United to lay off 1,550 flight attendants

From the Chicago Tribune:

UAL Corp.’s United Airlines plans to cut 1,550 flight attendant jobs, Bloomberg News and Crain’s Chicago Business reported Wednesday.

In a notice to the flight attendants’ union, United said it’s offering voluntary furloughs of six to 21 months starting Oct. 31 and hasn’t announced layoffs.

“As we reduce the size of our fleet and take actions to enable United to compete in an environment of record fuel prices, we must take the difficult, but necessary step to reduce the number of people we have to run our operation,” United said in a prepared statement.

This is very sad news. I’m going to go ahead and wager a guess that most of the AFA furloughs will be voluntary, so nothing all that bad on that end. What really sucks is that the Bangkok and Singapore bases will close on October 31 at the latest. This is indeed extremely sad news. Anyone that has flown with either of these bases would know how exceptionally professional they are, so to see them leaving sucks, simply put.

I can only hope that they’ll reopen the bases eventually, although I’m not too optimistic considering how long the bases lasted this time around.

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  1. Bad food and facilities, lousy lounge, cramped and old airplanes: I am glad they are gone from Singapore.

    Flights from Singapore to all parts, HK, SFO is just terrible. They serve food late into flights, and have no entertainment systems on board. The only factor is that it is cheap I guess.

    Good riddance!

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