United’s Fantasy Flight

It’s sad, but I don’t have a whole lot of faith in humanity for the most part. I mean, it’s kind of hard to when you look at the things going on around us. Then again, there are times where I can’t help but have a bit of that faith restored, like United’s annual Fantasy Flight.

I was at LAX on Saturday morning and saw the volunteers setting this up, and at the time wasn’t sure what it was for. But as soon as I boarded my flight it hit me that it probably had to do with this. So what exactly is it? Basically United has one (or several) mock up flights to the North Pole every year for those that can use a boost in their spirits. This year it was foster children and disabled adults. Basically they all board a plane, rocket down the runway, fly for 45 minutes, and then land at the North Pole (in this case the area of LAX airport that was decorated). From what I’ve heard from United employees that have volunteered for this in the past, it’s an unforgettable experience.

What’s most touching is the fact that this event is put on by volunteers, both from United and elsewhere. They not only volunteer their time for the event but also raise the money for this, and that’s saying a lot. It’s just refreshing to see that there’s still people out there doing nice things despite the crappy economy, “it’s all about me” mentality that’s all too common, and of course the internal labor issues at United.

(Tip of the hat to Karen)

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  1. Wow..that is awesome..brings a tear to my eye thinking of the kids expressions when they arrive at the North Pole. Thanks for sharing.

  2. First I heard of it. How wonderful. As an aside, I doubt there was any need to distribute Skylits! Do you think anyone would notice a non-reclining seat or an inoperative channel 9 on this flight?

  3. They had a raffle fundraiser for the PHX fantasy flight discreetly advertised in the PHX RCC a couple weeks ago. Was happy to donate a bit.

  4. The SFO gate 80 RCC was taking donations for this the last time I went through there… They were putting up little paper airplanes for each person who donated. Only two airplanes were hung up. That seemed really sad so I gave them some $ but I did not leave my name. If they are still taking donations, please try to give something.

  5. @HunterSFO – I saw those little paper airplanes at the RCC desk the past 2 times I went through, but no one asked for a donation or explained what it was for. Too bad. I would have made a donation.

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