United Employee Quotes

I had amazing service this past weekend on United, so instead of the usual “I hate Glenn” quotes, they’re a bit more positive. Some were a bit ridiculous, but all came from great employees.

  • “I’ve been doing this for 30 years and I wouldn’t trade it for any job in the world” — FA
  • “How do you get a Seattle based flight attendant in the cockpit? Put a Twinkie on the dashboard?” — Captain
  • After an FA told me that she was concerned about being furloughed, I questioned whether that was a legitimate concern, considering her seniority. Her response was “I’m actually a new hire, I started in February.” Oops! In my defense she later admitted that she had 30+ years at DL before moving to UA.
  • “Yeah, this was originally just a special configuration for the Oscars, but they decided to convert the whole route to these planes. Since people are paying $6,000 one way for this (referring to business class), I guess it’s working.” — FA
  • “Hmmm, you ordered the Indian vegetarian meal?” — FA
  • “There’s no legitimate reason for a Captain to not have Channel 9 on. Ever.” — Captain
  • While showing me the manifest (after realizing I knew quite a bit), an FA asked “Hmmm, so what does this US*Gold on the manifest mean? Does it mean they won a Gold Medal in the Olympics? I should probably go back there to congratulate them.” 😀 😀 😀
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  1. For some types of a/c, audio channel 9 is “From the cockpit” *OR* “XM Kids”. The latter is an abomination (I think I heard a bunch of chipmunks singing a rap version of a Led Zeppelin song), but I’ve encountered it several times recently (inc. LHR-ORD). Does UA have any contractual commitment with XM which requires them to play it?

    This weekend I had to fly to Dallas for a memorial service, SEA-DEN-DFW on Friday and DFW-SFO-SEA on Sunday. Channel 9 (the *REAL* Channel 9) was enabled on 3 of the 4 legs.

  2. Geoff, they have a contract with XM in general, but as far as I know not for playing that on Channel 9 when the captain chooses not to turn it on. I think it’s just preferred over a dead channel.

    Matthew, it actually stands for US Airways Star Alliance Gold (mid-tier or above). The abbreviation for airlines is used on the manifest, along with either “*Silver” or “*Gold” to indicate status in the respective mileage program.

  3. About FA comments – sometimes that’s an added treat to sitting in 1B (yes I actually like Row 1 on a regular 757 )

    During a runway hold, the FAs hanging in the galley were riffing on what UAL really stands for. The only ones I can still recall were “U A’int Leaving” or “U’re Always Late” Some comediennes, eh? Hopefully they’ll get to keep their day job.

    Your comment about the Indian Veg Meal reminded me of a question I’ve had about UA snacks in F.

    Are they always served cold or is it ever possible to have it warmed?

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