Hong Kong Is Getting A St. Regis!

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I was in Hong Kong a couple of days ago, and for whatever reason I started thinking about the hotel market there. Hong Kong is probably my favorite major city in the world, and has a lot of great hotels, though also a lot of not-so-great hotels. For those of us who are points-obsessed, it can be a tricky market.

Hong Kong skyline

Hyatt has two properties in Hong Kong that I really like — the Grand Hyatt and the Hyatt Regency.

Starwood is more of a mixed bag. For example, there’s the Sheraton and the W, and their portfolio is further enhanced now thanks to the number of Design Hotels properties there.

In a way, Marriott’s takeover of Starwood might be good in this regard, because the Ritz-Carlton is one of Hong Kong’s best hotels. However, elite benefits at Ritz-Carlton are limited, and you don’t get free breakfast or lounge access.

As I talked to a friend about the Hong Kong hotel market, I said “I wish Hong Kong had a St. Regis.” St. Regis is by far my favorite Starwood brand. Not only are the hotels beautiful, but elite recognition is generally good as well. Much to my surprise, I was informed that there’s actually a St. Regis under construction in Hong Kong at the moment.

The St. Regis Hong Kong is set to open on January 1, 2019. This actually isn’t breaking news, as it seems there was a press release about this last May, though this is the first I’ve heard of it. Per renderings from the design company, the hotel looks pretty snazzy.

Rendering of the new St. Regis Hong Kong

The St. Regis Hong Kong will be located on Hong Kong Island (rather than Kowloon) in the Wan Chai area, and will be very close to the convention center. This means that it’ll be near the Grand Hyatt, which is in the same area.

Grand-Hyatt-Hong-Kong-Grand-Suite - 41
View from the Grand Hyatt Hong Kong

However, I wouldn’t get too excited about the views from the hotel. Perhaps some rooms will have views of the harbor, but it looks like the convention center and some buildings to the side will obstruct many of the views you’d otherwise have from this hotel.


Per the press release, the hotel will have 129 guest rooms, and a height of 115 meters, with high-end Chinese and French restaurants, a swimming pool, etc.

I can’t wait for this to open. Now can we please get a St. Regis in Sydney, Tokyo, or London?! 😉

Anyone else excited about there being a St. Regis Hong Kong on the horizon?

  1. It’s directly across the street from the Renaissance Harbour View, which is next to the GH. It’s a good location, except there is a TON of road construction right outside there at the moment. It also looks to be a pretty small property, footprint wise.

  2. St. Regis has not been expanding very fast because it’s not a core part of the Marriott/Starwood strategy. St. Regis doesn’t do luxury as well as some of its competitors (FS, Mandarin Oriental), so it can’t command the type of rate premium over a W/JW that it needs to in these high-end markets.

    Though London I do think would do well with a St. Regis.

  3. On The St Regis’s official website, it says it is scheduled to open on 1 January 2020.
    PS I live on Hong Kong Island as well.

  4. These days, I can’t get excited about any St. Regis as I’m sure Marriott will be bitch-slapping the brand into mediocrity. Ritz Carltons are already nothing more than tarted-up JWs. Yes, I’ve said this before in previous posts.

    Last December, I walked by the St. Regis New York. It was a sad experience. It was like passing by a gorgeous, elegant, cultured woman knowing she was in an arranged marriage to a cheap-ass, abusive alcoholic.

  5. …Hong Kong is already as good as it gets for top notch hotels. You just can’t use points. The original Mandarin Oriental, Four Seasons and Peninsula are among the best hotels in the world, hands down. Others like Upper House, Island Shangri-La and Landmark Mandarin Oriental are also excellent. I get how the points community might get excited about St. Regis but it’s still second tier at best compared to where else you can stay in HK if you don’t mind spending cash.

  6. That is great news! Hong Kong seems to be a mixed bag of ultra-luxury and 4 stars trying desperately to be 5, or 10 years out of date. I recently went to Hong Kong and really struggled finding a place – $1000 (CAD) per night for the Mandarin Oriental, Peninsula, Upper House etc an overhyped, touristy Ritz Carlton, or a handful of Marriott properties that felt underwhelming and overpriced (with cash or points). In the end I just had a one night stopover and decided to splurge in Jakarta, where I got a Premiere Suite at the recently opened Four Seasons with preferred partner benefits for ~$180 (CAD) per night. Gotta love Indonesia…. Did consider the St. Regis Shenzhen for a moment, but then again….

  7. The Rosewood is opening next to the IC HK? Wow that’s great news!

    Like what Tyler said: Many of the top hotels in HK are getting out of date.

  8. The location is indeed a disappointment. There won’t be any decent views at all. But I’m still excited about the news. Can’t wait to try it out!

  9. Finally!! But by the time it opens, Marriott would destroy whatever good perks we have as SPG Platinum. Luckily being a resident at St. Regis Bangkok guarantees me good perks and recognitions here always

  10. Luv luv luv HK! My go to is Four Seasons, not the absolute best for views but I like the location. Service is the ABSOLUTE best!

  11. This is the only problem I have with people who are extra miles and points obsessed. When considering Hong Kong’s hotels, you cannot but miss the ICONIC Peninsula Hotel. It has the best location in the city, and is a landmark on the Kowloon harbour front. W, on the other hand, is horribly located. You really need to stop seeing hotels purely from a miles point of view. Live a little!

  12. I work next to this construction site. I think the rendering you are using may be old – the street-level billboard rendering are of a conventional, sharply-angled almost art-deco tower and that is what they are building (about 10 floors up now).

    I question the logic this is a neighbourhood of office buildings surrounded by large main roads. The luxury market in HK is defined by the Mandarin Oriental and the Peninsula depending which side of the harbour you want to be on. Any New-build hotel would struggle to compete and this particular lot lacks any harbour view or tourist convenience – not sure how they can expect to charge a premium. The Grand Hyatt is in a far better location nearby on the water, and still has to discount compared to the Mandarin.

  13. I’ve been told by more than one reliable source that the Conrad will close by 2018 to be replaced with a Waldorf Astoria after some significant renovation. The hotels in Pacific Place (Conrad, JW Marriott & Shangri-la) are all in desperate need of modernisation. They need to bite the bullet a la Mandarin Oriental and all close at some point for a major facelift.

  14. Imperator – you are really funny! “bitch-slapping” “tarted-up” “cheap-ass” “abusive alcoholic” What a fun life you must lead! I would read your blog too!

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