United’s panini/flatbread sandwich is NASTY!

As most of you probably know, a couple of months ago United made some changes to their domestic first class meal service, and overall they were positive changes. I was actually quite excited about the new redeye snack:

In between lunch and dinner, or later in the evening, a delicious warm panini or flatbread sandwich is served with a crisp salad and Sunchips®.

Sounds tasty, right? Well, here are a couple of pictures of the panini/flatbread sandwich from my Hawaii redeye a couple of nights ago:

Doesn’t the inside just look delicious? Look, I’m no airplane foodie and will eat almost anything, but this is genuinely inedible. The bread is tasteless, the chicken is awful, and whatever else they add in there is tasteless as well. I’ve started just asking for a Luxe snackbox on flights where this is served.

I’m not looking for something gourmet, but I’d rather see them serve nothing than this. I don’t think I saw a single passenger finish the whole sandwich on the two redeyes I’ve taken the past two days.

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  1. There’s something else wrong with that description and picture.

    Where’s the crisp salad? 😀

    Someone said that is why buy-on-board is a better model. Rather than serve something which people will hate, let them pay (if they want it) for something they will want.

    At least, that is the predominant argument in Australian flying.

  2. One of the many reasons I always order a special meal for the “snack flight” as well as meal flights.

  3. You still got chips, fruit and a cookie. Visit Panera bread (although there at least most things taste good) and you’ll get a better sense of how to market your sandwich.

  4. @Lucky – Thanks for posting Lucky. I’ll be on the red eye from Hawaii next week, I’ll be sure to skip the Panini. Were there any other choices? May be as Pat said, I may need to order special meal.

  5. I’ve had over a dozen of these things – they are really quite awful. The challenge now is to see how many different ways you can have it served to you such that the awful factor is influenced by different things.

    I’ve been going for thirds and fourths on the cookies though as there’s usually lots of those.

  6. In that case Lucky, if you think that’s bad I can heartly recommend the pure awfulness that is Dulles catering (at any time of the year) on a TATL to London… or anywhere.

    It makes that snack look.. appealing.

  7. Wow, that looks disgusting. What is United thinking? Their domestic first catering really needs help. I keep praying that post merger, Continental’s catering is kept, and they dump United’s. Not that Continental’s domestic first class catering is perfect, but it’s consistently edible and has variety. I can’t say either about United these days.

  8. I feel the same way about the Delta meals sometimes. I wish I can have a Todd English SNACKS menu creation in-lieu of my first class meal 🙂

  9. @Steven – Continental owns Chelsea Food Services, so I’m hoping that the post-merger United will keep it and ditch UA’s current service. I’ve seen a couple of posts elsewhere reporting, though, that “New UA” may sell it off to reduce debt…I hope not.

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