United’s next international destination will be…

…Antarctica? United’s website switched to the new logo overnight, and to describe the logo, they included this “about our new logo” page:

In case that’s a bit too small to read, here’s a close up:

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  1. The best line I have seen on the new branding of UA’s web site was this:

    Brand imaging says a lot. The new UA’s (logo) says “Despite the name, we’re really Continental.”

    Yes. Yes, it does.

  2. its no impossible, wasn’t there an airline that provided a low level flight over the south pole from Australia for like $2000 per person

  3. Sam, there is (or was) an airline in Chile that would fly you to Antarctica for about $2,000. Great for those who get seasick. Also, Air New Zealand used to offer sightseeing flights – they stopped after one of their flights crashed into an Antarctic mountain.

    Golfingboy – where would you land up north? Just a lot of water and ice near the North Pole :-).

  4. Just noticed they already changed the logo a bit. Namely, the color has switched to a darker, bolder blue… I’m surprised they didn’t decide on a color *before* making the logo change.

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