Still at TPA, new routing….

Well, this is turning out to be a field day. Due to the delay of my TPA-IAD flight I decided to call the 1K desk to see what they could offer me, since it was clear that I’d have zero options if I waited any longer, considering that basically every flight was zeroed out for the day.

Well, the lady put me on hold and came back a minute later saying I’m booked on Continental through IAH and wanted to give me the confirmation number immediately. While double dipping (collecting miles in both mileage programs) sounds nice on the surface, it would probably mean sitting in the back of coach, probably in a middle seat. I wasn’t willing to do that. Also, it completely eliminates any skykit potential as well as bump potential for UA.

I asked if there wasn’t anything else available, and suggested flying through DEN. She eventually found one seat TPA-DEN-SEA, which I was happy with.

On the plus side both flights look pretty booked, but on the down side all flights are so full today that they might not even accept my bump since I have such a complicated itinerary.

I’m certainly having fun strategizing here, there are so many factors.

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  1. They couldn’t get you anything better out of IAD? Obviously, going to DEN first eliminates a bunch of miles. May the bump gods shine upon you, my friend.

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