United Twitter Special Offer

United just posted a link on their Twitter page to this “special offer.”

As they describe it:

As a token of our appreciation, register for a small bonus and when we reach 10,000 followers we’ll reveal the details!

So I have no clue what we’ll get, but it’s worth registering. Something tells me they’ll get a lot more than just their Twitter followers registering for this promotion. šŸ˜‰

(Tip of the hat to Dan Webb)

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  1. My guess is 100-500 RDMs. I follow already, and I registered… it will be awhile until they get 6000 more followers.

  2. I think they’ll follow AA and go with a 10% off discount, or something like that. Since anyone can register for this, I’m betting they’ll get a LOT of people signing up, so I think they’re looking at this from the perspective of what they can gain in the form of new bookings.

  3. Bonus miles it is–I suspect 500 miles. Better than nothing, and maybe it’ll be more.
    “UnitedAirlinesWeā€™ve reached 10K followers! Thanks to all who registered ā€“ we will deposit bonus miles directly into your account real soon.”

  4. It doesn’t make any sense to me why United would do this. They’re not generating any extra business (like they would with e-certs), and they’re extending the lives of many Mileage Plus accounts. Don’t get me wrong, I definitely prefer this option, though!

  5. My 1,500 bonus miles have posted. Whilst its not a lot, it has pushed my miles expiry date back to Nov 2010, which saves me crediting a random short flight to UA rather than BD.


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