United international cutbacks (unconfirmed)

It looks like we finally know which routes will fall victim to UA’s latest round of cutbacks, especially the 747 reductions. Per this thread on FlyerTalk:

San Francisco – Taipei (eff 02SEP08, to be replaced by NRT-TPE again)
San Francisco – Nagoya (eff 25OCT08)
Los Angeles – Frankfurt (eff 25OCT08)
Los Angeles – Guatemala (eff 01SEP08)
Los Angeles – Hong Kong (eff 01SEP08, previously announced)
Denver – London (eff 25OCT08)

Other changes are:
Chicago – Tokyo, cancellation of UA883/884 from 02SEP08. UA881/882 will be 744
Chicago – Beijing from 25OCT08 777 replace 744
Washington – Rome from 25OCT08 767 replace 777 (Seems to be 777 last winter)
Washington – Beijing from 25OCT08 777 replace 744
San Francisco – Osaka from 25OCT08 744 replace 777
Los Angeles – Mexico City will be weekly service
Los Angeles – Tokyo from 01SEP08 744 replace 777

This is hardly surprising, but it’s somewhat ironic since UA was touting all of this international expansion, only to have many of the new routes axed. I’m sure it makes sense considering the industry right now, but it’s sad to see the 747’s and so many international flights going away.

This also makes me wonder whether UA will really follow through with Moscow and Dubai service. While they both have the potential to be very profitable for UA, I question whether UA wants to have the initial few months of low loads and yields in order to achieve what they want. Only time will tell, but this is sad indeed.

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