Typical gate agent lies

Unfortunately it looks like they won’t need any volunteers on the redeye to Dulles, but that doesn’t seem to stop ’em from giving us a nice crew delay. My flight was scheduled to leave at 11:15PM, which means boarding should start at 10:45PM. Just a few minutes ago (around 10:40PM), the agent said we’re delayed due to a late inbound crew. She explained that three of the flight attendants are coming in from San Francisco, and that we’d board in about 30 minutes, which would be 11:10PM.

I’m looking at the flight status for the flight from San Francisco, and it’s due in at 11:22PM. By the time the passengers get off their plane it’ll probably be 11:40PM. In other words, boarding isn’t starting at 11:15PM. It’s quite literally impossible.

I’m also curious if the flight attendants take extra time getting to the gate, just in case they’re in a situation in which they could go “illegal.”

In other news, there’s a man yelling into his phone because his son is a liar. Apparently his son lied to his mother about something he ate, since he claimed he got teriyaki fried chicken from KFC, yet dad says KFC doesn’t have teriyaki fried chicken.

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  1. Hilarious Lucky… I needed that… Been delayed and delayed and delayed up here in the Northeast due to a winter storm, & really needed that laugh. Thanks.

  2. Didn’t you get that memo? Part of the GA job description is to be time challenged. Many of us have been there….being told that an event (next update, boarding, maintaince fix with “finishing up the paperwork”, etc) will occur in Y minutes, but taking much longer than stated. We should gather data points and graph a conversion chart with stated time on the y-axis and actual time on the x-axis, for reference in such occasions. My estimate is that the relationship is at least a 1:2-3 ratio.

  3. I over heard some FAs on the people mover in Dulles coming off a redeye discussing how they were supposed to be illegal but when they called in the discovered that since their flight made up about 10 minutes they just made it under the wire and had time left to get a short layover and get onto their next flight. The delays in the west almost caused some cascading crew problems but the winds saved the buffer they built in…

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