Thank you, Scott McCartney!

It’s refreshing to once in a while read an article which is supported by facts, numbers, and is all around rational. Yeah, that would exclude articles like this one, or any other article suggesting one should beg for free upgrades, dress nicely, or come up with a special occasion to tell a gate agent about. So that’s why I appreciate Scott McCartney (as usual). Here he wrote a simple, straightforward, and factually correct article (except for one minor mistake) about how to “snag” an upgrade. I was a bit worried when I read the word “snag” in the headline, but that was unfounded.

Anyway, good job, Scott McCartney!

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  1. “Delta comes close, but offers free upgrades only to elite-level customers who have tickets in certain fare classes.” Not so. Delta offers free domestic upgrades to elites in all fare classes; classes LUT which are listed in the table are only ineligible for companion upgrades (which are also unlimited, but clear 12 hours before the flight, after all elites).

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