United matches American on the double EQM promotion!

Here it is. The terms are basically the same as American’s. You must register before travel commences and book after the start of the promotion. Now I’m faced with a tough decision, given that I’d like to start flying American, but earning extra systemwide upgrades on United is tempting as well.

Oh, and before I forget — I told you so, I told you so, I told you so. ­čśÇ

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  1. I’d go for AA’s ex plat if i were you, an extra 100,000 eqms will get you 4 SWUs on UA, but 8 SWUs on AA, its a no brainer. only down side, no BIS miles on UA to count towards million miler. speaking of million miler, do you know what they mean by “personalized status upgrade”?

  2. Nice deal, whakojacko!

    Sam, you’re right, in theory it’s a *complete* no brainer. It’s always great to diversify, and American’s unlimited domestic upgrades, eight international upgrades, and awesome international lounge access policy make it tempting.

    At the same time the 50,000 BIS miles on AA will be painful, or at least the first 20,000 or so will be while I lack status. Furthermore, I don’t have any vouchers for AA, so I’d totally be paying out of pocket. Lastly, and most importantly (to me at least), the prospect of being a 22 year old UA million miler is pretty tempting.

    Decisions, decisions….

  3. Should I pay $210 to re-book my cheap fare to Moscow ($250 change fee minus $40 decrease in fare) in order to qualify for the promotion?

    It would put me at 30k EQM for the year and well on my way to qualify for prem exec.

    Also contemplating a mileage run to Sydney. ~$800 for a night in Syndney + 40k EQM. Sounds like a painful 3 days. 1K this year??

  4. Blake, you should definitely rebooked, in my opinion. Assuming you got in on the cheap NY-Moscow fare, you’re looking at about 11,000 EQM’s for $210. That’s under two cents per EQM, which is fantastic. If I were you I’d do a SYD run as well. You can’t beat the benefits you get for just a few mileage runs, especially when you consider the systemwide upgrades and confirmed regional upgrades, along with all the waived fees.

    Good luck!

  5. I just booked tickets to asia in business. So I earn 150% EQM. so with this promotion, how would it work out? I just get 200% total or what?


  6. Adam — you would earn 100% bonus EQM’s, which comes out to a total of 250% EQM’s in your case, assuming your booking was made today.

    Mark — it can definitely be frustrating, but at the same time I can’t blame UA for making the T&C’s the way they are. They want to attract more business, and they’re not getting anything extra out of those that have already made reservations. If anything they’re hoping you’ll pay the change fee and rebook, which is basically “free” money for them. At the same time I understand how frustrating it can be as a passenger for planning ahead. I was expecting DEQM this year, so I intententionally booked nothing during this period.

  7. RL, I think Sam was saying I’d get four SWU’s for traveling an additional 100K EQM’s beyond the 100K required to qualify for 1K, while I’d get eight eVIP’s if I chose to do half UA and half AA.

  8. lucky, what ever happened to the threshold bonuses, i bet those would give you a reason to keep flying UA after 100K. You don’t have status with AA? how did you get all those oneworld miles for your recent asia trip?

  9. yyzatcqq — I would expect it. American tends to compete with United, and Delta tends to be in a different league in terms of promotions. That’s not to say they wouldn’t do it, but it wouldn’t be triggered by AA/UA, in my opinion.

    Sam, if I switched some flying to AA it would be a long term decision and I would plan on maintaining EXP. As for the miles for the recent trip, they were from my dad’s credit card spend along with some sign-up bonuses from credit cards.

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