the new DM number instead of my current CP DM number) as long as I get the CP (then eventually EXP) status. Thanks!

  97. @ Jim — I suppose you could try signing up for a new account to do it, though it does directly violate the terms of the Dividend Miles program, and they could shut down your account. So whether the risk is worth it or not is up to you…

  98. @ Laura — You’ll want to phone the Dividend Miles service center at 800-428-4322 and let them know that you want to sign up for a Preferred Trial.

  99. Hi Lucky,

    I have both AAdvantage & DM accounts, and I will fly from SFO-DFW-HKG by AA in Business class next month, and then be back from HKG-HND-SFO by Japan Airline in First class. I used my AAdvantage credit card points and miles purchased. My question is: should I take part in US Airway challenge trial or AA challenge trial? Thank you!

  100. @ Flora — Only revenue flying counts towards the challenge. So unfortunately an award ticket wouldn’t get you closer to completing either of the challenges.

  101. Can the 2 SWU’s you earn for qualifying for Chairman’s Preferred be used on AA metal or only on US operated flights?

  102. @Lucky, ok, so here is my situation. I will qualify for EXP for next year. However, if I go for CP challenge now, will I be double dipping then? What happens on 2015 once I meet my CP on 2014?

  103. @ ACR — If I’m understanding you correctly, you’ll be Executive Platinum either way. Don’t really see the upside in your case.

  104. @ ACR — if you have use for US CP upgrade certificates AND you can meet US CP target in 2015 before programs are combined then you would presumably end up with both US CP and AA EXP upgrades without hurting your requalification toward next year’s status.

  105. @ Ivan Y — Hmmm, that’s interesting. ACR would get the two CP upgrade certificates, though those would expire once the programs are integrated. I would assume ACR wouldn’t get eight SWUs from US Airways if he’s linking it to his existing Executive Platinum account, though I could be wrong.

  106. @lucky. Not much of a US flyer, but lately work has me flying them a bit due to merger, numerous short hops for the moment, but crediting to AA and enjoying the reciprocity, hence will qualify for EXP on 2015 with no problem. Already have about 80k trips booked on 1st quarter 2015, with about 50k or more not booked yet for the rest of 2015, needless to say EXP on 2016 is not a problem either. However, I was curious enough to see if I could get CP on US via challenge for 2014, which will transfer over on 2015. Then on 2015, use my CP for the US short hops that I’m currently doing, mostly to CLT or PHL credit to US and get the upgrade preference while the programs are still separate. Will I get another 8 or however # SWU? I will already have 8 from AA fpr 2015 qualification and also another 8 from AA for 2016, but what about US? Will this be a conflict? Could they be used interchangeably?

  107. @ Lucky – I meant that he’d have 2 certs from US (from the challenge) which may or may not be worth doing the challenge depending on their value to him 🙂

    @ ACR – that’s a lot of flying! From reading the comments sounds like CP’s big advantage is earlier upgrades so may be worth it to you if you book in advance.

  108. @ ACR — Ah yes, there could indeed be a benefit to having the higher upgrade priority until the programs integrate into the second quarter. I don’t think you’d receive an extra eight systemwide upgrades, though, since you’d be Executive Platinum either way.

  109. Hey Ben, so I’m primed and pumped to do this. Think I got everything figured out, except one question.

    If I wanna get the most value from the MR Im gonna do to meet the challenge, then I should wait until 2015, right? This way I meet the challenge requirements and get CP until Feb 2016, but those miles I fly will also count toward status Gold status until Feb 2017. Is this right? And if I happen to fly more in 2015 (I will), I could potentially get Plat or EP if I fly the extra 20k or 50k miles on top of the 30k I did for the challenge.

    Hope that makes sense! And thanks!

  110. @ Phil — Yep, you got it exactly right. The only consideration is that we don’t know when the challenge will be pulled. So you could sign up for it now, but would basically have to do all your flying in January with that strategy. I wouldn’t wait too much longer, as I assume they’ll pull the challenge eventually.

  111. @lucky Thanks for the confirmation. Guess I’m gonna suffer in Jamuary but it should be worth the benefits! Signing up today and lying in wait…

  112. Many thanks for this helpful and timely post, Ben!

    I’ve just requalified for AC Altitude Super Elite this year. Though I’ve certainly enjoyed the program in recent years, I’m getting annoyed at their ‘unloyal’ devaluations etc. I’m wondering whether this US Challenge and 30K for CP (and eventually AA EXP) is worth exploring. Certainly seems worthwhile in terms of SW upgrades..

    Also, it seems that qualifying mid-2015 would give status up to 2017. But am I correct it might be better to seize the opportunity now?

  113. I also want to know if I can get extra 8 SWUs when I complete the US 30,000 miles status trial and link the two accounts. I will be re-qualifed for AA EXP soon. If I do’t get extra 8 SWUs because I’m already AA EXP when the two programs are combined, don’t I just need to link the two accounts so that I get 8 SWUs from the US CP status anyways?

  114. @ Francois — Yes, I wouldn’t count on this sticking around, and certainly wouldn’t expect it to be around in the second half of next year, since Dividend Miles won’t be around then anymore.

  115. @ HIRO — We don’t know the answer to that, but my assumption is that you don’t get the extra systemwides since you’re already EXP. Could be wrong, though.

  116. So if I start now and finish in early 2015, I’ll receive 2 US SWU certs. My question is whether I will ALSO get the 8 AA SWUs when the programs are combined, or whether AA will just say “you already received your 2015 SWU allotment from US,” when they combine the programs. Please advise, since I must book tonight before midnight for an advance purchase fare.

  117. @lucky @Tom I asked at AA twitter and AmericaAir said “You get your 8 from AA when you re-qualify for EXP and you’ll get 8 for your Chairman’s Preferred the 2nd quarter of 2015.” It sounds we can earn total 16 SWUs!

  118. Hi Lucky, If I am AA Plat.(NOT Exp Plat), can I go for a Chairmen’s Preferred Challange on US? Inother words is the challange only lateral or can I challange to a higher elite level on US? Mary Jane

  119. @ Mary Jane — You can’t do a challenge if you have status with US Airways, but you can do a challenge if you have status with American. So you’d be fine.

  120. Hi,

    I decided to do the challenge for CP! Anyway, I have some AA flights coming up and I have already been upgraded domestically in the 100h window (using stickers).

    Does anybody know if I will lose these when I change my AA number to my US number the time I check-in ? Has anybody experienced this situation ?


  121. It is my understanding that you can wait until you get the upgrade and then switch. I used system wides last week and did this. I got the system wide round trip, the day before the trip I called and changed to US Dividend number and it did not effect the upgrade, I even had a special meal request since it was international which transferred just fine. I haven’t tried it with a regular domestic upgrade but I will on Thursday. I’m EXP don’t know if that makes any difference. I discussed freely with both US Air phone reps and AA EXP reps and neither had any problem with discussing it with me. Keep calling because I got one who acted like I was wasting my time and didn’t really understand anything about it and tried to talk me out of it.

  122. Thanks @ Laura;

    I tried calling the AA desk but the agents were not helpful at all. They all directed me to the US Airways desk. At US Airways, they said I will likely loose the Sticker upgrade in addition to my already assigned seats. This means I might have to deal with a middle seat somewhere in the back 🙁

    Anyway, I will only change the AA number to the US number at checkin – hopefully I will be able to keep at least the seats assigned in coach.

    Please post back if you experience something different,


  123. @ Billca — If you’re using systemwides then you can apply upgrades and switch, but for comp upgrades or sticker upgrades you won’t be able to change your frequent flyer number.

  124. @ Lucky : do you mean that I can switch account numbers (AA US) and loose seat assignments OR at this point I can’t switch account numbers at all ?

  125. @ Billca — If the updates can’t cleared you can switch them, but if they have cleared then I think you couldn’t anymore, unless you can find a way they can downgrade you.

  126. @ Lucky : Hmm… I guess I have a problem then 🙁

    The non internacional leg DFW-MCO has already cleared using stickers. I guess my best bet now is to try switching the numbers at check-in and see if they can arrange something in this regard…


  127. Quick question, when you are referring to “stickers” do you mean the upgrades that AA uses that can be purchased for $30/earned every 10K flown? Why would it work for SW but not regular paid upgrades? Do you know this for certain or best guestimating?

  128. @ Laura: Yes, I am referring to those. I think these are now called “500-mile” (and they were used to call stickers I guess).

    I thought I could switch from the AA number to the US number at any time prior or at check-in in order to accrue those miles to my US Airways Challenge.

    But as @ Lucky said just now, I might not be able to make it anymore since the domestic leg has cleared for the 500-mile upgrade already.

    Does anybody else know or have experienced this situation ?

  129. @ Laura — Correct. It works with systemwides because they’re not linked to your frequent flyer number. You can apply them to anyone’s reservation. Being able to use sticker upgrades is contingent on using your account.

  130. Hi Ben! Late to the party…but I am planning to enroll in this trial. My only concern is that they somehow don’t provide the AA ex plat SWU’s to folks who earned status through this promotion…am I being silly? The SWUs (which I am assuming could be used on flights to Japan?) are the only reason I would enroll in the trial. Thanks so much!

  131. @ Lola — They absolutely should offer them to everyone that’s Executive Platinum, so I’d consider it to be a safe bet.

  132. My flight to HKG is tomorrow morning and my SWU has not cleared and may not. When is the latest I will be able to put my US Airways DM on my ticket?

  133. Lucky, I just got off the phone with agent and she said that I have been put on waitlist at the aiport since there are only 3 seats left in J. It can take up to time of flight out of DFW to find out if I get cleared; however, my flight starts in ORD. Any suggestions what to do since if I change my FF# to DM before ORD flight my name will probably drop. Thanks!

  134. @John I’d put back your AA# asap. Your original request date for SWU should still hold and you’ll compete among EXPs. Since you’re a through passenger, you have a higher priority.

    The problem with a through passenger is you might have to board with your AA# on your first segment to give more time to clear and changing the FF# at DFW would still give you a boarding pass with AA# on even if an agent confirms that USDM # is in. You’ll even see that miles are credited to your AA account.

    However, you can call EXP desk (and to customer care) and explain you changed but went to the wrong number. They can correct this even after the fact. It took about 10 days, so be patient.

    HKG DFW is very hard to clear with so many paid last minute J passengers. If things don’t look good, forget about MCE as it’s much much more comfortable taking 3 seats in the back of the bus and lay down. If you ask an gate agent nicely, they might block adjacent seats for you feeling bad about your SWU not clearing.

    Personally, I’ll not take this route again. I rather clear on 772 rather than gambling on 77W.

  135. @offtheglass So does that mean I can change FF# and credit to USDM for any flights after I take the flights? SWUs might clear earlier but domestic comp upgrades might not happen until the last minutes. If I change FF# to USDM (I’m doing silver trial) earlier, my priority becomes really low since I’m AA EXP. I shouldn’t change FF# before flights if I want to keep higher upgrade priority then switch to USDM after the facts. Is that right? Lucky says earlier probably I can’t change FF# if I already got comp (sticker) upgrades with AA#, but that doesn’t matter since I can change it to USDM later by calling EXP desk, I guess?

  136. @HIRO If your HKG flight clears, you should be in front of EXP comp upgrade regardless of the status (you’ll of course compete among those who used SWU). My experience tells me that 137/138 doesn’t really clear until the day of departure unless you got the ticket 2+ months prior.

    -Yes, you can credit to a different FF ‘after’ your flights. I’ve done it and so did many fellow flyertalk members. I’d try to change# before HKG flight tho. Chances are your boarding pass will still show AA#, which maybe good since you can use the Wing in HKG.

    -You can change your FF after EXP comp upgrade clears. I had a trip HKG-DFW-ORD recently and DFW-ORD comp upgrade cleared while HKG-DFW was still waitlisted. The day of the departure, I knew my SWU wasn’t going to clear, so I switched to USDM at the airport. The DFW-ORD boarding pass still showed 1st class. Once it’s clear, it’s yours. I’m not sure if that’s because I switched to USDM who is pretty much the same company.

  137. @offtheglass Thanks for the info. Did you actually get USDM miles for the entire HKG-DFW-ORD flights?

    I have LAX-DFW-HKG and back. If I don’t really need to change FF# beforehand, I just do that after I complete the entire trip just to make sure I get higher upgrade priority as AA EXP, I guess.

  138. @HIRO

    Yes. Here’s exactly what I did. My SWUs didn’t clear but felt confident because 3 days before my travel, it was showing J7 I7. All of sudden, it was J2 I0, so I knew if I ever cleared… myabe at the gate, so I had no choice but leaving my AA# (EXP) in.

    The day of departure: As expected, my SWU didn’t clear, but upon checking at ORD, I was #2 on the list. I was going to change to USDM, but thought I’d give a shot because ORD-DFW isn’t affect my US challenge even if it went to AA#, so yeah flew with AA# in.

    As I was relaxing at DFW, AA app showed #3 -> #5 -> #7 on the list. So at this point I knew I wasn’t going to clear. Went to the gate, asked the gate agent to change my FF# to USDM. She said ‘done’, but my boarding pass still showed AA# on. Reprinted with the same result. She assured me that my number is in the system. Called EXP and according to the rep, you can change before the first flight but not in the middle of the trip. I thought oh great I’m @#$#@ed! (which turned out to be wrong). The gate agent was nice enough to block the 2 adjacent seats for me, so all 3 seats are mine. I was carefully monitoring seat map and MCEs were full!!! I enjoyed the lie-flat economy class (I’m 5’10”). There were lots of EXPs all over, so enjoyed talking to them as well, especially the cute lady behind me (hi). j/k

    Upon arriving at HKG, my miles have already been posted! to AA. I called EXP and she transferred me to customer care. I told her I changed to USDM# at the gate. She took the AA mileage out of my account immediately and told me it could take up to a month!! During this call, I also put back my AA# back as I’m still waitlisted for HKG-DFW.

    I was #9 upon checking in at HKG, but left my AA# in because I wanted to use the Wing, which was very nice. At the gate, I changed to USDM# although my DFW-ORD has been upgraded (EXP comp upgrade). In the worst case, I’d be downgraded, but no biggie. The new boarding passes with USDM# still showed 1st class on DFW-ORD. 😀 This flight was more full. EXPs were all over. They all saw 20 J seats left, but quickly disappeared a day or two prior.

    All of my miles went to USDM. I wasn’t sure if my first ORD-DFW would go to AA and it sounded as if it was possible to credit to a different FF segment by segment, but it’d be a bit more painful to explain. You can credit to different FF after the fact for sure. I’m not sure if that’s because I tried to change before.

    HKG is also my fav city. Star ferry at night is probably the best experience anyone can have (Transformers didn’t destroy all. haha). Don’t be shocked if someone sits by you at a busy restaurant as it seems to be common to share tables as long as there are seats. Just wish it’s going to be a cute one.

  139. @offtheglass wow, thanks for the great report! I have one more question. If I understand correctly, you actually received AA miles for the ORD-DFW first then tried to change to USDM. Did it really take one month for the change? I hope it doesn’t actually take that long…

  140. @HIRO In short, yes, I received AA miles for all ORD-DFW-HKG first. Called and after 10 days, it showed up in my USDM. Your actual flight date should matter if you’re worried about your trial period.

  141. Hi Lucky,

    Sorry if I’m repeating this question. But if I’m already AA EXP, can I buy a ticket using my AA number, upgrade it via SWU, and then change it to USAIR BEFORE the flight to get the EQMs needed for the challenge?

  142. Thanks @lucky for clarifying.

    I’m assuming I can buy my flight on I have it on hold and waiting to pull the trigger. But I just called AA EXP Desk, and they said I have to book the flight on US to receive DM.

    My plan is to:
    1. Buy ticket on
    2. Upgrade via SWU – currently waitlist
    3. Once upgraded, I’ll change it to DM. Is there a way to change it online? I can’t seem to change FF# online.


  143. You can book on and call AA later and have them change the FF# from AAdvantage to US. You do not have to go through USAir. This was the question I had but I did it all through AA. The only thing is that if you call 5 different AA reps you will get 5 different answers. But I talked to a supervisor at US before booking and even she told me it was fine to do it all through and AA EXP. I was afraid that it was kind of underhanded, but she assured me it was not. And luckily the first rep I had at AA Exp was really good and she confirmed everything. THe later calls I made back to AA I got all kind of different answers and one guy even tried to talk me out of it and said it wouldn’t change anything as far as my status. He was totally clueless about doing the challenge. You can even have AA change it at the airport. Prior comments here have even said you can change it after the flight but I haven’t done that.

  144. HI Lucky,

    Great presentations during the FTU event @ Washington D.C! I would like to clarify a few things about the US Airways Trial Preferred: If I register now and fly YYZ-DFW-HKG return, and then YYZ-DFW-PVG return (both on AA), that would give me more than 30k flying miles. Is there a specific fare class that I should be purchasing? The cheapest economy fare is around $950 per roundtrip in Feb 2015. After these two trips, I should obtain Chairman’s status, including 8 SWUs during Q2 2015?



  145. @ Richard — That’s the correct procedure. You have to call to change the number AFAIK, or can do it at the airport.

  146. Hi Ben,

    I contacted US Airways today about the offer above. Agent stated I would not get Chairman’s status if I only pay the $200 for Silver, she said the max status I could receive is Silver. Not sure what the real deal is, but has anyone successfully completed only paying the $200?


  147. I registered the challenge (silver) through
    where it says ” … Then, over the next 90 days, fly a minimum number of miles on flights operated by US Airways or American Airlines to keep your Preferred status through February 29, 2016.”

    However, in the confirmation email I received, I saw something like: ”
    You need to fly 7,500 miles or 10 segments on US Airways or US Airways Express flights by …. *

    * Terms and conditions: Only US Airways and US Airways Express operated flights count toward your Trial Preferred status.

    Should I worry about that? Thanks.

  148. May I have two questions:
    (1) For a reservation involving multiple airlines (but all legs have an AA flight number), can I credit and only credit the AA metal ones to US dividendmiles and credit the rest to aadvantage?

    (2) If I book a flight at using aadvantage number and get MainExtra seat. Once I have the number swapped to dividendmiles, will I lose the MainExtra seat or have to pay for it?

    Many thanks.

  149. @ ruoyu — Yes, you can alternate which segments you credit to which airline. I’d suggest changing your number close to departure so that Main Cabin Extra definitely stays in the record.

  150. Thank you so much, Lucky!
    May I have one more question — can I use AA point+copay to update a flight that I would like to credit to the US challenge? Is there anything I need to pay attention to if so?
    Many thanks again. Happy holidays.

  151. @ ruoyu — Yes, you can do that, but I’d suggest changing your frequent flyer number close to departure to be on the safe side.

  152. Lucky, not sure if you have the answer to this or not, but I’m currently completing a status challenge (started on 1 Dec), but had only paid up to silver. Do you know if I could pay the difference now to upgrade to gold for the rest of the challenge? I’ll fly the 30K for Chairmans, but just realised I’ll save a fair bit on associated ticketing fees if I was gold now. Thoughts?

  153. Hi Lucky, I love your website and really appreciate all the info you put out. My wife started the challenge in November and now has over 30,000 miles on US Airways and AA. She finished up the last 12,000 miles last Tuesday and they upgraded her account to Platinum, not Chairman’s Preferred. All the miles have shown up in her account. I am a littler nervous about this but I can’t reach anyone at US Airways because they are over capacity and not accepting phone calls right now. Just curious if it is normal to have this lag. I am not sure why they would upgrade her to Platinum from Gold if she has met the requirement for Chairman status.

  154. Lucky, I am in a similar position as Gordon. I’ve hit the 30K mark during my challenge but have only received notification regarding Platinum status. Similarly, I have not been able to speak to anyone due to the volume of calls (btw…this has been for over a week…is the case with AA or other airlines).

    Thoughts or advice? THANK YOU.

  155. @ Gordon — I don’t think it’s supposed to take that long, though it seems to be taking a while for many, so you’re not alone. I’d suggest just trying to call again soon.

  156. I signed up for the Platinum challenge so my status was already Platinum. I completed the challenge January 31 on AA and the miles didn’t post until Feb 5. The status was changed from Platinum to Chairman’s immediately but I didn’t get a confirmation email yet. I’ve done the run around also with the phone calls, long waits, or even reaching anyone knowledgeable once I did get through. There is a “Preferred Desk” but found very inconsistent information with this as well. I was finally given the email address for inquiries and did receive emails back in 24 hours. If the miles haven’t posted and they are coming from AA, there’s nothing they can do per their response to me. If they have posted but no status change, I’d suggest emailing them. It’s Platinum or Chairmans

  157. Lucky
    I completed the challenge and got Chairman Status Feb 5. Shortly after, 8 systemwides showed up in my AA account. Is this how it’s supposed to work? I thought I wouldn’t get them until they integrated. Was I supposed to get any USAir systemwides? I don’t see those on my account online at

  158. Interesting… I completed the trial 10 days ago and nothing has been posted… not even the CP Certificates…

    Laura, were your #FF “matched” before the trial ended ?

  159. Lucky – Do you happen to know miles category used to determine your status once you have complete the challenge? Is it “preferred qualifying miles” or just “miles”? A rep from US Air just told me it is “miles”, so I didn’t make the cut to chairman. That is different from what a rep told me when I signed up 3 months ago. Not happy right now.

  160. @ JimW — It’s Preferred Qualifying Miles. Redeemable miles is your mileage balance towards award flights.

  161. Class of Service bonus miles (when you buy/book first class tickets) are consider Preferred Qualifying Miles (PQM). Four different reps at US Airways have all agreed on that point. However, they are saying class of service miles do not count toward the trial program. Basically they screwed up by writing contradictory rules and will not honor my PQM, even though the PQ miles listed on my account are over 30K. So according to US Airways the trial is based on butt in seat miles, not preferred qualifying miles. Achieving status through normal channels is based on PQM. It would be good to know if someone is telling you otherwise.

  162. I actually ran into this myself. I called to verify everything was going according to plan and that the online box showing “Preferred Qualifying Miles” was accurate for the trial because I was keeping track by “Miles” only. I am new to US Air and have never used their website so I’m not as familiar with how everything works aa AA. I was told that the PQM was accurate for the trial. Later when I reached 30K and was only granted Platinum I called and was told that was not true. I complained that I did my due diligence and even spoke to a supervisor and all I got was gee sorry. Luckily, I still had time to take a quick MR since I wasn’t lacking much and was able to get Chairman. I finally got an acknowledgement from USAir for Chairman just last weekend almost 4 weeks after completion of the trial.

  163. @Marcio – I was wondering about that if it was because accounts were matched. I don’t have the exact date that I matched the two, wondered if I should have waited. I am thinking they were matched just before the trial was completed. However, I didn’t realize when I saw that I had the 8 SWU that I also still have EXP on AA which I did not re-qualify for. So they have somehow gone ahead and already made the switch. So it looks like I have 8 AA SWU valid thru Feb 2016, 2 Chairman Upgrades, Chairman on US and EXP on AA. I”m afraid to call AA for fear they might somehow have made a “mistake” and take something away 😀

  164. Thanks @ Laura;

    Same here: I did not re-qualify for PLT on AA last year but they have kept my status as of today.

    But I did match my account with US Airways (which I hold CP status). Maybe that has something to do with it…

  165. @Lucky – Can you re-clarify how the SWU/Chairman Upgrades were supposed to work with this Trial offer? I’m a little confused at this point. Also are the electronic upgrades viewable online at US? My Trial completion letter says I rec’d 2 of them but I don’t see them online.

    Also, as they are called Electronic Upgrade Certificates – do they function the same as a SWU? Do you know if they have to be on US metal only at this point in the merger? It also says not valid to Asia which would be the AA flights leading me to think US metal only. It does say that they have to be used before the accounts are combined in the 2nd quarter.

  166. Hi @ Lucky,

    Do you know how to search for availability for certificate upgrades using EF ? Does it fall under J or C for upgrades ?


  167. @ Laura — You should receive them shortly after qualifying, though they’ll disappear whenever AAdvantage and Dividend Miles merge, at which point you’ll instead get eight American systemwide upgrades. If you don’t see them in your account I’d call Dividend Miles to follow up.

  168. Lucky,

    I qualified US Air Chairman status on Feb, do I receive any Chairman SWU to use on my march Asia trip on AA metal?

    Thanks for the help!

  169. @ Fan — Your US Airways sytemwide upgrades can only be used for travel on US Airways. In the second quarter the programs will merge, at which point you’ll receive eight American systemwide upgrades which can be used on American.

  170. Update…my CP challenge went through…thanks again Lucky for the heads up.

    Question, the 2 SWU in my CP account must be used by the 3/27. When I called the CP desk, the agent said CP SWU’s can only be used for international travel. Is this true?



  171. In regards to the CP SWU’s, can they only be used for international travel on USAir?



  172. I am thinking about doing a mileage run next year on AA. If I complete the 100,000 miles in the first six months, do I get exec Platinum status for the whole of 2016 and 2017 or just 2017?

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