United’s proactive approach to customer relations

And it happened again. I received an email this morning about my flight last night on United:

Dear Mr. Lucky:

Your recent experiences with us did not reflect how much we appreciate your business, as we have not given you the service you deserve.

Most recently, you experienced a delay on June 07, 2009 from Washington to San Francisco. Please accept our sincere apologies. You can, and should, expect more from United Airlines.

We are taking steps to become a more customer-driven company, in which everyone across United is responsible for taking better care of you, whether we serve you directly or support you behind the scenes.

We have credited your Mileage Plus account with two 500 mile upgrades to thank you for your business. We look forward to providing you with a more relaxed and rewarding experience the next time you travel with us.

Customer Relations Team

Don’t get me wrong, I’ll take what I can get, but my flight last night was delayed by about 30 minutes due to flow control into SFO, something which is entirely outside of United’s control. In this case runway 28R was closed, which slowed down arrivals.

The funny thing is that yesterday was a glowing example of how fantastic United can be. I ran into nothing but cheery, friendly, professional employees, Channel 9 was on for all flights, and aside from ATC delays, everything was on-time. Heck, the planes were even clean! So ya know something United, no, I can’t expect more from you. šŸ˜‰

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  1. Easy on the “ATC Delays” šŸ™‚

    I wonder when the airlines will start calling the delays… “Airline Scheduling Delay” or “Airport Capacity abuse Delay”?

  2. Wonder what the criteria is for getting these?

    I’ve probably had 8+ hours of cumulative mechanical delays in the past few weeks and haven’t gotten a thing.

  3. Wasn’t a great day for me with UA. We were on the tarmac at SYD for 2.5 hours with zippo service from the FAs, not even water, while they milled about and chatted with one another. After that add 14 hours of flying (you’d think the pilot could have made up some of the time) and when we landed at SFO all we got was an admonishment from the purser about how we should thank the staff as we exited the plane for their service since they were understaffed (13 instead of 14)! We turned to one another and asked…what service? I received the same generic email. Oh and I got zero, bupkus for that. I wish I were on your flights yesterday. Oh and they didn’t change the movies on the flight back.

  4. UA 926 (SFO-FRA) last Thursday, delayed 90+ mins for mechanical delay (according to one FA, had to replace cockpit window). Purser was very apologetic during the flight and tried to take care of connections in FRA. But no proactive email from UA or compensation whatsoever. Now, the delay didn’t really impact me much as I made my connection in FRA (only downside: not enough time for a shower in Sen lounge), so I won’t complain. But it seems classic UA — consistently inconsistent. Oh yeah, I am a 1K.

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