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United Club℠ Infinite Card
4x miles
on United
2x miles
on dining & travel
no foreign
transaction fees
Annual Fee: $525

United Airlines and Chase issue several co-branded credit cards, and in this post wanted to take a closer look at the United Club℠ Infinite Card, which is the most premium personal card issued with this partnership.

United Club Infinite Card Basics For April 2021

The United Club Infinite Card provides lounge access, solid bonus categories, and useful perks when flying United. Chances are that if you’re the occasional United flyer then this card isn’t for you, while it could absolutely be worth it if you fly with the airline often.

Welcome Bonus Of 75,000 Bonus Miles

The United Club Infinite Card earns 75,000 bonus miles after you spend $3,000 within the first 3 months of card membership. I value United miles at 1.4 cents, so I value this bonus at $1,050.

Redeem MileagePlus miles on Star Alliance partner airlines

Who Is Eligible For The United Club Infinite Card?

The sign-up bonus on the United Club Infinite Card isn’t available to those who currently have any United Club Card, or those who have received a new cardmember bonus on a United Club Card in the past 24 months. However, you are eligible for this card if you have (or have had) another United Airlines credit card, including the United Explorer Card.

There are also the general restrictions when applying for Chase cards, including the 5/24 rule.

United Club Infinite Card $525 Annual Fee

The United Club Infinite Card has a $525 annual fee This annual fee is no doubt on the steep side, though it’s in line with many premium credit cards. The card also offers some perks for frequent flyers that will more than justify the fee.

Earning Miles With The United Club Infinite Card

The United Club Infinite Card offers anywhere from 1-4x MileagePlus miles per dollar spent, as follows:

  • 4x MileagePlus miles for United purchases
  • 2x MileagePlus miles on all other travel purchases
  • 2x MileagePlus miles for dining at restaurants and eligible food delivery services, including Caviar, DoorDash, GrubHub, and Seamless
  • 1x MileagePlus miles for all other eligible purchases

While there are potentially better cards for airline ticket purchases and dining purchases, those are still some solid categories for an airline co-branded credit card.

The United Club Infinite Card also has no foreign transaction fees, making it a solid option for purchases abroad.

Earn 4x MileagePlus miles for United purchases

United Club Infinite Card Perks

The area where the United Club Infinite Card really shines is when it comes to perks. The value you get from these perks is what should determine if this card makes sense for you or not. Let’s take a closer look at what perks are offered by the card.

Receive A United Club Membership

Arguably the key benefit of the United Club Infinite Card is that it comes with a United Club membership for as long as you have the card. This offers access to United Clubs and participating Star Alliance affiliated lounges.

A co-branded credit card is one of the best ways to get United Club access, especially when you consider that outright buying a membership would ordinarily cost $550-650 per year.

Here you save $25-125 compared to that price, and you get all kinds of other perks with the card.

Get a United Club membership with the United Club Infinite Card

First & Second Checked Bag Free

The United Club Infinite Card primary cardmember and one companion traveling on the same reservation receive a free first and second checked bag. In order to be eligible for this, you have to pay for your ticket with your United Airlines credit card.

This is a value of up to $320 per roundtrip ticket (assuming two people are checking two bags roundtrip).

Premier Access Travel Services

Just for having the United Club Infinite Card, the primary cardmember receives Premier Access travel services when flying with United, including the use of Premier Access check-in lines, priority security lanes, priority boarding, and priority baggage handling.

Get priority boarding with the United Club Infinite Card

25% Savings On United Inflight Purchases

If you have the United Club Infinite Card you receive 25% back in the form of an account statement credit on purchases of food, beverages, and Wi-Fi, onboard United. You have to pay with your United Club Infinite Card Card, and your statement credit should post within 24 hours.

Receive Elite Upgrades When Redeeming Miles

MileagePlus Premier members receive complimentary upgrades in most domestic markets when booking a revenue ticket. If you have the United Club Infinite Card, you can also receive your Premier upgrades when redeeming miles for tickets.

This is subject to availability as usual and only applies to the primary cardmember, and not any companions.

Premier members can receive upgrades on select award tickets

Access To More MileagePlus Award Space

If you have the United Club Infinite Card you get access to additional MileagePlus award availability for travel on United. This includes both access to additional saver level award availability, as well as last seat access to United’s standard awards, which are valuable when flights are full.

Get access to more award seats with the United Club Infinite Card

Global Entry Or TSA Pre-Check Credit

The United Club Infinite Card offers a Global Entry or TSA Pre-Check credit every four years. Simply charge the $85-100 enrollment fee to your card, and it will automatically be reimbursed.

Nowadays quite a few credit cards offer these fee credits, so you can always use this benefit for a friend or family member. They just have to use your credit card to pay, and you’ll automatically receive the statement credit.

Access To The Luxury Hotel & Resort Collection

Having the United Club Infinite Card gets you access to The Luxury Hotel & Resort Collection (LHRC). This offers additional privileges on hotel bookings when using

While this could come in handy, I wouldn’t get too excited about this perk, given that programs like Virtuoso offer similar benefits, and don’t require having a specific credit card.

Receive additional perks at some hotels

Should You Get The United Club Infinite Card?

The United Club Infinite Card offers some great perks for travel on United, so if that’s something you care about, this card is worth considering:

  • For non-MileagePlus Premier members, having the United Club Infinite Card gets you a first and second checked bag free, Premier Access travel services, United Club access, expanded award availability, inflight savings, and more
  • For MileagePlus Premier members, having the United Club Infinite Card gets you United Club access, upgrades on award tickets, expanded award availability, inflight savings, and more

Admittedly this is a time where many people are traveling less, so these perks might not be as valuable as they’ve been in the past.

100,000 MileagePlus miles can get you a lot of travel

How Does The United Quest Card Compare?

The New United Quest℠ Card has just been recently introduced, and for many this $250 annual fee card is more than worth it:

  • The card is offering a welcome bonus of up to 100,000 MileagePlus miles
  • The card offers some really unique perks, like a $125 annual United credit, plus up to 10,000 miles reimbursed each year when redeeming miles on United; for many, those two perks alone will more than offset the annual fee

Read a full review of the United Quest Card.

How Does The United Explorer Card Compare?

The United Explorer Card currently has a welcome bonus of up to 65,000 MileagePlus miles, and has a $95 annual fee that’s waived for the first year. Who should be considering that card over the United Club Infinite Card?

I’d say the United Explorer Card will have more mass appeal, as the card offers most of the basic benefits people will value when flying United, like a first checked bag free, 25% savings on inflight purchases, two United Club passes annually, and more.

The deciding factor between the two cards should come down to whether you value a United Club membership or not. If it’s something you would otherwise pay for, then you should absolutely get the United Club Infinite Card. If it’s not something you would pay for, I think the United Explorer Card is the better option.

Read a full review of the United Explorer Card.

United Club access is the biggest point of differentiation between the cards

Bottom Line

At the moment the United Club Infinite Card comes with a solid welcome bonus of 75,000 bonus after meeting the spend requirements. That said, if you’re just looking for more basic perks when traveling on United, consider the United Explorer Card, with its up to 65,000 mile bonus, and $95 annual fee waived for the first year.

If you want to learn more about the United Club Infinite Card or apply, follow this link.

Apply Now

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  1. Thanks, Lucky, for sharing this offer. I’m on the fence about pulling the trigger given this morning’s announcement of UA temporarily closing some UA Clubs across the country. Not hugely impactful, but arguably club access is the primary benefit of this card.

  2. With both Delta and United card issuers raising the cost of their Premium/Lounge card, we can expect the AA Executive Card to raise the annual fee in the next year, right?

  3. The timing of this felt just so odd. Chase and United clearly didn’t coordinate. Hey here’s a new club card they day we’re closing most of the clubs.

  4. Not enough, and too late… unless United rescinds their ridiculous new status (re)qualification requirements to make continuing to pursue the 1K status worth it.

    The CSR (3x on dining, 3x on travel both defined very broadly) and the AMEX Plat Personal (5x in transferable points on airline tickets), together, trump this card, especially when one has, say, the SQ Gold status, which gives access to both domestic and intl UA Club lounges AND priority boarding on UA (+ all other *A Gold benefits).

  5. Another thing to note, that’s a reasonable spend limit in normal times but how much are people really going to be spending now? I’m in lockdown for the foreseeable future so while I would normally have no issue spending $5k in 3 months, I actually think I won’t be doing that in the next 3 months. No way I spend close to that on groceries, and I don’t have the option to really purchase anything else (except maybe a lot of on-demand movies?).

  6. I haven’t figured out yet if I totally lucked out or just got screwed! I *just* received my very first United Club Card two days ago and I must have been the last person on the planet to apply for and receive the legacy Signature version. On the one hand it came with a handsome 75,000 mile bonus for $3k of spending in the first three months and still carries the lower $450 annual fee. I already had a Club membership, so I supposedly receive a refund for the unused months on that while the new Club card essentially takes its place. I like the 1.5x everyday purchase multiplier, as that seemed unique to the United Club Card. On the other hand, the new 4x multiplier for United purchases is pretty impressive and I guess Infinite is better than Signature. But, my wife has a Chase Sapphire Reserve and I’m an authorized user so, collectively, we already have access to a Visa Infinite product with no foreign fees and a better 3x multiplier on dining and travel. I’m 1K, so all the checked baggage and premier access benefits are not useful. Think I might actually be better off with the older product, particularly if I end up charging $2k-$3k per month in everyday expenses that aren’t otherwise covered as multiplier special expenses elsewhere. How long before the legacy is discontinued and these merge into the same product offering is anyone’s guess.

  7. Does the United Club membership bypass the requirement for same day travel on United for lounge access?

  8. Sorry to break it to you, Lucky.

    It’s going to be hard to sell airline cards and lounge access while planes are grounded and lounges closed.

  9. The premium card market seems saturated at this point so this card may struggle to find many takers. If this card offered (self +1) club access it might be just a little more interesting. But as is no thank you.

  10. If AA would follow the UA steps and close AA clubs, I am wondering whether paid memberships will be prorated based on the time of closure. Obviously, the last thing I want is a new high fee credit card with travel benefits I cannot use at least for a few months.
    My prediction is that soon we will be seeing some of the most spectacular sign-in bonus offers.

  11. Maybe some comparison and strategies for old Club Card cardholders to change or not. Seems You get nothing new beside higher AF. (The x4 is useless IMHO for AMEX or Citi holders)

    Any Presidential Plus holders around?


    In my opinion, I personally think you lucked out. In the short run you might get screwed on the signup bonus. But typically Chase will give you some upgrade bonus if you really wanted to upgrade. If you choose to keep it you still save $75 every year.

  12. United wiped out one of the must useful benefits (to me) on their Club card when they eliminated the close-in award fee waiver. That was probably a $1000 perk to us annually.
    No need to renew for the so-so lounge experience.

  13. Fairly pointless, given the current state of things. Worth it in year 1 just for the sign-up bonus I guess.

    No PQP earning too is a massive fail.

  14. @mark,
    Yeah some people don’t check things closely.

    This week I got an ad selling something (tv/dvr) promoting a discount so that I can watch the NCAA basketball tournament.

    Well, um, the tournament was cancel LAST week.

  15. @Eskimo,

    Not Presidential Plus, but I still have the old Chase MileagePlus Plus Platinum Class Visa, and the reason I’ve been so hesitant to get yet another credit card. It was changed up last year with the intro to PQPs, but still has some interesting features.

    $140/year annual fee
    Earn 2 miles for each $1 spent on tickets purchased from United (CSR is better)
    Earn 2 miles for each $1 spent on tickets purchased directly from participating Star Alliance™ airlines (CSR is better)
    Earn 2 miles for each $1 spent on purchases at restaurants, grocery stores, gas stations and home improvement stores (use CSR for restaurants, use MileagePlus Visa in other categories)
    Earn 1 mile for each $1 spent on all other purchases (use United Club Card here)

    Also has 25% off in-flight purchases, a [useless] yearly companion certificate, and — now — 500 PQPs earned per $12k spent on the card, up to 3000 PQPs total and these are also applicable up to 1K. I have already received two 500 PQP deposits in CY20 from this card, so it seems to be working.

    With my spending, I find the incremental 1 mile earned per $1 spent on grocery stores (includes Walmart and certain Targets), gas stations, and home improvement just about makes up for the $140 annual fee. The PQP earning up to 1K is really nice, but annoying to have to spend $72k on an otherwise dated card to realize the full 3000 PQP potential. I am based out of a United hub, so collecting 54+ PQFs in a year can be challenging (even without this COVID-19 mess). A 3000 PQP subsidy from Chase against the new 24,000 PQP requirement is welcome.

  16. Same day flying requirement makes these cards useless. I cannot even use the clubs with my lifetime membership when flying out on a non star flight ☹️

  17. @Roger – I have the same legacy UA card – used to only put $35K on it (for 10K PQMs), but have already passed that this year. 3K PQP each year makes up for only getting 2x miles on UA flights (though would rather use my CSR as much as possible).

    This Club card is pretty meh all around.

  18. I have the discontinued Presidential Plus card which is “old credit” to boost my credit score so that’s the one I am keeping.

  19. How much to add an authorized user for club access? Would have been nice if they had thrown in a couple Polaris lounge passes (maybe 2 initially and at each anniversary?).

  20. @UA-NYC

    Makes me wonder why Chase and UA discontinue cards that give PQP.
    For the Presidential Plus now you could earn up to 10,000 PQP after spending 240k!!!!!!!!
    And that gets you just Gold.

    Look at DL and Amex.
    With 2 reserve cards, you can get 120,000 MQM after spending 240k. That’s Platinum and almost Diamond.

    This gotta make you question loyalty and benefits of putting a lot into airline cards.

  21. There is nothing in UA Clubs worth paying extra for. And the devaluation of miles makes this a pig with lipstick

  22. @mjonis – there is no way this card would get around that exception. UA scummily won’t even make an exception for those with lifetime UClub memberships

    @eskimo – I don’t get it either. Delta seems to have a much better card strategy in this regard. A Club Card with PQP earning, even at a higher AF, would be massively compelling.

  23. Just to clarify, the club access is the standard United Clubs, and does not provide access to any Polaris clubs without an international ticket booked in First

  24. @AF Kay
    I disagree, UA miles are still useful, since every airline mile gets devalued DL,AA too.
    What is no longer valuable is chasing status on UA. They just made the program revenue based on steroids. No longer worth it.

  25. Does the 4 points only apply to United flight purchases?
    Can you credit your miles to another frequent flyer program?

  26. “Now is probably not the time to get all that excited about a credit card offering lounge access, given reduced travel.” – not only with reduced travel but when things start to pick up again who the heck knows what the lounge experience will even look like. I would imagine there will be much stricter capacity controls and the food/drink service will be likely impacted. Not sure they will allow buffets.

  27. Hold out for something better if you’ve already got a Sapphire Reserve and/or Gold status or better. Domestic and even international United Club access is worthless. Polaris is definitely worth it but that’s included with the ticket. This card doesn’t even come close to the Sapphire Reserve’s benefits. I say that as a UA MM+ with Platinum status and millions of Mileage Plus points.

  28. I know people have made similar comments but why on earth would anyone get this card? UA lounges aren’t very good (cash bar, no real food, crowded) and most airports have free wi-fi.

    Better award availability…eh, marginally and it still means you have to use UA points when the truth is, there are better options for SA awards if you can find them.

    UA in general – why would anyone want to accumulate them as opposed to MR or UR points? UA continues to devalue their points, so even say the points are worth X today is meaningless for a long term analysis.

    The checked bag and priority can be had with cheaper cards.

    The PQP bonuses are worthless. If you’re someone who can even come close to a meaningful status level (Gold or higher) such that the card spending would make the difference, you’e in a really small group.

    In a more general sense, with depressed airline travel for years into the future and a restructuring of routes and capacities the value of points will continue to diminish and I think we’ll eventually settle on a point being worth about .01 – no sweet spots, no crazy routing options, just flat, 1 cent per point. Sure right now, you can find a lot of availability to get people back on planes, but that will not continue.

  29. UA and AA requiring same-day travel on them to access the lounge with your membership is a deal killer for all these cards in my book. Maybe if the fee was like $200 I’d bit. Also, 100k in points ain’t what it used to be for sure.

  30. This is a dog of a card even in normal times. United is so stupid – have the highest $ spend requirement among the majors, and then don’t launch a card w/PQP earning (unlike the other majors)? Moronic.

  31. Whoopie! Enjoy the carrot sticks, celery, and processed cheese and crackers. People living in homeless shelters have better food.

  32. The statement that the card doesn’t grant access to increased saver space is wrong. I have access to XN even as a no-AF MP cardholder, and the website specifically highlights that I have access because of the card. Granted, the card does not grant access to Platinum and 1K saver IN.

  33. Actually the card does give you additional saver space- you get XN instead of just X. There is way more XN.

  34. Ben… going to either the Explorer or Ultimate sign-up page, when one clicks on Apply Now, the response is “Thank you for submitting your information”. No way to apply. It seems like the offer is still on…

  35. @ Nicholas Bedworth — Hmmm, I just tried and didn’t have any issue. Can you try with a new browser and see if it works? Sometimes there are temporary issues with application pages.

  36. Ben, thanks for double-checking. I was originally trying to get in at 1:30 am EDST (I’m still in Kathmandu) so the system was probably taken down. This time it went through. Thanks for the tip!

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