US Airway’s “hop, skip, and jump for Preferred status”

US Airways has a rather unique fast track offer out there right now. For certain types of trips booked and flown between July 7 and October 10, they’re offering to bump your status, possibly from non-elite to Chairman’s Preferred. You can complete this promotion by flying between various regions, on one of their new routes, or on the US Airways Shuttle. Overall this is probably nothing worthwhile for the mileage runner, unless you’d fly the routes anyway, in which case this is a nice bonus.

Now why can’t we just have a traditional double EQM promotion? ­čśë

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  1. Or something less bloody convoluted. So much lack of clarity. “Pre-offer status” is what this is based on. So someone who is currently gold but so far has only qualified for silver or less this year has no way of knowing which level he or she will be bumped to for all of 2011.

    I’d rather have a miles-earning scheme. I was hoping for yet another Grand Slam promo and an easy 50K bonus miles, some of which would be preferred.

  2. Whoa … so wait, 8 roundtrips between DCA and LGA gets me top tier on US? I think that’s a pretty good deal.

  3. Wrong. The shuttle only counts once – so the outbound will count for your shuttle hit and your US East hit. The return will count for nothing since you’ve already got the shuttle and region hits.

    Each “hop”, “skip”, or “jump” counts only once so getting all 16 if you’re a general member is extremely tough. It’s a very convoluted promo.

  4. What an interesting idea for a promotion….it’s a pretty generous way to give out more elite status, but you gotta hand it to US…they can be creative!

  5. Absolute crapola!

    Not creative, not rewarding to customers like myself on VERY profitable routes, and in fact, quite alienating to us. The person with no life willing to take random “runs” to bump status is the only true beneficiary of this promotion. (Plattsburgh, seriously?) No thanks. I’d rather buy up status on a “real” airline with the global reach with those dollars.

    This is nothing but noise. Hardly a well-thought promotion to keep customers. Oh wait…those of us stuck with the shuttle or other monopoly routes can’t profit from this one….brilliant then!

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