United Family Unity Rally

Here’s something I found interesting. The UA union had a rally this past past week in Woodland Hills, California, and their coverage of it made me chuckle at least a few times.

First of all, you get a version of “Free Falling” just by opening the UA ALPA website, so enjoy that. I actually found it to be somewhat clever…. hey, I said somewhat.

Also some media coverage by a local TV station regarding the rally.

Lastly, and what I found the most, erm, interesting, was the video they made. All I can say is damn, Sara Nelson seems pissed, and I sure don’t want to fly with her (at least based on how she presents herself in that video)! What’s up with her spelling out her name?

Overall I think it’s great that they chose to voice their concerns in ways other than turning off Channel 9 or lackluster service (and that’s definitely far from everyone, but rather a small minority), and appreciate that they consistently referenced providing a better product for customers as well.

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