USA Today: What would you do if you were CEO of a major airline?

USA Today had a great article this week in which David Grossman talks about what he’d do if he were the CEO of a major airline. This is the first spot on mainstream article I’ve read about airlines in a long time. How refreshing!

The fact that most of what he suggests isn’t the case is a sad testament to the state of the industry and the bad management teams that plagued it. With the exception of number eight, which I think is unrealistic to a certain extent, I couldn’t agree more with him on all the other points. That’s right, if I were CEO of an airline I’d fly coach as well, and you can hold me to that.

I guess the one other change I wouldn’t make immediately is eliminating the ability for non-management employees to fly non-revenue in first or business class, since that would be a tough blow. That being said, when leading by example and starting with the management team, I think employees flying coach is a realistic goal over time. At the very least I would suggest employees can fly non revenue in a maximum of business class internationally, even if it means bumping up paid business class passengers to first class. This is in contrast to a certain major US airline where top-level executives not only have the ability to bump revenue passengers out of first class, but also take advantage of it.

Anyway, kudos to Mr. Grossman for a fantastic article.

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  1. I agree with all Grossman’s points, even number 8. Better yet, I’d suggest that ALL businesses should be run the way Grossman suggests. Banks, department stores, auto manufacturers, you name it.

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