United matches American’s double elite qualifying miles promotion through December 15!

And United matched American’s offer! Through December 15 they’re offering double elite qualifying miles OR double elite qualifying segments. Registration is required. Previously booked travel seems to count and there is no class of service bonus elite qualifying bonus miles, like we saw with this promotion earlier in the year.

So I’m curious, how will this affect your travels? When one major competitor makes this change, they have an obvious advantage. When two major competitors make the change, are we just back where we started?

I’ll make this a poll question on the sidebar shortly, but in the meantime please leave your thoughts below.

Will you be flying:
a) the same as you would have without this promotion
b) more on the airline you usually fly
c) less on the airline you usually fly and more on another airline
d) something else

I probably fall into the (b) group. I’ve said for years that I’d love to get Executive Platinum, but it really is too much work for me (yeah, I’m lazy). It would require me to first fly a lot in coach and then learn the American system, which I’m not all that familiar with. For example, I’m not as good as “stretching out” mileage runs on American as I am with United. Add that to the fact that I have a couple thousand dollars of United bump vouchers, and I can rack up quite a few EQM’s without much spend. Maybe I should be going for 500K? 😉

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  1. Lucky,

    What on earth do you do with all of those SWUs? I know you don’t pay $1,200 for an upgradeable ticket to Europe!

  2. @Lucky — So, what’s your success rate with using these on LH? They sound like a PITA to use, so I’ve never even considered this an option. Do you get better upgradeable fares than with UA?

  3. @ Gene — It’s typically my family, not me, traveling using the SWU’s. Nonetheless they’ve always cleared, but we’re also smart about choosing the right flights (non-peak) flights. For coach it requires a V fare (slightly higher than the W fare required with United). It really is a piece of cake. The best deal would be a Z –> F upgrade, but we don’t typically go for paid biz. The big benefit is the nonstop MCO to FRA flight on LH.

  4. Won’t be flying anything extra other than what I have booked….that is unless something comes up.

    The promo will put me at 163EQMs based on what I have booked now.

    I don’t plan on flying AA over UA at all.

  5. In your poll, I’m probably a b) respondent. Will all of my planned flying this year I’ll make 200K EQM. This promo will spur me on to go for 250K or even 300K!

  6. How lucky can I be to have my two big trips of the year (IAH-SIN and IAH-AUH) during DEQM periods? Not quite as lucky as you, Ben.

    I’ll fly more on the airline I usually fly. One RT to Europe or a pair of domestic runs and I’m done. Three Euro runs (necessary without DEQM) was going to be a bit much.

  7. As a result of this promo (combined with some free time in lab), I’m thinking of going on my first MR ever! Assuming I can get a good fare at least…

  8. Since my work travel has slowed to a grinding halt, with this I only need 5 trips to make my 1k again which I didn’t think I’d do. I’m going to need to find some cheap stuff out of BUF to make it happen though.

  9. I just booked LAX-MEL on V Australia purely based on price ($400 cheaper than UA); I may have stumped up the extra $400 if the EQM promo came out a week ago…..

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