United introduces Premium Service out of Tampa!

Maybe it’s not permanent, but my flight out of Tampa tomorrow will be operated by a three cabin 757, which United usually operates exclusively between New York and Los Angeles/San Francisco. A couple of days ago my flight was still wide open, and then overnight on Wednesday it zeroed out in coach.

After having a quick peak at the seatmap I noticed that the flight was still actually wide, wide open, so that could only mean one thing — an aircraft swap! At first I assumed it was a A320. Why? There were eight people confirmed in first class, and the flight became “F4,” meaning there were only four first class seats left for sale. 4+8=12=Airbus 320.

But this evening I called United, and the agent insisted it was a 757. I assumed he was clueless, but he quickly rattled off that “yeah, there are 72 seats in coach, 26 seats in business class, and 12 seats in first class.” So that could only mean Premium Service!

The agent then mentioned “hmmm, you should only be upgraded to business class.” I quickly responded with “can we just pretend I never called,” and he said “yeah, I won’t touch this, don’t worry.”

So I’m quite excited at the prospect of getting a flat bed out of Tampa tomorrow morning. We’ve come a long way from the Ted days. And before you ask (because I sure know I did!), the flight isn’t oversold. Booo!

Then again, I’ll be stuck in coach on my connecting flight, which is three times the length, and that one is sold out too.

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