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Today is a day that I really appreciate United. Let’s be honest for a minute. United loves “enhancing” the Mileage Plus program, onboard service, and the condition of their fleet, but sometimes they just get things right.

I’ve been on a really weird sleep schedule lately, and on Saturday night got 45 minutes of sleep (it’s a long story), so I went to bed yesterday at 3PM, which was perfect since I have the ability to hibernate (i.e. not sleep for one night, and then sleep for 14 hours the next night). United really seems to care about me, because my phone woke me up at 3:03AM this morning. While I didn’t answer, I recognized the number, and from there I was wide awake, wondering what the hell they wanted from me.

So to the agent in Manila or Pune that thought it would be a good idea to call me at 3:03AM my time — thank you!

I can picture the marketing already: “United EasyWakeUp, just another service brought to you by United to make your travels easier… it’s time to fly.”

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  1. Hmmm, ANA, in their domestic Narita terminal, has a service like the one you experienced – but, they actually intend to wake you up! If you’re snoozing in the terminal before a flight, they’ll make sure you don’t miss your airplane. Good ol’ UA – getting in line with one of its *A partners 😉

    What did UA actually want, if anything?

  2. One crucial piece of information is missing from your post: why on earth did you need to be woken up at 3:03a?! Surely you’d not be waking that early for a 6:00a flight.

  3. This is absolute bollocks. On United.com, you can specify for Easy Update when not to contact you. With regards to reservations, I call reservations and have them manually add my cell phone number as my contact number, so I will not get a call since it is off at night. However, nothing is full proof, and this lot decided to give me an 8:00 am Saturday call one time as well.

  4. In retrospect I think The Flying Critic was right, as an SFO-JFK upgrade cleared overnight. Of course I wasn’t bright enough to think of that, and it puzzled me for nearly the whole day.

    Scholar in Training — sadly I use my cell as my alarm as well, and I always like to keep it on in case there’s an emergency. I just couldn’t sleep if it were on silent. I know, I’m crazy.

  5. I am glad that my cell phone number is listed for my most recent itnerary, as easy Update called me at 6:00 am to tell me my upgrade had cleared.

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