SWISS’ Sneaky Way Of Avoiding Flight Refunds

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I totally get airlines are in a tough spot, and are trying to get their hands on as much cash as possible. However, lots of individuals are also in a tough spot right now, and aren’t in a position to provide airlines with a loan.

That’s why I think SWISS deserves some shaming for how they’re handling the current situation for those on canceled flights.

SWISS not refunding any tickets right now

Per SWISS’ refunds page, the airline is “unable” to process any refunds through any channels at the moment. Here’s how the policy is described:

We are currently unable to process any kind of refund on any channel. Please be aware that our focus is currently on handling urgent requests (i.e. rebooking & cancellations). You do not need to take any immediate action and consider our special rebooking policies due to corona outbreak.

I can totally understand that they’re overwhelmed at the moment, but if a passenger is calling for a flight in a few days and needs to cancel, they can’t start the refund process at that point?

This sure seems to me more like a policy intended to keep peoples’ money, rather than a policy due to overwhelming demand.

SWISS’ policy doesn’t even reference the option of a refund

With SWISS having canceled a large majority of their flights, a lot of people are in a position where they’d no doubt like a ticket refund. However, when you go to their dedicated SWISS page about coronavirus rebookings, you’ll notice that there’s conveniently no mention of an option to receive a refund, even if your flight is canceled.

The company is encouraging people to maintain their ticket values, and is offering a CHF/EUR/USD 50 discount when you rebook at a later date.

Even in the FAQs about rebookings and refunds, there’s no reference whatsoever to a refund:

I don’t need to fly anymore, what to do?
You don’t need to take any immediate action. With new flexible rebooking options you can make new travel plans at a later date and contact us anytime before August, 31 2020. For such rebooking we offer an additional CHF/EUR/USD 50 discount.

How to cancel my booking?
In the current corona situation there is no need for you to cancel your booking. You will also not lose any value of your ticket due to the current special rebooking conditions.

What happens with my ticket if I don’t take my flight?
For tickets booked by March, 31 2020 with travel date up to December, 31 2020 the value of your ticket will remain valid even in case you don’t take your flight. In addition you can rebook once to another route within the Lufthansa Group airline’s network without a change fee. In case the new fare is above your existing ticket price you will even receive a CHF/EUR/USD 50 discount.

In all those FAQs, they don’t think they should even once mention that passengers are legally entitled to a cash refund if their flight was canceled?

SWISS legally needs to provide refunds

While United Airlines is also playing games with refunds, the reality is that there are no government regulations requiring them to provide refunds under most circumstances. The same isn’t true in Europe, as SWISS is subjected to EC261.

This requires the airline to give customers the option of a full refund in the event that a flight is canceled.

While customers are legally entitled to that, as you can see based on the above, they’re doing everything in their power to avoid it — they are “currently” unable to process any refunds, and make no mention of the option on their cancelation and rebooking page. Yet they acknowledge it on Twitter, just noting it’s not the “focus.”

Bottom line

Obviously airlines are in a tough spot, and I totally get that. But many consumers are also in a tough spot, with airlines unwilling to refund them. Those on canceled SWISS flights are legally entitled to a refund, even if the airline is trying to do just about everything in their power to act as if that’s not an option.

See this post for tips on how to cancel flights during the coronavirus pandemic.

(Tip of the hat to @montezume)

  1. The airlines that treat people well at the moment are the ones we will return to once this is all over. SAS have been particularly good to me and gone above and beyond. I will be booking with them later in the year.

    Meanwhile I suggest we all start giving Swiss a very wide berth.

  2. This isn’t the first time the Swiss have used a crisis to get and keep money that wasn’t theirs, is it? (Admittedly this is much milder by comparison.)

  3. I think Switzerland may have some hybrid version of EC261 as they are not an EU member. I believed they copied it in spirit but don’t follow it to the letter and some of the administrative rulings that are mandated for EU member states.

    Still shady but can also attest refunding money is harder for a company even if set up correctly than just issuing credits. Talking approvals etc. I do believe they’re trying their best in these times.

  4. Westjet and Air Canada are doing the same thing for cancelled flights! “We are not processing refunds to original form of payment at this time.”

  5. @AdamH; Wrong. They are not in EU but voluntarly added them to EC261 back in time. Rules are to be followed up by everyone.

  6. Air Europa only offering free changes till June 15, or vouchers , good for one year -no refunds! Not sure I’ll get back to Europe to use it & don’t see anything about the voucher being transferable! Thanks for all of your updates!

  7. Hi Lucky. Thanks for posting on this. Malcolm, whose tweet you quoted, is actually a friend of mine, and I was telling him about my experience yesterday trying to get a refund for flights that LX cancelled, which I think is what prompted his tweet.

    For what it’s worth, Swiss told me over the phone that they would cancel my ticket and put my refund “on hold” until December 31st. After that, I could call them and get my refund.

    I would have been sympathetic if they had said it would take a couple weeks to process the refund given the high volumes, but to refuse to even process it is clearly the same as not providing a refund.

    No end of pointing out their obligations under EU261 (LX is covered, despite the debate on this in some of the earlier comments) or the illegality of this would change their mind. They told me to take it up with the relevant authorities if they thought I had a case.

    Pretty disgraceful behaviour from Swiss, as far as I’m concerned.

    So I had them cancel the booking and noted my objection to putting the refund “on hold”. On the advice of people from the Swiss forum on FlyerTalk, I filed a chargeback with Amex this morning, and it appears to have been approved instantly.

  8. If they’re going to try to cheat you into giving them an interest-free loan (with the added risk of them going bust soon, so they’ll be unable to repay it), I’d go straight for a disputed charge on my credit card. Which also means Swiss gets stiffed for the credit card fees. Get your cash out now.

    Some airlines are behaving brilliantly: KLM changed a non-changeable booking for me without charge, then when circumstances changed again they simply cancelled and refunded in full, no questions asked (and cancellation fees were waived). Qatar has also fully refunded a non-changeable ticket.

    When bookings resume, they’ll get more of my business.

  9. Not so sure EU261 helps, whether Switzerland is signed up or not.

    It doesn’t cover “beyond carrier’s control” (normally weather), is mostly for delay, not mass cancellations and as governments, worldwide, have placed restrictions on who can and can’t travel, etc, etc. it’s pretty likely most pax will have to rely on airlines being honourable.

    And we all know that’s never going to happen.

  10. The name of the game today is “force majeure.” Everyone is going to take a hit, and it’s probably for the best. Good thing everyone has a healthy emergency savings balance!

    Don’t forget, the travel blogosphere industry is reliant on the airline industry’s survival.

  11. Same with British Airways, they cancelled my booking and I can only get a voucher from the website; otherwise you need to call. But when you call, even after waiting for a long time, they tell you that unless you were supposed to fly in 72h they are not going to process the refund for you now…

  12. A3 and FR both canceled flights on me and including wording in the notification emails I was entitled to full refunds. A3 went non-responsive and FR’s main and backup pages both displayed errors. So, charge back….

  13. Lufthansa seemingly has the same policy. I called yesterday to refund a cancelled flight. They told me they were unable to do so at the moment and to call back after June 1st.


  14. Interjet in Mexico has been worse. They will not refund or even use a credit. People who can’t fly or had to arrange alternative ways of getting home are losing the fare paid.

  15. If THEY cancel your flight, you’ll get a refund as usual. My interpretation was that this FAQ page is for people who want to rebook flights that haven’t been cancelled, and obviously there’s no legal obligation for them to refund this.

  16. Interestingly, EMIRATES had two separate sets of info on their German vs. their US corona info page – until a couple of days ago. They offered refunds on their German webpage (likely to comply with EC261, related to flights to/from Germany), but only offered rebooking & vouchers on their US webpage (likely addressing an audience that was not affected by flights to/from the EU). As of 2 days ago, the webpages are all streamlined now, offering only rebooking & vouchers. What the heck…are they now openly defying the very recent EU judicial clarification that refunds are clearly still required if the airline cancels flights more than 14 days in advance? Unethical to say the least!

  17. I work at a travel agency and the Lufthansa group has pulled our ability to refund in the GDS. So the excuse “we’re focusing on immediate customers right now” is completely wrong. Even a travel agent who isn’t busy and could process it still cannot. They are clearly holding cash, people need to get their credit card companies involved!

  18. Lucky, it’s good to compile a summary of what major (full-service and budget) airlines handling rebook/refund during these period. It will be a good score card for us to pick the right airlines in future.

  19. Call Amex they will sort you right out! Even easyJet just gave me a full refund for my JMK trip in May!

  20. I always had issues with Swiss to get refunds, even in case of flexible tickets. That’s one of the reasons I stopped flying them.

  21. Not refunding or giving credits valid for 12 months is basically them trying to keep the money due to severe cash shortage they are having right now to stay aflot. But for customers, they know if they can’t get a refund now or get only credits, if the airlines go bankrupt they won’t get any money back. So again, the airlines treat customers like cattle and still want a bailout.

  22. just call your credit card after two weeks and make a charge back. German amex just said in such a case it ist no problem to take the money back… shame on the airlines. they want us as customers after that all.. I will remember that….

  23. SWISS call center was under staffed before this. So I’m not surprised they can’t even deal with this. My refund can wait. Plenty of people in way worse situations than me…

  24. @JAY1951, you’re wrong. The EU issued guidelines on March 18th that customers are still entitled to refunds for flights cancelled by the airline. The compensation that would otherwise be due for cancellations within 14 days is waived due to the “extraordinary circumstances” of COVID-19, but not the right to refund.

    @James, that’s incorrect. They are refusing to provide refunds for any reason, including flights that they have cancelled. As I described in my previous comment.

    For what it’s worth, I initiated a chargeback with Amex Canada and it appears to have been approved instantly.

  25. icelandair is even worse. no credit, no refund. They told me to lose my ticket or pay $2000 of fare difference to change to a date that I am not even sure I can fly yet. And you have to reach them before your flight depart or you are tagged as no-show, and hence doomed.
    Then yesterday they suddenly started allowing credit, and because my flight was 2 days ago, it was a no show and hence no eligible for the credit. It must have been a joke.

  26. It most definitely seems like a LH Group thing. I’m trying to help a friend who booked a ticket on Austrian to the US, except she can’t fly due to the travel ban (not that she’d want to, anyway). Austrian canceled her original flight, but automatically rebooked her via FRA and called it a day.

    The option to cancel is no longer available online, you can only do so over the phone; while at the same time you are advised not to call due to the high volume of requests. I totally get that, but at the same time, they’re basically holding on to customers’ money without merit.

  27. @James,
    “ If THEY cancel your flight, you’ll get a refund as usual.”

    If that was a general comment, I can tell you that for Lufthansa the answer is “no, you won’t”.

    Their current policy is credit + rebooking required by June 1!

  28. This is a helpful thread. Flyertalk comments these days are torn between reasonable people asking about refunds and scoffing responses from hardcore libertarian free marketeers who also keep spreadsheets of the topping and ice cream combinations served in AA business class.

  29. @SloMan
    I beg to disagree, I only this morning in fact requested a refund on the EMIRATES Travel Voucher webpage where it is explicitly stated: customers who booked directly with Emirates can visit the Travel Voucher webpage and add “Refund request due to Coronavirus” in the comments section”

    Refund or Travel voucher:

    Please select one of the options below:
    I want to request a Travel voucher for future travel. (Please allow us 7 days for us to send this to you.)

    I want to request a refund. (Due to the current situation relating to COVID-19 we are experiencing severe delays in processing times. We thank you for your understanding.)

    I also rescheduled a flight to later in the year via their CC, and had no problems to do so. All done very smooth and efficient.

  30. The Swiss being sneaky in times of strife and upheaval

    Doesn’t surprise me one bit at all. History repeating itself.

  31. Air France is giving a credit to use for one year, and if it is not used during that time, they will refund the money… not only Swiss is being sneaky with refunds.

  32. We had flights with Swiss from Zurich to Miami in a weeks time. These flights are now all stopped (they only have their Newark and Chicago flights) however instead of cancelling the schedule until they are reauthorized our flights are still shown as operating and they only cancelling the flights each day a few hours before the flight is supposed to leave, so if you want to make any changes you have to cancel the flight and therefore be liable for the cancellation not them… I get they are in a tight spot but that’s a real slap in the face to their customers. We also had BA avios awards flights on Qatar metal, these have been cancelled but if you go to refund them they only let you claim a voucher for future travel… by definition award flights are “vouchers for future travel” so it’s completely ridiculous you can not receive your fees & taxes (and avois) back when they cancel the flights and instead give you a 6-month voucher, the fees and taxes are not theirs by definition and should be returned.

  33. agree with gtellez – my BA flight from IAD at the end of April was cancelled – I waited a couple of days after the article about them being sneaky with refunds and them saying they would place a “refund button” on the website. I went to “Manage my Bookings” today and it states you can get a full refund for your entire ticketing online by selecting the “Change/cancel booking”. You do that and it asks to you call. You select that and it says not to unless your flight is within 72 hours as they are very backed up.

  34. What SWISS is doing in terms of their shameful behavior on refunds at this time of calamity in the world is consistent with:
    – they way they were with inflexibility before this VIRUS appeared (for years!)
    – the history of Switzerland in general (check out history over the past 80-100 years)

    However what Switzerland the nation values above all is their relationship with USA and all the assets they own in USA. Heck, it is for this reason that they have more or less abandoned SECRET BANK accounts and stashing of BLACK MONEY and other kinds of Money Laundering. They have done their utmost to become CLEAN so that they can function in USA and manage their US Businesses.

    For tihs reason contemplation of an eventual Class Action Suit against them HERE IN USA coupled with a STRONG PUBLICITY CAMPAIGN outlining their outrageous behavior will get more results than anything else.

    Alas the time for that is NOT RIGHT NOW. Let’s all deal with the more important issues at hand, flattening the curve on the spread and staying healthy. One day it will pass, and one day life will begin to normalize.


  35. Definitely would try contesting with credit card company. Somehow I feel Swiss will be able to find some extra manpower to answer those request 😉

    Same goes when paying with PayPal 😉

  36. Air Canada is offering refunds minus $200.00CAD. If you wish to bank the entire amount there is no charge. This is for an international flight. Domestic might be different.

  37. Eurostar is pulling the same crap. Worse even since they only allow you to rebook through December 20th.

    I disputed the charge with AmEx.

  38. Interjet sucks as well. They don’t offer you any voucher to use in a future moment, they just offer you to change the flight for a future date. I had to pay the equivallent of 95 usd dollars extra for the flight change and in Aeromexico I had two flights cancelled from what happened in Peru that they closed the airport overnigh. One I did get back on their humanitarian flight but the other one I am still fighting to get it back, but so far they have been refusing.

  39. Here is the contrast in airline behavior that I think shows the true corporate nature of the two airlines. I canceled my British Airways flight to LHR because my return flight on Lufthansa had already been canceled. BA would only refund 112 GBP in taxes, not their 400 GBP “service charge” or 900 GBP fare. I also was unable to take a Delta flight or even cancel it. Within 24 hours Delta has credited my account with the full fare. I most certainly will fly on Delta in preference after seeing that them do the right and proper thing.

  40. Qantas, Singapore air, amd Virgin Australia all the same. Give you voucher and can only use up to 1yr from when ticket was issued. So if you had ticket booked last Apr-May you are pretty much stuffed.

    What’s worse, when I tried to use Qantas voucher, you can’t even use it to book sale fare. Only on flexi fare! Talk about scamming. And the same, forget about talking to anybody, the phone call can’t even get through, and no one is replying emails.

    I have cancelled my SQ flights online and I still haven’t received a confirmation. I was suppose to fly last yesterday. They’ve cancelled 3 out 4 of my flight, so that itinerary wouldnt have been able to go ahead anyway.

  41. Swiss has always struck me as a bit of an arrogant and scummy airline. Between this and how they handled those Aeroplan first-class tickets a couple of years back, even with their good product I don’t think I would ever have them as my first choice.

  42. Just having a similar experience with TAP Portugal. They cancelled my transatlantic flight and are refusing a cash refund – only flight vouchers….

  43. Just to refute an earlier post from @Gtellez and another DP — I got a full refund from BA for a cancelled TATL flight all online, same for EasyJet for an intra-Europe flight. Ironically, the only one I haven’t processed yet online was a DL award positioning flight in basic economy. The automated process says that no changes can be made since it’s basic economy. When my flight is closer (another 10 days or so), I’ll call into the SkyPriority line and I expect no trouble getting the SkyMiles credited back with some intervention.

  44. Would be interested on advice dealing with “canceled” KLM and AF flights. They are no longer flying the SFO-AMS or CDG-SFO nonstops I have booked. In other words, they have “canceled” those flights. But they’re not calling them canceled, and they still show those nonstop flights on my online itinerary.

    Any advice on how to proceed?

  45. @Peter Brown: if Air Canada is offering you a refund minus $200, that’s because your fare was always refundable, less that $200 fee. Some of AC’s “non-refundable” fares are refundable on payment of a fee, and that’s what you appear to have. Most non-refundable fares are just that. What AC is offering passengers whose flights were cancelled on or after March 19th is a travel credit, good for 24 months, for the entire amount paid. For passengers whose flights were cancelled prior to that date, a full refund is still available, although the website may not properly offer it and a phone call may be needed.

    @MICHAEL KAO I cancelled an SQ itinerary for full refund nearly 3 weeks ago. I was told that it would take 1 week to get the refund confirmation e-mail and 3 weeks to receive the refund. So far, I’ve received neither.

  46. Onboard, SWISS is truly the best.

    Unfortunately every ground agent I’ve talked to is truly incompetent. Both times I’ve flown them, (in Y) I’ve been told my carry on bag has to be checked because it’s too heavy or that I only get 1 carry on. (Instead of a carry on and a personal item) They wouldn’t even let someone (Who carried on nothing) take my bag on the plane.

    Very Swiss of them for being so cold to outsiders.

  47. Wondering if anyone can help…
    my flight to from Manchester to Dhaka via emirates airlines got cancelled yesterday. Now emirates aren’t offering a refund at all, even if my ticket is non-refundable because they cancelled what am I entitled to? They’re only offering travel vouchers which I’m not willing to accept. My only other option is going to my credit card company

  48. My flight from LHR-ZRH is cancelled by Swiss but not from ZRH-AUH. I want to rebook for a date in December but the tickets are £200 more expensive per person and there are 4 of us. Ideally want a refund but I know they won’t give it. I no longer have the AMEX i booked my flight with so what do I do?

  49. @David Ourisman
    I’m in a similar situation. I am booked for a return flight on KLM from ZRH to YVR (via AMS) in April and the status is still showing “on time” despite the fact that the AMS-YVR segment is no longer available on the KLM website and is not showing up on Google Flights. I suspect KLM is delaying cancelling the flight so it does not have to offer refunds. My biggest concern is that KLM will only cancel the AMS-YVR segment within a few hours of the departure time and it will be impossible to request a refund via the call center. In that case, I may just have to go the ZRH airport on the departure date to ensure I don’t lose the refund option due to a “missed flight”.

  50. I cancelled an upcoming trip to Asia and AA (outbound) and UA (return) gave me no trouble refunding my tickets and waived fees. the AA rep had to get a supervisor approval but the UA 1K desk just said “done!” and refunded an P class ticket. No complaints!.

  51. My lufthansa flight got cancelled, They said refund in 7 days. never happened. Finally got a hold of them. Was told HQ overrode the refund request and is now putting all refunds on hold. But the whole thing was suspect. He didn’t have any language to read me, just rambled though the explanation. I asked why didn’t I get an email with this update? He said the best I can do is put in notes that you called.

  52. What about the business class flight I booked (SFO-CDG) using United miles on star alliance member LOT Polish Air? I can’t call them yet as my flight is not in the next couple months but I’m just wondering where my miles will go, assuming that France won’t let me in on the date I’m scheduled to fly. If that is the case, I would actually prefer to rebook the same exact flight about 6 or 8 months later. Any ideas as to how this might play out?

  53. Spike to them today to chase up my refund from cancelled flight from 18/03. Told Refunds section now closed and they are not planning on looking at any refunds until after the Summer. Disgusting. Section 75 claim made now. Their brand will be ruined by this behaviour.

  54. Also if you request the 50 CHF voucher they make you accept that you give up the refund right

  55. On checking my early May flight itinerary online, it appeared that SWISS were initially rerouting my flights (without informing me) and then a few days later, 3 out of the 4 flights (out + rtn) disappeared. I called them to find out what was happening and was finally informed that my flights had been cancelled. I requested a full cash refund, which they said they can do but will take time. I asked for timescales on this and was quoted 2 to 3 months..!

    My credit card company said they can only step in for Charge Back claims after this period so I have to sit and wait it out, however they’ve frozen the charge (and therefore any potential interest) in the meantime so that I don’t incur any further costs with this issue.

  56. Hi guys,
    To come out from Central america I bought 4 tickets and each one was cancelled!
    just for the record: AA were the most correct and efficient. I could contact their call center pretty fast and they refund me the 2 tickets fully in 5 days in the middle of the crisis.

    COPA AIRLINE: disgraceful . they cancelled my flight( no more flight until may) and they already answered me that my fare was no refundable, so sorry perry… no refund possible!!!!! I can’t believe it.

    Swiss airlines: a NIGHTMARE and a SHAME. I had a ticket from SJO to Zurich,. impossible to take the flight, I asked for free rebooking, ok. the day after their commercial flights from Sjo were stopped, cancelled, they were doing only repatriation flights “organized” BY swiss Government, same flight in fact. I looked to reserve a seat, the same flight that I paid 5 days before 820.00SFR (one way), already pretty expensive, was offered for 3,300.00USD (one way always) as repatriation flight!!!!!!! SHAME on Swiss airlines and on swiss government. Impossible to contact USA and swiss call center of Swiss airlines, impossible to change my ticket, I had to buy another ticket from Swiss departing from USA. I wrote and called many times to have my ticket refund, they said I have to wait after the return date (april,26) because the return flight has not been cancelled yet?!?!?!. than they also told me that the refund department is closed, and than also that maybe I’ll receive the refund in 2/3 months but they refused to write me a confirmation email, the email just confirmed that the flight has been cancelled. very fishy and very unethical. Who is interested in join experiences and forces and try to do something together?
    It make me sick to think that the same companies that have this behaviour will ask for financial help to their government and get it (our money again…. ).

    have a good day

  57. Swiss has been giving me the runaround like crazy. I finally email the ceo of the company. I got someone in customer affairs. She mentioned that she will be handling it from here on out. I have gotten nowhere. The last phone call was a doozy. The CSR Chloe told me that my credit for over $10,500 was going to cost me more to rebook my two tickets. An additional $290 per person. Even though online the same two tickets were going for $6900. How that makes any sense from a business point of view is beyond me. To make matters worse I asked to speak to a manager or supervisor. I was told that they were unavailable and I could call back to reach this person who she would not give me her name, extension or voicemail nothing. I feel like I am being ripped off and very frustrated.

  58. Shame on Swiss Air! I have been trying to get a refund on cancelled flights since 8 April. I have emailed the customer service centre twice and been pushed back – hard. I live in Australia and we currently have a total travel ban in place which is not likely to be lifted anytime soon so a travel voucher from SwissAir is useless to me. I will now initiate a disputed return with my credit card company. I travel to Switzerland regularly for family reasons, but will never use this airline again!

  59. Can I ask if anyone has tried processing a claim against Swiss for a refund through a small claims court in the UK (or elsewhere)? Am inclined to do this and thus charge them for legal expenses too, albeit there’s a risk of losing the court fee. Seems the least they deserve for their disgusting and illegal behaviour.

  60. Honestly, I get the airlines are in tough times.

    I think we need some clear rules around voucher in support of consumers.

    – They must be valid 24 Months
    – You must be able to use the WHOLE amount in 1/2 or even 3 transactions.
    – If there is a remaining residual value under 50GBP it becomes refundable.
    – If you dont use the voucher within 12 months you can apply for a refund.

    This would make it fairer for consumers who are able and willing to wait.

    My biggest bug with all these vouchers are the conditions that you must use them in one transaction or if there is 20GBP left then you either buy another ticket or you lose the money.

    It has to be fair on all.

  61. I booked family flights (back in January) with Swiss Air for August, to Greece. My wife is adamant we are not going until icompletely safe, or when there’s a proven treatment/vaccine. I can’t see that happening though for maybe a year, sadly. Shall I wait closer to the time to ask for a refund?

  62. I was told about 7 weeks ago my refund would take about 4-6 weeks . Today i called Swiss and was told it could take months !

  63. I would to like to Clear something out here there are People ranting about Swiss and Switzerland. The Swiss Airline is Owed my Lufthansa since 2008 and they are owed by Germany not Switzerland.

  64. I too am awaiting a refund from Swiss for can elles flights at the beginning of April. Initially I was told I would be refunded in1-2 months. I was unhappy so raised a formal complaint with Swiss who just brushed me off saying be patient and understanding. I the wrote to the CEO and got a response telling me I would get a refund but not yet and they would not be entering into any further correspondence with me. I have initiated a chargeback request with my bank but will not hear until 4 July whether I have been successful. I have also lodged a request for arbitration with SÖP who arbitrate in disputes involving travel companies registered with them. Swiss is registered with them. That can take up to 3 months. Not sure there is much else I can do except never fly Swiss again!

  65. The latest scumbaggery from this disgusting company:

    – they’re still taking bookings for flights which they know are probably not going to fly;
    – they’re then removing those flights from the schedules, though apparently not ‘cancelling’ them.
    – they’re not informing passengers on cancelled flights a minimum two weeks before the flight was due, as they’re legally obliged to.

    In the case of the above happening to you, you might be entitled to euro 600 in compensation though, as with getting any refund from them, you’ll likely be whistling ’til infinity before you actually see it.

    The bottom line seems to be that if you book or re-book any flights with Swiss, expect not to actually fly and not to see your money again for a very long time, if ever. It looks a lot like they’re basically just trying to scam as much money as possible through fictional flights in order to stave off bankruptcy – and I would recommend always demanding a refund for cancelled flights (rather than their sneaky ‘re-bookings’) and thus having a claim as a creditor to the company in case bankruptcy happens.

    In my own case, I was advised to file a ‘Section 75 claim’ (in the UK) through my credit card company, as this would be quicker and cheaper than using the County Court Money Claim system. Having done so, I’m told it’ll take 6-8 weeks to resolve. So I now wish I had filed a County Court claim in the first place, and slapped a decent amount of legal charges and interest on top of the refund.

  66. Update from my post on April 26th. Thanks to the advice from the one mile at a time friends I got my money back. On my credit card online I couldn’t contest the charge so I called and even though I did the charge in August of last year they can still fight it since the services were not provided. And I just got word that my case is finalled and a full refund of both tickets totaling just over 10k. So I am very relieved and thanks for all the advice.

  67. Did anyone get a refund by directly contacting Swiss?
    I have been told by an afent that they are processing refunds for April now.
    I had a cancelled flight from Boston to Zurich on the 31st of May.

  68. I noticed that the refund option is available again on the Swiss website. I had a cancelled flights and I already filled for refund (it was on 16/June). No feedback from Swiss up to know, just waiting to see what will happen. Swiss customer service is terrible, there is no link to check the status of the application.

  69. (Swiss airlines doesn’t exist anymore sonce they were bankrupt and have been bought by bigger assholes (Lufthansa, wich could be called Luftballon aka hot air assholes).

    Flying with Swiss is better than pathetic garbage cattle transporters like ryanair, virgin, iberia and klm, BUT, appart from a free piece of chocolate on board and Swiss politeness (Swiss people would murder you but always with a smile and a kind word), the company’s attitude sucks. They belng to lufthansa who are super expensive big corporate assholes, it might explains everything.

    Now, to book on, you need to fill some sort of captcha challenge because (from nazis google of course) they pretend that your browser activity is ‘suspicious’.

    Of course, it’s not the case, it’s just another trick to have your data sold to fascists like google.

    So, please, you’ve lost yet a set of 5 customers. We will be there watching when you get bankrupt if you still demand to your few clients left to fill a captcha juts to check flights on your crap website.

  70. Back in April there were REFUNDS options on Swiss Airlines, then a couple of weeks later it was gone only the option to move trip. Well I had to cancel it because I cannot go after my vacation days due to work schedule. Was told that I would get a refund but that it would take some time. However they refused to send an email confirming a refund would be issued. So what proof do I have that a refund will be issued?

    It’s been 3 months with countless calls and emails all with the same response. As for contacting Department of Transportation from what I have been reading by other travelers they are not helpful.

    I understand they are busy but don’t they think we need our money and pay the credit card for that trip? I was sympathetic at the beginning but like someone said here AIRLINES ARE PLAYING TRICKS ON US.

    I loved flying with SWISS and recommend it to my friends but after this experience I will not be flying with SWISS, that’s 5 passengers they lost.

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