United Club membership fees going up $25 across the board starting January 1, 2013

United.com lists the following notice on the United Club page:

Effective January 1, 2013, United Club annual membership rates will increase by $25 and membership-with-spouse rates will increase by up to $100. Additionally, the three-year membership options will be discontinued. Current three-year memberships will be honored through their existing membership period.

The current rates are as follows:

That means the new costs for a one person membership will range from $400 for Premier 1Ks to $500 for general members.

United will also be discontinuing three year memberships, which represent a $250 savings over three years compared to buying them individually.

Anyway, if your United Club membership is expiring soon, this would be a good time to renew it. These price increases aren’t unreasonable, though why pay an extra $25 if you don’t have to…

(Tip of the hat to Frequently Flying)

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  1. It would be interesting to find out if the price of the UA Club card will increase accordingly (regardless of the fact that it is free this year for most indviduals.)

  2. I believe that United is doing this to make the Club card more attractive. It’s only two benefits over Sapphire Preferred are club access and primary rental car insurance; both of which just barely justify the cost of the card for me.

  3. For those that analyze miles/points closely, why bother with the UA membership? There is always a non USA based *Gold option, with generous matches. There is also the Star Alliance consolidator US Airways undercutting these prices. Yes US might merge with AA, but definitely not within the next year.

  4. Perhaps they will use the dues to expand the food options beyond carrots. Perhaps a stick of cucumber to mark a holiday event?

  5. This might sound silly, but I would rather have them raise the price $100. For $100 more, I think then they could offer better food. Maybe some warm appetizers, better presentation, etc. It would also help with the clubs being overcrowded. The thing I hate most about a $25 increase is that I know I won’t get anything for that $25. This increase is there just because.

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