United reconfigures second longhaul aircraft!

For those of us that have been following the rollout of United’s new premium cabins, we know it has been a long process with just one newly configured plane flying around for nearly three months now, mostly IAD-FRA-IAD and IAD-SFO-IAD. Originally United was going to reconfigure one of each aircraft type (767, 777, and 747) before beginning the second of any particular aircraft type, but due to some issues that process has been delayed a bit. Apparently there are some problems with the entertainment system, and also they might be looking into more storage options in Business Class, since the lack of storage seemed to be a common complaint among customers that tried the reconfigured 767.

Fortunately, we know United hasn’t aborted the program totally since we now have two 767’s flying in the new configuration, with a 747 to be out of the “shop” soon. Just a quick recommendation for those hoping to score the newly configured aircraft: Just because the seatmap shows as having the new cabins, or even if a phone agent at UA tells you it will be the new configuration, don’t bank on it! Back in early November IAD-ZRH showed the new seatmaps, and to my knowledge the newly configured plane hasn’t even flown that route yet. Right now IAD-FRA-IAD (UA916/917) shows as the new seats for April, so many people seem to be booking that. While I can’t be 100% certain, all of my sources have said other routes would be the first to receive it, with IAD-FRA-IAD not even being near the top of the list. So be careful, and don’t assume!


  1. Lucky,

    I wonder sometimes if this reconfig is going to be like the painting of the planes……seemingly never-ending. Come on – all the drama of the print materials, the online ad campaigns, billboards, the flash videos of the new product – and after three months they’ve just launched their second plane. At that rate, the fleet will need to be replaced by the time they complete painting and re-fitting! lol

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