United revises double EQM promotion rules…. again!

For some reason United seems determined to be the best when it comes to the double EQM promotion. On one hand that’s kind of refreshing, since I don’t remember the last time United wanted to be the best at anything, but on the other hand it’s kind of annoying that United can’t make up their mind. Either way, this seems like a logical enough, win-win revision.

They basically matched the good aspect of Delta’s promotion, so full fare and paid business and first class passengers earn a total of 300% EQM’s.

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  1. Only if you’re flying full fare coach or paid business or first class. Otherwise you earn double EQM’s, which is about 20K EQM’s total.

  2. That’s a good question, Gray. I’m thinking the triple EQM would be triggered by the original ticket fare class, so I doubt it would work, but you never know….

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