SpiceJet commerical… hah!

Via Frequently Flying, SpiceJet (a “premium” low cost carrier in India) has a pretty funny/”cute” commercial out right now:

Not sure what I like about it so much, but I’ve watched it about ten times now. Either it’s that good or I need to find a new hobby… probably the latter.

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  1. I had SpiceJet Food before and really liked it. Yes, it is not first class, but for USD 4 it was quite good.

  2. I have not flown spicejet before, but I can tell you that Indian airline food is more edible than not. They give you food for flights as short as 20 mins (trv- maa etc)! Much better than their North American counterparts. 😀

  3. heheh that was hilarious…those low cost carrier meals look like Delta’s FIRST CLASS meals …

  4. Lucky, if you like that, then you should definitely love this. Commercial of indigo airlines, the best LCC in India.

    Check out this video on YouTube:

  5. The free food on Air India coach on the flight from BOM-GOI was some of the best food I had in India

  6. @Priti, I sure do like them. I fly SG in equal measure as 6E. I was just giving Lucky more options for his new hobby of aviation commercials 😉

    @ryan, you took the AI 530 AM flight? the best part is BOM-GOI is under 45 mins!

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