United Grounds 777’s….

It’s not as if anyone hasn’t heard the news, but I just wanted to comment on a few things. First of all I’m hardly surprised that this happened. I’m not sure how many more of these groundings we’ll see, but it’s almost as if they’re becoming routine. Too bad people can’t plan around them and that they’re so sudden, since I’m sure it’s not quite as fun for the people that have an important meeting/family event and are stranded somewhere on the other side of the globe as a result. After teasing my AA and DL friends the past week or so I finally got my fair share today, but I can’t really blame them.

What makes this grounding a bit different than the others is that we’re talking about 777’s here, so instead of being grounded in Tulsa or Jackson Hole, people are grounded in Bangkok and Rome, not quite as convenient (although a lot more fun!). Also, unlike AA and DL, UA has issued a travel waiver for those booked on 777’s. While it’s not a huge consolation, it seems pretty logical to me.

Ultimately it’s good that these safety checks are being done because safety is (or at least should be) what we value most, but it sucks that it has to inconvenience travelers in such a huge way.

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