United loves me! United loves me!

I just posted about the fact that my flight tomorrow from Tampa to Washington had a substitution from one of the standard 757s to a Premium Service 757, and I’ll be in a flat bed, fortunately. I whined about the fact that I’d be stuck in coach from Washington to San Francisco. But guess what aircraft is operating that flight now? Yep, the same Premium Service 757 I’m taking to Washington. So while I’m confirmed in coach, there are now 38 premium cabin seats (instead of 24), so something tells me I’ll be able to snag a seat in business class. Or more than likely (hopefully!), they’ll need volunteers. The flight was packed even before the swap, so I’m feeling pretty good about this one after the capacity is down 72 seats.

But seriously, United must love me. A Premium Service 757 upgrade for one flight? A fling. Two in a row? That’s a committed relationship!

And yes, I’ll be tweeting like a G6 tomorrow…

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  1. @ FriendlySkies — For once they actually used one of those planes for service, as opposed to ferrying it out, as they usually do. I’m now confirmed in first class on my first flight and business class on my second flight. Quite looking forward to it, though the second flight is oversold by 60, so might not get to enjoy that one. 😀

  2. And once again Lucky lives up to his name…sweet! 🙂

    @Kevin – uh, what? 757s retired? They’re still used by all five US network carriers as well as British Airways, BMI, several of the Chinese carriers, and many more. Off the top of my head I can’t think of any major carrier that had 757s and has “retired” them…Singapore did, but they only had what, four?

  3. Oops, forgot…British is retiring the 757 at the end of the month, forgot about that.

    However, BA subsidiary Open Skies will continue to use them, and is said to be looking to pick up more.

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