Southwest Airlines Tries To Kick Off Woman For “Lewd” Outfit

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A woman ended up having to wear the captain’s t-shirt on a Southwest Airlines flight, or else she would have been denied boarding. The airline was completely off base here, in my opinion.

A woman’s “lewd” outfit on Southwest Airlines

Kayla Eubanks used Twitter to document a situation she faced on an October 6 Southwest Airlines flight from New York to Chicago.

Eubanks started by sharing the outfit she was wearing on a Southwest Airlines flight, when she was allegedly told that her boobs were “lewd, obscene, and offensive.”

She claimed that a Southwest Airlines gate agent “practically did cartwheels to ensure [she] wouldn’t get on this plane.” A gate agent took issue with her outfit, so the passenger asked to see the policy prohibiting what she was wearing.

After over 20 minutes, the gate agent said she couldn’t find the policy but that it does exist, and then asked Eubanks to put on another shirt if she wanted to take that flight.

At this point the captain of the Southwest Airlines flight came out to talk to her, and this guy definitely had the best vibes of any Southwest employee that day. He said “they’re hating on you because you’re looking good, is that right?”

Understandably Eubanks was agitated, but I appreciate how the captain remained calm, tried to deescalate the situation, and came up with a backup plan. He showed empathy to Eubanks while not totally throwing his company under the bus, which is a tough balance to strike. I imagine many other airline employees would have gone on a power trip at this point, but that’s not what he did. Kudos.

The captain eventually loaned the woman his shirt so that she could fly. She took it off during the flight, and was then told she’d have to speak to someone after landing.

After landing a supervisor confronted her (and Eubanks definitely comes across more reasonable than the supervisor, in my opinion):

  • He claimed she didn’t “have very many clothes on up at the top”
  • The supervisor claimed that her top “reveals quite a bit,” and Eubanks asked if she should “leave them at home” next time (referring to her breasts)
  • Eubanks went on to say “I don’t understand how my body parts are obscene, it’s not like my nipple is showing, it’s not like I have a picture of a vagina, it’s not like I have curse words, that would be obscene”
  • She asked the supervisor “who are my boobs offensive to?” and he responded “maybe others on the aircraft”
  • The supervisor tried to ask for her ID, though maybe he should be more focused on wearing a mask correctly?

Following the incident, Southwest Airlines reached out to Eubanks to apologize for the experience, and to provide her a refund of her fare as a gesture of goodwill.

What is Southwest Airlines’ dress code?

What is Southwest Airlines’ dress code, actually?

“Regarding our policies, each situation is very different, and our employees are responsible for following our Contract of Carriage, available on our website.”

Southwest Airlines’ contract of carriage notes the airline can remove people for:

“Engaging in lewd, obscene or patently offensive behavior, including wearing clothes that are lewd, obscene or patently offensive”

Southwest Airlines is in the wrong here

People often struggle to differentiate between how people might dress on planes in an ideal world, and what is lewd. They’re not the same thing, though, and that’s important to recognize:

  • Personally I wouldn’t even wear flip flops or a tank top on a plane (in fairness, I’m weird, and tend to wear shoes and long pants even to the beach); regardless, my preferences shouldn’t dictate other peoples’ rights, and unless you’re Michelle Visage on RuPaul’s Drag Race, mind your own business when it comes to what other people are wearing
  • I know other people think that I’m underdressed to fly in premium cabins (I’m a fan of “athleisure”), and think everyone should dress up when they get on planes
  • We can argue all day about whether airlines should have stricter dress codes, but the reality is that they currently don’t

If you ask me, if the rules are just that you can’t wear clothes that are “lewd, obscene, or patently offensive,” then enforcement should just include:

  • Covering all your “private” parts in a way you might expect in a “PG” rated movie
  • Not wearing any clothes that have cuss words or other highly offensive images or phrases on them (and please let’s not debate that here, because it’s not relevant)

Frankly it’s hard to view this as anything but sexist:

  • Would this be considered “lewd” or “obscene” at a beach?
  • If the woman’s breasts were smaller, would this outfit still have been considered “lewd” or “obscene?”
  • I see guys flying all the time in those tanks that essentially have the sides cut open so you can see their entire side profile and nipples, so how is that any less “lewd” or “obscene” then this?

Should airlines have stricter dress codes? I don’t have a strong opinion one way or another. I’m not opposed to that. But if the extent of a dress code is avoiding “lewd” or “obscene” outfits, then I think it’s unreasonable to single out a woman’s physique when she’s covering all of her “private” parts.

Bottom line

A Southwest Airlines gate agent tried to kick off a woman for what she was wearing, even though she wasn’t able to find a policy supporting this. The captain ended up letting this woman borrow his shirt for the flight, though it shouldn’t have come down to that.

It’s important to recognize that there’s a difference between how people would ideally dress on a plane, and what can be considered lewd or obscene. It simply can’t come down to individual employees to decide what’s appropriate and what isn’t, especially when rules are as vague as they are.

Also, one last point — when will airlines learn that trying to pick these kinds of fights, especially when someone is recording, is unlikely to end well for them?

What do you make of this Southwest outfit situation?

  1. It sounds like an area for written policy improvement by Southwest. Given their culture and the current climate, I am confident they’ll respond appropriately and thoughtfully, updating this policy.

    I agree with your assertion that they may be wrong for the enforcement that happened vs. the written policy that was in place.

  2. And quite frankly, I wonder if a man in a mesh, sleeveless ‘shirt’ would have also been hassled like that.

  3. Good thing she was recording so that the airline /agent/supervisor could not spin this. Great job by the captain to diffuse the situation. The supervisor and gate agent did a horrible job and need to be retrained. Southwest could take this as an opportunity to update their policy (to also address mens tank tops) and retrain employees.

  4. SWA should of done more. A hand full of employees make them look like clowns. The Pilot is the only one willing to stick his neck out, and that is a good sign. Once the pilot mitigated the issue, is should of died there with SWA apologizing and saying they are going to correct the issue with those employees.

  5. 1) An airplane isn’t a beach. Context matters. Would you wear a Speedo to a business meeting? The Borat swimsuit?
    2) Yes, still a problem
    3) Yes; an airline should enforce policy against men going topless or nearly-topless also.

    This particular outfit is the first one where I side with the gate agent.

  6. Come on. That’s appropriate clothing to go dancing at a bar. But it’s skanky to wear out in public during the day.

  7. The bottom line is that this is a judgment call that the airline employees have to make. The woman wanted to substitute her own judgment and feelings about what is reasonable. That’s not her call to make. As for the judgment call itself, her top emphasized and drew attention to her large breasts. There are people, particularly those traveling with kids, who may not want to see mostly bare breasts. You can argue about whether or not that is reasonable but this too is a judgment call. And no, a woman with small breasts might not have been asked to cover up because the effect of the top on a different body type would be different.

  8. Completely sexist. Bad taste is not against their policy. EVERY flight back from Hawaii has someone dressed like that on it.

    So what if it’s inappropriate if it’s not lewd, obscene or otherwise in violation of their written policy.

  9. Put a shirt on and keep it on. If you need a policy to say your shirt must cover 60 percent of your body, you’re antisocial.

    All this insistence of good hygiene and mask wearing and you have people who think it’s acceptable to board in what looks like a swim suit or tights, yoga pants. While you’re at it stop slathering yourself in make up, putting your dirty socks or feet on chairs and clipping your nails.

    Qantas won’t let you in their lounges like that, the Americans should follow suit.

  10. 1) An airplane isn’t a beach. Context matters. Would you wear a Speedo to a business meeting? The Borat swimsuit?

    An airplane isn’t a board room. Some of us dress for comfort, even when we’re flying in J or F.

    Come on. That’s appropriate clothing to go dancing at a bar. But it’s skanky to wear out in public during the day.

    What you consider skanky does not necessarily qualify as obscene, and in any case, without an explicit policy, it inevitably becomes arbitrary and unfair.

  11. Southwest is absolutely in the right. Whatever happened to common standards of decency and modesty? Her outfit is totally inappropriate. Once again, I wish Ben would just report the facts and leave out his liberal political editorial views.

  12. Fake news headline – they never tried to kick her off. Like her breasts, your departure from the facts is showing.

    Also, how SEXIST for the female gate agents to make a judgment call according to the CoC against another female. Probably racist too!

    I miss when Lucky had measured responses to things 🙁

  13. Lewd is “offensive in a sexual way”.

    Offensive is subjective. I would say revealing is not always offensive and this was probably more to revealing to an extent. If Southwest doesn’t like cleavage then add to the contract of carriage with specificity so all gate agents can enforce to a specified standard.

  14. Sort of a sideline, but I’m not sure why she’d even want to wear that outfit in the first place. Planes are always cold, and I always bring a light jacket, regardless of the weather on the ground. Flying in a crop top seems like it’d be cold and miserable.

  15. I support the woman trying to do her job. I applaud the pilot for defusing the situation. I feel the lady is inappropriately dressed for a plane ride, sitting shoulder to shoulder with strangers. She is not the only customer, other customers want to feel comfortable too. SWA should further detail the dress code because some have no common sense or respect for others on board. Other views of the outfit I. Her Twitter rant show just how revealing her “top” was.She was given a tshirt and further caused a stink by taking it off. Seems like she is just looking for a cash in on a law suit. It’s ridiculous!

  16. This is only news because she’s black. End of story. If it had been a white woman denied boarding for wearing the same inappropriate clothing no one would even hear a word about it.

  17. It takes two to tango. Why couldn’t either party show some civility and just try to work with each other (aside from the captain, who had some reasonableness). Everything is social media moment, and everyone needs to prove they’re right. Eubanks also had an agenda on this one.

  18. Sorry, but I agree with Southwest. Her “top” covers less than a bra would and IMO would violate their guidelines. As someone pointed out, the reaction might well have been different if her breasts were smaller, but they are not. They are huge and that “top” leaves very little to the imagination.

  19. She would have been allowed to board if she wore a MAGA hat that represents white supremacy or a 2nd Amendment assault weapon shirt of mass murder, but side boob? Oh the humanity!

    America’s outdated, hypocritical, and embarrassingly Puritanical standards on full display. Talk about insanely miscalibrated priorities. The icing on the cake would be the misguided Nazis at the end demanding to see her ID, which she clearly has no obligation to furnish.

    Time to sell my shares of LUV.

  20. As a woman, I’m siding with Southwest. Sorry, but that is not even a crop top, another square foot or so of fabric and I’d be on her side, but no shirt, no shoes, no service is a thing. At the beach I don’t have to be 3 inches away from you.

    Also, it sounds like she wasn’t kicked off, she was denied boarding.

  21. I agree with south west. She is not on a beach. She is on a plane if she thinks she looks good she should of looked in the mirror before she left bc she doesn’t. Crazy how some people will try to get attention and make it all
    Someone else’s fault.

  22. Not going to take sides here. I’m not a fan of Southwest, mainly due to their boarding policy. Gotta wonder what this woman is thinking though showing up to a flight dressed like that. As for the comment about the beach. Get real. No one is showing up for a flight wearing a bikini.

  23. I understand both sides. Customers should be able to wear mostly whatever they please, as long as it’s respectful. Unfortunately respectful is a debatable term in this day and age. I also understand that the airline is trying to protect themselves and the customer from sexual harassment from other passengers and wandering eyes. Imagine the passenger next to her harrassing her and having to move her to another seat and there isn’t an open seat. So many ways that situation could go.

  24. Wait, what? How can people be so off base. In all reasonableness, she looks like a prostitute and shouldn’t be dressed like a whore on a plane. You’re right, she’s not at the beach and should dress appropriately for a plane – don’t pull this “oh so innocent” bullshit that she’s confused that just maybe she’s in the wrong. The ground crew are being held to an impossible level of professionalism by career self victims like this woman.

  25. Unpopular opinion probably but I don’t think her top was appropriate. I don’t care if people wear sweats, shorts, etc on planes but you should cover your breasts and your butt. Having said that, I know I have seen people in airports dressed like that and in very short skirts or shorts. But if that is their policy, somehow it should be made more public, most people don’t read things like a dress code.

  26. I’m sorry you had this experience. Although they should not have harrased you, I too would have preferred you be a bit more covered. But if you chose not to you are % right! It was not offensive. That first woman was hating and being a bitter old prude. I feel like had she not had that glass of haterade this whole incident would have been avoided.

  27. can a man board an airplane with just underwear because it is comfortable? You are making people sitting next to you uncomfortable!!!

  28. It might not be to my taste but I don’t see how it was inappropriate. And my opinion is the pilot should have told the other worker that the pilot makes the call and to let it drop. Even offering the shirt, kind as it was, was a de facto statement that the customer should bow to the personal standards of an airline worker.

  29. If she was on my flight, I would have looked at her for a few seconds and went back to whatever I was doing. More important things to worry about. People just want to make a big deal over nothing.

  30. That’s basically just a bra. There’s nothing ‘sexist’ about requiring people to wear more than underwear on an airplane (or in virtually any other public place.) Whether it would be considered ‘lewd’ at a beach is irrelevant. A guy going shirtless is usually considered fine at a beach, too, but I would fully expect to be denied boarding on any airline if I were not wearing a shirt.

    Southwest should probably update their policy to be a bit more specific, but they’re totally in the right that that’s not acceptable attire.

    No need to leave your breasts at home, Kayla. Just wear a shirt. The rest of us do. It’s not that hard.

  31. Her outfit should be banned & she should have been charged for having poor taste!! Come on…put on some clothes. Unfortunately i have seen many disgusting outfits on planes including a young girl wearing such short shorts her ass was hanging out. Please mothers out their tell ur daughters what’s appropriate. So disgusting!!!

  32. Kudos to the captain for attempting to diffuse the situation. He seemed to handle it well.

    Can’t help but notice how rude she was to the captain, even though you could clearly tell he was trying to be nice, diffuse the situation, and help her out. She showed nothing but rudeness to someone looking to help her out, and be on her side.

    Southwest needs to work on their policy, and have their policies more accessible to avoid situations like this. Better training would also help.

  33. Ben says “Personally I wouldn’t even wear flip flops”. I won’t either. Better to run away from a burning plane in shoes than flip flops…….if I could run away from a burning plane at all

  34. No surprise that the ugly fat bags on SW wanted to remove Kayla. She makes them look even worse than they already do.

    ~ The Honorable Reginald

  35. Southwest was correct.
    You have to wonder what she was thinking. OF COURSE, she knew the effect it would have. She did it intentionally. She has psyc issues.

  36. My god, you would think that the Earth stopped rotating. Grow up all you prude, uptight and under sexed / over sexed morons!

    Was it a good choice for her to wear that… Probably not but there is one very important thing to take away from this and that is this is still America! She would be perfectly fine wearing that to the supermarket in the day or night. Not the beach but to any storefront, restaurant, park, mall, movie theater, sporting events like football, basketball, baseball, tennis, etc.

    For whomever it was that they thought they had to be Nazis is completely wrong. They unfairly tried to apply they’re interpretation of they’re policies. If it isn’t spelled out better it’s they’re loss, they are are not then truly being fair and just. If it says you can only expose 40% of you cleavage. How you going to measure it? Who’s going to measure them, a tailor , the gate agent. Also what makes you think the a woman is just gonna let someone measure her boobs?

    No, the problem here is all the people that think she should have dressed some other way. She wants to express herself in that manner. Just as other people would not. What is it that makes you think everyone should do what you do? Dress the way you do? Talk like you? When does it end? If she wants to dress like this, again this is America. You don’t have to like…. Just leave! This country was founded on the rights of the people. If you don’t like the way she looks???

    LOOK AWAY AND MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS! Yes all caps was needed!
    Go America or shut up!

  37. What happened to decency , morality and courtesy and respect for others , the children and parents in the plane? This is not some nude indecent parade that’s going on in the plane.

  38. I agree with Southwest in this case. That top is in no way appropriate for air travel. Beach, pool, boating, nightclub even, fine. But not for just general activities.

  39. With all respect but I am surprised nobody asked “how much”? I don’t think outfit was acceptable. In a night club etc itd be all right but in a plane or train? Crazy

  40. “That’s basically just a bra. There’s nothing ‘sexist’ about requiring people to wear more than underwear on an airplane (or in virtually any other public place.)”

    ^^^^THIS. Do we really have to be so PC that we can’t recognize inappropriate attire EVER, in any situation? :-/ The woman was a centimeter away from a major wardrobe malfunction. If the argument is that “Well, her nipples weren’t showing!”, why not have her just wear a bikini and be done with it? As long as her actual genitals aren’t showing, that should be fine, right? What’s the difference between a skimpy top and a skimpy bottom? How about a thong? Would a thong bikini bottom pass muster?

    Also, this — “She wanted to make the headlines and she did.” — seems like the most likely explanation for why someone would deliberately wear an outfit that was guaranteed to provoke a response. There have been plenty of other stories in the media regarding what is/isn’t appropriate attire for a flight, and there’s no way she didn’t know this outfit would get a reaction. Why else would you wear so little in a venue where the temperatures quickly get frigid?

  41. I’m not interested in looking at her boobs or sitting next to her on a flight. And at some point she’s likely going to need to lean forward or get up from her seat and I’m not interested in that view either. Southwest is right, she needed to put a shirt on and leave it on. I agree she is looking for a payout.

  42. “She took it off during the flight, and was then told she’d have to speak to someone after landing.” Her breasts are practically bursting out of the top. Don’t look at the selfie that she took where she covers up more to make it look better, but just look at the videos where significantly less of her breast is covered. I can see why they flagged her. She wanted to be a special snowflake. I may have had more sympathy for her if she just complied and complained later. Instead she pretended she was going to comply and then got on the plane and refused to comply. Millions of people fly and dress appropriately not sure why she can’t do the same. Its rich that a man is calling this sexist especially when it was a woman that flagged her top as being a violation in the first place.

  43. @Mr G

    Her race had absolutely nothing to do with it. In fact, I suspect the agent in today’s political climate even gave her more of a consideration exactly because of her race.

    Not everything is about race and critical race theory just ensures racism will persist. I’m so glad I moved out of the US and no longer have to deal with these issues.

  44. Lucky… Everything is a matter of context and degree, but this is one of the few times I disagree with you. There was a time when people dressed up for flights. Men in suits and women in dresses. I fly mostly FC and I always wear jeans and a comfortable shirt. I will actually change out of a suit before boarding to be more comfortable. My clothing isn’t offensive to anyone except perhaps people who own formal wear shops. I take a shower before I fly and try to maintain a neat appearance out of respect for my fellow man and woman. I’ve sat next to people in FC who stank. I don’t want to be that guy. I was raised better than that.

    I don’t know Kayla, but if I met her dressed as she was, I would wonder why she needed the attention. My wife is also well endowed and while I appreciate her lovely breasts, I would be uncomfortable if she displayed her boobs like a well dressed Christmas turkey platter for general public viewing. Thankfully she would be uncomfortable too which is why she would never dress like Kayla when flying or most other places for that matter.

    We are in the process of watching civil society fall apart, but an airplane cabin is one place where at least some decorum has been traditionally been enforced. Airlines should have standards. Perhaps spell them out come clearly, but have them. I am far from a prude as you can get, but personally, I think SW was right for asking Ms. Eubanks to show less breast and more common sense.

  45. Southwest Airlines is a private company, not a public entity so it can set its own rules .. (despite its agents not being able to find them in the computer) as it sees long as those rules are not discriminatory. Now, if an agent feels that her dress/outfit was offensive (subjective) per the (mysterious) rule… then she can deny that passenger boarding. There is no constitutional liberty to dress as you see fit wherever and whenever you want. She probably needs to either cover up or not fly. She can dress that way in her car… maybe a train … but not on Southwest Airlines. Nothing here to see.. well.. except her boobs.

  46. Charge Greyhound’s fares and damn if their customers don’t come flocking to your gates.

    Her outfit was completely inappropriate. I applaud the agent for calling her on it, and I disagree with WN management that she was due a refund or any other compensation. WN’s refund only encourages other to dress in a similar fashion.

  47. More of a hygiene issue with bare backs rather than fronts that sweat into the seat that is not likely (if fabric) to be cleaned before the next passenger uses it.

  48. Completely agree with the gate agent. Inappropriate dress for travel. Please, could we please please try to have manners again? Really? This woman cannot see that her lack of a shirt is too revealing? I mean, she is wearing a bathing suit top. Cover yourself a little bit. I am a woman, and I don’t think that call was sexist at all. I wouldn’t want to see a man in that top, either. Does no one have parents that teach them these things any more? Ugh. It is offensive. Sorry. Wear actual clothing an airplanes, please. Show a tiny bit of manners. I am fine with yoga pants, whatever. But cover up, please. Dress like that at the club or on the beach. What’s wrong with dressing decently to travel? Leave the beach garb in your suitcase. Put it on when you get there!

  49. Gotta agree with Southwest. Regardless what YOU THINK, they make the rules, guidelines etc. and it’s THEIR airline. If you don’t like it, fly another airline, that’s your choice.

  50. @Bennett…wrong. I own Southwest Airlines stock (ticker LUV) so they are a public company and I am a tiny owner. Agree they can set the rules, but policy needs to be clear. Policy update needed. I hope the group that is offended by this is just as offended if you go to a baseball or football game – public space with lots of kids!!!

  51. I wonder if the persons that are offended by this would be as upset or offended if they went to a baseball or football game for hours and see someone dressed by this. Considering public space with lots of kids around as well!!!

  52. Just amazing how Americans fear the female breast. Then blame it on “there could be kids on the flight”. You get that those kids lock on for food to breasts so trust me, they aren’t offended. It is your pathetic perspective on sex and the human body. Then those that say Southwest makes the rules so they are right: the rules are ambiguous, my guess for a reason so they can pick and choose where to apply.

    Another failure on an airlines part and American “culture” or lack thereof.

  53. Bennet you’re wrong and you’re right! At one time Southwest airlines was a private Leon company but today Southwest airlines is a publicly traded company meaning it has shareholders that own the company has a board of directors and a president or CEO. The agent is in the wrong because the rule is so vaguely written it’s unenforceable. leaving it up to the agent at the gate to interpret the role for themselves is just wrong the agent shouldn’t even try because no matter what they’re going to be in the wrong especially if there’s a recording of the incident. you got to wonder why this didn’t take place on the plane because everything is recorded on the aircraft it happened on the gangway or right before entering the gangway or at the actual aircraft before entering the aircraft but still on the gangway where there is no cameras. She takes the T-shirt off when she’s on the aircraft and all the flight attendant does and say oh you’re going to have to speak to somebody when the plane lands! Because they knew it was bullshit so don’t make a scene on the aircraft where everything’s being recorded because they knew it was bullshit. What did they do they waited till she was out on the gangway where there is no recording devices except for this woman started hers smart thing to do.

  54. FFS, she’s taking a plane trip, not going to work in a titty bar or a bordello! Dress appropriately; there’s plenty of scope to do so. No-one can convince me she was not dressing deliberately provocatively. It just screams “Look at me! Look at me!!”

  55. Have she ever heard of “indecent exposure”?

    Why advertise what isn’t for sale?

    Would she let her daughter go out looking like that?

  56. All you males dictating what is appropriate for a woman to wear. You have serious issues if this outfit bothers you. America continues to show how hypocritical it can be. Vote in a president with four wives, cheats on them with hookers and pays them off, but this is offensive. What a lunatic society.

  57. Her top looks like a bra to me, I can see why some SWA employees might view her top as being “too obscene”. As long as she can ensure her apples won’t fall out of the basket, I wouldn’t have stopped her from boarding an airplane.

  58. The pilot was terrific at understanding how to de-escalate.

    They should have shown the part where he took his shirt off.

    He’s also wicked hawt.

  59. The pilot was slightly creepy but also hot. And he was doing everything to not look at those well-droopy swingers. Oh and commenter Ginger who seems so worried about her sitting shoulder to shoulder (and let’s even ignore that that doesn’t happen on Southwest these days): Her tits aren’t on the outsides of her arms. Do you want to ban tanktops?

  60. Skanky Skank Skank….. including hooked hooker nails and trash can sized hoop earrings!!!
    Excessive plunging neckline with too much cleavage.
    I don’t believe this would meet a PG-13 rating, which is a reasonable basis for a dress code..

  61. I totally agree with SWAirlines and thank the agent who did her job. I can see how her attire would be cause for uncomfortbleness to other patrons especially children.

  62. Yeah, sorry. She’s clearly trying to show off her big rack, and even though, yes it’s America, and yes it’s 2020, this is still not really appropriate. There’s a fine line between being comfortable and being tarty. Southwest could use this incident as a chance to improve its written guidelines.

  63. I believe the woman KNEW this would cause a problem…she wanted to get ATTENTION for herself. It was ALL a typical DEMONIC self centered attitude.
    Surprise, she did not call it a RACIST attack on her. She was certainly dressed for a call girl/slut, the likes of that. Surprised, she did NOT stab anyone with those nails (gross)
    Can you imagine the bacteria under them.
    She was a walking disgrace & embarrassed to humanity. SWA coward down in fear of a lawsuit. Maybe, that was exactly what she was hoping for…so my apology to SWA as they WON in this case.

  64. Why do so many people need to dress or act the way they do out in public. Do they really need the attention that bad!?

  65. People have no class. Nobody wants to see that. Comfort is one thing; slovenliness is another. Looks like something out of People of Walmart.

  66. If she wore that in some parts of the world, she would be full on sexually harassed/assaulted by an army of men and they would not leave her alone. If you want to look trashy, look trashy but show a little more discretion on where you look like that. An airport and airplanes is a different environment than a meat market nightclub. Show a little more class considering some passengers might feel uncomfortable with her titties hanging out all over the place. I can just imagine an 18 year old boy sitting next to her.

  67. As a woman, yay! Show it girl! As a mother, ugh. That’s all I need to explain to my daughter. “Mommy why is that woman wearing a bra with no shirt?” Yeah, that’s all the younger gens need, less modesty. Try to think of others not just yourself please. We all have to live with it, even if it’s only a couple hours. As for Southwest, show the policy or shut it.

  68. Women are now equal to men–on the job, in society, anywhere. Naked cleavage ANYWHERE in public on a women is the “old school, ancient history, female sex card”. It doesn’t fly in today’s equality. Cleavage, or tight, thin, panty hose style, camel toe yoga pants, are equal to Visual Sexual Harassment. If I can’t verbally or physically sexually harass you, you can’t visually sexually harass me. A picture is worth a thousand words. If I can’t comment on or kiss your boobs, or rub my erection on them, don’t show them to me. I don’t want to see any part of your naked uncovered boobs. You’re equal now to men, you dont get to play the sex card anymore, except at home in bed in consensual sex with your willing partner. If I can’t show ball and shaft cleavage in public, then you can’t expose yourself in public either. That’s equality.

  69. Personally I think if her outfit was lewd, inappropriate or offensive to keep her from flying then I want the airlines to prevent the women who walk around in short skirts that have their butt checks hanging out. To me that is just as bad as boobs hanging out of a halter or crop top. I do not believe it was a race issue considering one of the gate agents was a black woman as well but I do think it is a form of discrimination to women who are well endowed that they are not appropriate if they dare to show cleavage on a plane. Least we all forget during COVID no one sits right next to another person if they are not related, 6′ between each person remember, so her bare shoulders would not have touched anyone. I, myself, would not have worn something like that to fly because I want to be comfortable but I’d definitely wear flip flops because they are easy to take on & off when you have to go through security.

  70. I agree with the gate agent.

    This is an outfit for the club, period. People need to get a clue when they are trying to trot on to the plane looking waaaaay too sexy…lol

    Obviously this woman has a great body and likes to show it off, but her breasts are waaaaay too exposed in this top. This is not cleavage, that is a lot of breasts. Unfortunately we live in a period where people think they can do as they please.

    The pilot did a great job, but the agent was 100% correct.

  71. Her clothes were revealing. So what. You know whats inappropriate..having the back of the seat kicked, listening to a banshee be okay with her brat screaming from beginning to end of flight. Having barbie bring a bag she cant lift with an entitled air that everyone should come to her rescue. Sitting next to a 500 pound maga wearing gotta go pee but must have a window seat stinky butthole greasetrap. And lets give a shout out to the one who has to get there…but is so ill, you can see the germs coming for you with every cough.
    Boobs look great right about now.

  72. She was dressed like a hooker, so it was reasonable to expect her behavior during the flight might be as inappropriate as her apparel. In any case, looking like she did was would be very awkward and uncomfortable for other passengers, especially if they had children or had to sit by her. I say three cheers for Southwest maintaining some standards of dress.

  73. hmmm lets see.
    Screaming kidz that also vomit
    Seat kicked from beginning to end of flight
    500 pounder in a 200 pound window seat. And you are on the aisle.
    Entitled chic who expects her bag lifted by anyone else but her.
    Deliberately ill passenger who is okay with spreading it globally.
    Bare feet next to you that have NEVER been washed.
    Boobs look great right about now.

  74. She knew damn well what she was doing when wearing more boob than shirt. This article is very biased to stir the pot.

  75. Airlines, hotels, restaurants ,bars and other places where there are other passengers/guests , have a right to enforce a dress code . Not everyone wants to see a women dressed like this on an aircraft . People should understand this and dress in a nice way , not with boobs hanging out of a top. Unfortunately , many people do not respect others and think they can do what they want in public ……………there are people trying to change this perception, well done Southwest ..

  76. What on earth is wrong with Americans when they perceive a little bit of flesh as lewd or offensive but they wallow in violence and gun culture which is perceived as acceptable.

  77. Mr. G, I’m a woman & a minority. This situation is not due to race. Check yourself! True racial issues in this world need the attention, not this desperate woman.

    She needed to be put in her place, whether she likes it or not! It’s about being classy enough to consider if anyone may be negatively impacted (young or old), regardless if we agree. No one is asking her to wear unattainable clothing.

    If a single person felt offended, clearly her outfit was inappropriate. All passengers have the right to comfort, as they paid for their ticket(s) too. Therefore, I applaud SWA for enforcing their policy, as opposed to giving in to a sense of entitled woman who cannot define a tacky outfit.

    To all defenders, if another woman with the same judgement used the same shirt but with stripper booty shorts, would that be appropriate?! That would draw mass attention, correct? This would be due to the level of inappropriate apparel and seems to be a behavioral and/or judgement issue. SMH!

  78. @Lakesider:

    It is a very sick country that was based on a fictional book and now they are all seriously confused as to what is important in life. Americans can’t help themselves. They have to continually make sure someone is below them. The comments she is dressed like a hooker/prostitute is evidence. No different than the days of using race, sexual differences, social status as “less than” comments. Poor folks still think they are Puritans but have elected a symbol that is so anti-religion and decency as a president. Confused is my “being nice” term.

  79. What if on the plane a person sat next to her and throw up on her , in this dieases and she try to remove the slopp of mess from her uppers body and then she got mad and starting touching her /removing mask then face all bacteria everywhere, She yes 15 minutes of frame but she could caused her self get the virus or other airborne virus due to her “look at me”. She could got fresh eating diseases as a diesase due to her own reckless attuide, in this time is not only covid 19 but still other terrifying diseases, airplanes have a lot to control on a plane and don’t need this person on a plane with others trying to travel safely.

  80. In a more classy era, people dressed up when they went to school, work, church and when they flew on airplanes, then it slid to lazy casual. The silent dress code just asks people to consider the venue: work school, bars, night clubs, sports centers, buses, trains and planes. Those are party clothes, and she’s on a commercial airline, not her own private celebrity airplane. She knows she’s seeking attention and she got it- 10x over. As a frequent flyer, Ben, I support the boarding agent and SWA. The “policy” here is common sense, not a loophole in a DWI case.

  81. Southwest refunded her so why are people stil saying that they agree with southwest ? You agreed with the gate agent who did a bad job at finding the dress code. I see guys with the underwear showing and it and nothing is said about it . So what she has some of here breast showing . Glad Southwest refunded her.

  82. I still don’t understand how a woman can even convince herself to dress this way in public.

    Put some cloth on!!! It’s called decency especially in public.

  83. I’m sorry, but it looks like she went to the airport dressed like that to start nonsense on purpose. At a time that is stressful for everyone already. Very inconsiderate, selfish behaviour. Yes, she looks nice, if she was going to a club… You should dress appropriately for a flight. It’s not the place to display your goods. Maybe airlines need to stipulate dress code guidelines if people are unable to figure it out logically themselves. I always think after watching many episodes of Mayday, what if this plane goes down? You’d want to be able to get out of the wreckage (assuming you weren’t smashed to smithereens).

  84. Her boobs are “BUTT UGLY” !!

    Who would want to look at ’em ??

    Belch !! Yuck !! Puke !!

    A mastectomy is the ONLY cure…..

  85. As a frequent flyer I would have found it offensive to be seated near her on a flight. Thank you Southwest for speaking up and asking her to cover up.

  86. Matters of opinion are, well, matters of opinion. There are places on this planet where she might pay with her life for so dressing. Appropriate, in good/poor taste, out of place, etc. are all opinions. There is no absolute in matters of opinion. If you would define what must be covered, how much or in what way, that itself is the opinion of some person or group, and be unenforceable. If she were topless, there would be no issue, it would be a matter of fact. There is nothing that is absolutely fair that you can do.
    Two facts rule here: One, This is a free country and what she is doing is not illegal, nor does it infringe on anyone else’s freedom; You don’t have to look at her. Two, There is no accounting for taste; That includes Frederick’s of Hollywood.

  87. I work on a drilling rig and even i think its in appropriate. You look like your dressed for a nightclub/strip club not a flight with underage girls/boys.
    Women should feel empowered. But if you gave to hace 80% of a double hanging out of a shirt on an airplane then its more about your insecurity than empowerment.

  88. “She would have been allowed to board if she wore a MAGA hat that represents white supremacy or a 2nd Amendment assault weapon shirt of mass murder, but side boob? Oh the humanity!” – Joe c

    There is this thing called the constitution, you mouth breathing brainwashed troglodyte. 1st amendment acknowledges our right to free speech, like wearing shirts with political slogans. You also seem mad about the 2nd one too, so obviously you’ve read it. But i bet you don’t underatand the 2nd amendment doesn’t “give” us the right to bear arms. It STOPS government from INFRINGING on the right to bear arms. The fact people like you call everyone of opposite opinions nazis and racists, yet want to put all your trust in the government to be the only ones with a monopoly on protection via force, is ironic. Jesus did you just grab a can of spaghettios and throw up all the buzzwords it could spell? Cringe AF.

  89. She should have put on a shirt or a top or blouse before she left the house. She is basically wearing a bra that does not fit her properly. Dress before you leave the house. How people react is justified.

  90. I love how she thinks the captain was the only one that showed her respect when all he did was play into her ego and her play for attention. He knew that isnallmshe was looking for.

  91. I agree that this was simply a way to get attention and I can see a lawsuit against the airline. Why would you wear an outfit like that on an airline, especially with a pair of tennis shoes?? This episode is just another example of people with an agenda, money and activism. Of course someone, actually many someone’s has to bring up the race issue. Black, white, brown, or yellow doesn’t matter! Not everyone is a racist like the media would have us believe. I’m tired of the way the activists spin everything that happens as a racial thing. Bad tastes are just that. I applaud SWA for their actions.

  92. The fact the pilot said they hating because u look good but offer a tshirt says a lot about the out fit. The outfit is not appropriate for that setting. It leaves room for error. Bending over or reaching over head could cause her breast to shift and fall out. The pilot borderline unprofessional by his statement. Words from a man looking at her breast. Is that something he would agree with if his wife was there or if his daughter was dressed that way for a plane ride. Then to get on the plane and take off the shirt….. u need to seen that bad… sad.

  93. It was inappropriate. Just like flip flops, bare feet, shorty shorts, stinky athletic gear, etc. etc. You are not in your living room , you are in public.

    I hate to agree, but if it was another woman, she would have been denied boarding, and that would been the end of it. Bad behavior is bad behavior, it does not attach itself to race.

  94. The man or woman seated next to this exhibition cannot look over or use the restroom without having this womans breast in their face.
    The passengers who were made to feel uncomfortable are disregarded. One persons right to choose an inappropriate outfit should not supersede another person’s right to not be forced to look at her exposed body parts.
    She wanted a free ride and got it!

  95. Inquiring minds want to know what passenger Kayla Eubanks was told by the Southwest Airlines “supervisor upon landing”.

    I’m guessing the supervisor said, “Thanks for flying Southwest Airlines. We are hiring flight attendants. Please consider working for the Southwest Airlines family. The captain said to keep his shirt with his compliments and, as a memento of you being on his flight. Have a nice day Miss Eubanks.”

  96. I agree with SWA. Kayla was seeking attention, and knew her tits/outfit would accomplish that. The captain was somewhat accommodating towards her stating that she “looked good”….he obviously is a boob man and enjoyed looking at them. Kayla was far from being considerate of others when she chose to wear that top. Her skirt covered her completely; why couldn’t she have chosen a top that did the same? She just made herself look like an upscale call girl. Maybe she was hoping to get a free “ride”.

  97. If you dress and act like a lady, you tend to be treated like a lady. If you dress and act like a streetwalker…

  98. You can Thank Eubanks for any new restrictions on our liberties SW will be applying. I first thought she was selling something.

  99. Did you just compare airports/flying to a beach? Reaching a bit. So it’s ok to wear a speedo to the office? Excluding a board meeting of course.

    How hard is it to show some class? It’s trashy. Just because you have it, doesn’t mean you have to show it. It’s not sexist. It’s called having some respect for yourself and others.
    Jesus. Wtf have we come to where we defend women for being trashy in public?

  100. I think she looked like a hooker. She dressed like that to get attention. She should have covered up, after all there were probably children on the plane . She needs to learn respect, not just for herself but for the people around her. There is no need to dress like that.

  101. Flying is a privilege and most airlines do have dress codes, which is really the customers’ job to look up before boarding. Also it is a gate agent’s/ flight attendant’s right, and their job to govern who gets on the plane according the airlines’ policies. I am a woman and feel that Ms. Eubanks’ top was completely inappropriate for boarding; however I do take issue with the vagueness of the policy. Some things you really and truly have to spell out for some people.

  102. I see the y’all queda showed up in the comment section to demand she put on a burka. This is America, not Afghanistan, her outfit is fine.

  103. So no one is going to admit that its inappropriate to walk around in what basically is a braw or at best a bathing suit. Come one guys and gals…I know next time I go the air portions will wear my swim trunks and sandals and claim I am being hyper sexualized….give me a break just wear a shirt. The lady is attractive no doubt about that but come on put on a nice blouse.

  104. Her outfit is NOT fine. Its out of respect for everyone that body parts are covered. We’re suppose to be inclusive to EVERYONE, and parading around with your breasts hanging out is absolutely not inclusive to everyone. It makes people extremely uncomfortable. Especially sitting in such close proximity to strangers. Have respect for everyone on board, and cover up. I would say the same about a man as well. Cover up.

  105. Sorry, but I agree with SWA. You wore something that was inappropriate, no matter how you look at it. Im a woman, and it was definitely not sexist, but it was highly classless! As a woman, we already have so many strikes against us, add being black into that, and we have even more strikes against us, why add, and build, on the topic of black women having no class & building on us just being good for some “a**”. You knew your outfit would cause backlash, and I do agree that you wanted your 15 minutes of fame. I wish our woman would really go back to have respect for themselves, and in having that, she would have know that that outfit was very inappropriate.

  106. People seem to forget airlines are private companies and can literally kick anyone off or deny boarding for any reason. There are no “rights” here – it’s there plane, their property. It doesn’t matter what the issue is Southwest is the one with the rights.

  107. Anyone saying that breasts are obscene is wrong. They are natural. If someone wants to show them or most of them, that’s their right to do so.

    The only reason why they’re deemed wrong is because we live in a sexist patriarchal society.

    If you don’t want to show your own breasts, then that’s your choice but don’t force that on other people.

    And don’t bring up the law either because the law is also sexist since it only gets applied to women.

    This policy was also likely applied in a racist manner. I have yet to read an article like this about a white woman wearing “lewd” clothing

  108. She clearly wanted attention to dress like this or wanted the controversy that it would bring. I agree with the flight attendant. I wouldn’t want to sit next to her or any person of any gender who was dressed for attention or the controversy. Just because she didn’t find her sagging breast offensive I did. Same goes for midriff shirts. Just because you can put it on doesn’t mean everyone should wear them. Common sense for travel attire clearly needs to be defined in consideration with the different lifestyles.

  109. Clearly in an emergency situation, one would prefer large swinging boobies to be secured in place by something more substantial than a meager shred of cloth. Consider the safety of the passengers seated behind the lady …

  110. Inappropriate. This is a family airline, let’s keep it clean and not teach girls that this is sexy to wear, it’s asking for unwanted attention and next she will call out sexual harrassment. I wonder why.
    I am a young female and I don’t wear this because I don’t want the wrong attention.

  111. I agree with the Airline. What had happened to showing common sense and propriety. Dress like that if you are going to a club. A little common sense on the individuals part would have helped.

  112. The pilot should have backed up the gate agent. The woman was improperly dressed and should not have been let in the airport, never mind on the flight. I heard the airline refunded her ticket price. Good way to let people know that irresponsible behavior is rewarded. Southwest acted stupidly.

  113. As infuriated as Kayla was to have to cover up the glorified bra she was wearing, I guarantee she would have been even more outraged (and possibly litigious toward SWA) if a fellow passenger had made an unwelcome comment (positive or negative) to her about her outfit. Dress codes are often about more than just prudishness…

  114. This to me is inappropriate clothes to wear on an airplane. One of the very basic manner people learn as they grow up is to dress appropriately in different occasions. On a plane, it’s common sense to wear casual or a little formal if you like. It’s not a bar.

    Aside from that, I wonder what the author would say if it’s a man or Aisian/White? Would it be the complete opposite?

  115. 20yrs with an Airline, they explained it wrong. Yes it’s public transportation, but just like a bus you don’t know who’s riding.
    Better safe then sorry. Now if someone followed her once off the plane and hurt her, because of their own sick mine.
    Then what? Dear heart pick your battles.
    You have the right to dress how ever you like, but why choose something that if you get stranded you could become a victim
    Safety first

  116. Inappropriate and attention seeking. No surprise if you go to he twitter she has a you tube channel. She calls her top a shirt. If that is a shirt a jock strap is bermuda shorts. Everything about her is screaming look at me. Giant hoop earrings, ridiculous nails and that top, l can’t help but think she manipulated the entire situation to get attention.
    I think she is intelligent enough to realize how this would play out and got the exact response she wanted.

  117. @Merlin (they/them): Your argument is outright sexist. Dicks are natural too. Would you want them pranced around? How about butts?

    Why wouldn’t you think that if you want to show your breasts, it’s your right, but don’t force that on people? Which is exactly what is happening here.

  118. I am a fan of the obscene. However, I also know that it’s a taste not everyone shares or wants to be subjected to. My thoughts on the situation are this…

    Was she wearing provocative clothing? In my opinion, yes.

    Were the employees in the wrong for stopping her? Not at all. Policy is policy is policy. It is up to the airline to judge what is acceptable on their planes. I am a White male that has been told to take off/reverse clothing that may be seen as offensive. And it was TSA that talked to me, not even Southwest.

    Was it necessary for the plane to be held up as long as it was? No. That fault falls on both airline and passenger. Great work by the Captain though. The lady should have just dealt with the accusation that it was obscene and covered up, while the airline should also have in place a system where compromises can be made. Perhaps generic Southwest t-shirts/pants in various sizes to promote equality and allowing everyone to travel in a safe and timely manner.

    Overall, I totally feel both parties are at fault. The employees only needed to get a supervisor to explain the right to refuse service(boarding) solely based on what their policies are, whether we agree or not. Yes, be an individual and stand out in your unique and beautiful ways. But think of where you will be and wear the proper attire. It’s that easy.

  119. The airline has a right to policy including judgment of dress. People have a right to their dress. There are other carriers. There’s enough drama in the world. Dressing modest for a flight isn’t asking much. Shoes, shirt etc for a restaurant isn’t either. People have gotten away with this, yes, so if someone applied it like here, they are suddenly wrong (when it’s all the times before they were). I remember in 70s you weren’t allowed on planes unless in a suit or a conservative dress. I know it’s not the 70s, but most people don’t chose a flight to cause wardrobe disruptions – it’s about mutual respect in a confined space. Southwest caters to families a lot for vacations, so youngsters shouldn’t have to deal with this. It is lewd because it’s very suggestive and leaves nothing to imagination. Ladies, let’s show em we have class and respect ourselves. It’s easy to still wear this but put on a simple wrap or overcoat while flying and in the airport.

  120. Sorry, but the writer is wrong, and SWA is correct. It is not a judgment call; it is common-freaking-sense. Do not wear beach attire except at, going to, or leaving the -what kind of attire?- BEACH.

    How would the ladies like it if the crotchety older men began dressing for comfort when they were flying? Imagine a 70 – 90-year-old man wearing a pair of old fashioned white boxers, a wife-beater, and slippers onboard. Then when he sits and man-spreads, the natural age-related male-package-droop flops out of his most comfortable travel attire. Ever been to the beaches in Florida? Some guys have no shame, and more power to them, and wear thongs to the beach. It can be that young trim guy with muscles cut from granite or the beer-guzzling 450-pound 5.5-foot tall man specimen wearing the dental floss tied to peanut shells. Do you want to see THAT on an airline? Do you want to sit next to that on a flight?

    Her outfit was obscene. If you have to ask, “Is what I am wearing appropriate?” It is time to change clothes. The better question for ladies to ask is, “What would my church-going grandmother say about this outfit when in public where kids are present?” Better yet, would YOU wear that to a church or funeral service? I realize that churches are a lot more relaxed when dressing for services: but, I do not think Baby Jesus needs to start queuing up thinking His (well, her cups) cup runneth over.

    Nope, I am not a prude. I am the guy that will talk to kids, in age-appropriate terms, about body parts, what they do, the human mating ritual, and all the other stuff that most people find too discomforting to discuss with them. I do not get freaked out about nudity, breastfeeding, or bodily functions. I merely have more common-freaking sense than a box of rocks.

  121. @Ryan

    Dicks aren’t comparable to breasts. They are comparable to vaginas and this woman’s vagina was not exposed.

    Please get a grip! Thanks in advance.

    ~ The Honorable Reginald

  122. To my eye she was totally inappropriate. Would you want your child staring at those huge brown breasts? She looked like a prostitute. Freedom doesnt mean you get to do whatever the hell you want, even if its offensive to someone else. Maybe this is fine in her culture but it wouldn’t work here. She should go back to taking the Greyhound bus. If I’m paying extra to take a plane everyone should respect the implied plane travel assumptions. Also her top was dangerous. Suppose we had bad turbulence she might slip right out of the top.

  123. Why is it exceptable to live life to the lowest common denominator. That what our society has become. We elevate poor behaviour. Your pajamas don’t belong at Walmart and you should put on a shirt at the airport. We dress our girls like strippers and send them off to school. We have become a look at me society. How about we elevate ourselfs to a higher standard.

  124. Unfortunately nowadays, people want and look for attention whenever they can. This woman wanted attention a few minutes social media fame to boost her ego since she has a low self-esteem, and self worth. Woman you do not need to be going around with your boobs hanging out in a airplane to feel powerful, l dress like that during the summer time in my backyard or if l am with family and friends picnicking. But to be flying, you need to cover up, l do not want to see your boobs….if you want to be respected you need to earn it.

  125. Personally I think she looked great but I tend have broader world view and judge someone’s attire based on what I would wear. That said the real problem is inconveniencing an individual when you haven’t made your policy clear and are so disorganized you can’t even find the policy. I think she showed a lot of intelligence in how she handled the situation. She didn’t get mad or start yelling. She stayed calm and demanded they back up their claims of policy. On a side note if someone possibly going to get offended because a beautiful woman is wearing a rather normal looking outfit, maybe they are the problem and could be moved to another seat. I’m people are offended by y me everyday for one reason or another but that’s not my problem, it’s theirs.

  126. Call me old fashioned, but I see something wrong with what the customer did. To me, she’s sending out inappropriate vibes. I’m not saying that you can’t travel in comfort or look your utmost best. But c’mon, this is not the beach. She’s a grown woman, not a kid. If God forbid, she was assaulted, she points fingers to the airline charging them with negligence. She should cover up & dress appropriately. That’s what I think.

  127. No respect, as of most these days for herself or others, Not everyone wants to see what time does when you don’t keep in shape, it’s that all about ‘me’, and who does like seeing that have been corrupted by American tongue wagging societies telling them, it’s the American Way! Get some self respect, for yourself and women who still do!

  128. This is absolutelly disgracios ..why in the hell name would u dress like that in a plane …except the plane was on a beach u were paid to give a lapdance or u are selling your body for existence ..honestelly she looks like a whore who needs attention and i would feel offended seeing her anywhere esp on a plane …i look good 2 but i also dress appropriatelly and with style on a plane as its more of a business casual place thats how i see it not a cheap randez vous ..god ..she doesnt even look good its her breast hanging out a boy i wouldnt even look at her i would feel offended if she ever stood next to me …the crew should have just simple told her she is not dress appropriste bec this is not a beach club u dont need any code for this is the decency or education show respect to others who dont want see your breast hanging out …dizgracios style …feel sorry for the crew others had to stand her moaning her cheap whatever hell it was style …god …u really need be so desperate dress like this …sad …

  129. This is the problems society facing nowadays, people do not have common sense. This top sting that woman was wearing was unappealing for public spaces, what happened to decency? Self expression doesn’t necessarily mean you have the right to make your surroundings uncomfortable, any decent, classy individual would agree this woman was wrong to have her boobs hanging like this and expecting for the Airline to be okay with it. She was craving of a fame now, she gets her instant fame l hope she is happy next time cover yourself, l am a woman of color and l am not interested to sit beside someone like that on a flight beside me. USE SOME COMMON SENSE PEOPLE.

  130. I would not wear an outfit like that to the airplane, but if someone else would it’s none of my business. Like it’s not of anyone’s business what I’m wearing. Are we living in the middle ages? Should women cover their ankles too?
    The prude gate agent should leave her prude attitude at home and do what she is paid for instead of harassing other women. Fuck her.

  131. I am also a large chested woman. It’s ridiculous to me that anyone thinks that is appropriate attire. She’s dressed like a tacky hooker. That ‘top’ is more like a floppy bra. Would it be ok for a man to wear a jock strap or speedo on the plane? Wear it at the beach or poolside but on a plane is not appropriate. SW can definitely improve their handling of the situation but this lady needs to take responsibility for her lack of common decency. No one is asking her to dress like a nun just not like a prostitute.

  132. This trashy style of dressing can be seen in certain sections of bigger cities and has no place on an airline. You are challenged every day by people who want to offend you and dare you to stand up to them.

  133. I am not a prude by any stretch of the imagination but I agree with Southwest on this one. That was totally tasteless and I for one would not want to sit next to her for an entire flight. I would have asked to have my seat changed.

  134. Another example of ME ME ME. what she was wearing is appropriate for the beach and the pool, not in the public. Am I the only one that thinks that what you wear is the reflection of yourself?

  135. Southwest is Texan. The loose moral standards of California or Florida dont apply. And I think Southwest was right here. It´s an airplane not a swingerclub or whatever…

  136. Disgusting!!! She thinks it is good to display breasts as a point to focus on because she is a woman and to censure thus is gender discrimination. This is a falsehood and cause for abuse by people who want to push their shameless agenda. Simply disgusting and hardly ever done by Caucasians…

  137. This kind of undress screams that someone needs attention. Great….you got it. Now put some real clothes on if you want to fly….if not, stay home or take the bus. And I’m with Southwest all the way here, you need to stiffen your policy and make it very public, and then enforce it. These “entitleds” think they can get away with whatever they choose to with no repercussions. But…there’s not much you can do about no common sense and poor taste in attire.

  138. Can’t wait to use my frequent flyer miles on SW.I will point out every butt crack shown by White girls, bare breasts under see through tops, tight jogging pants revealing camel toe, thong straps peeking out from hip hugging jeans, and let’s not forget the short dresses and booty shorts that expose half their butt cheeks.I have never witnessed any of them stopped or denied entrance on a plane but I will be sure to gladly point out each and every one going forward sice they are often overlooked by the ” general” public. Parent”s screaming children, kicking the back of seats, Mr.sweaty stinky pants and those hacking up a lung, spewing spittle in every direction is far more offensive and I have yet to see them thrown off,denied entry or commanded to speak to a supervisor after a flight.Hmmm I doubt that her being black,and no the woman who initially brought it wasn’t black,she spoke with a foreign accent,and this occuring is not a coincidence. Black women’s bodies have always been considered offensive and are always over sexualized while a half naked white woman is deemed sexy, enticing while never regarded as offensive. You white folks can pretend a white woman never boarded a plane like this without being harassed if you want, but it would be complete bs.

  139. Can’t wait to use my frequent flyer miles on SW.I will point out every butt crack shown by White girls, bare breasts under see through tops, tight jogging pants revealing camel toe, thong straps peeking out from hip hugging jeans, and let’s not forget the short dresses and booty shorts that expose half their butt cheeks.

    I have never witnessed any of them stopped or denied entrance on a plane but I will be sure to gladly point out each and every one going forward sice they are often overlooked by the ” general” public.

    Parent’s screaming bratz uhh children, kicking the back of seats, Mr.sweaty stinky pants and those hacking up a lung, spewing spittle in every direction is far more offensive and I have yet to see them thrown off,denied entry or commanded to speak to a supervisor after a flight.Hmmm I doubt that her being black,and no the woman who initially brought it wasn’t black,she spoke with a foreign accent,and this occuring is not a coincidence.

    Black women’s bodies have always been considered offensive and are always over sexualized while a half naked white woman is deemed sexy, enticing while never regarded as offensive. You white folks can pretend a white woman never boarded a plane like this without being harassed if you want, but it would be complete bs.

  140. She needed to cover up. No one wants to see that, especially with children on the flight. To be dressed like that is a cry for attention and a signal of low self esteem and no respect for herself.

  141. For those non-Americans who are confused by all of this. I was born in NYC so like Gov Cuomo who knows all about everything better than everyone else, I will speak for America and try to explain American culture. We are a rowdy bunch, but when you need help we are always there. We know that will be quickly forgotten and even resented, but we don’t really care. We grew up watching Westerns and the good folks always win.

    Americans generally try to respect each other and don’t care for people who are more self interested than willing to contribute to society. This lady’s boobs are her business and personally I don’t think much of them or the way she’s dressed. I bet she doesn’t care what I think and I don’t care that she doesn’t care. In most places she is free to dress as she wishes. In others not so much. An airplane cabin is one of the places where looking like a bargain basement Las Vegas hooker is not open mike night for those who were deprived of paternal attention and need some from those trapped in an airplane cabin with them.

    As for violence and gun culture, you see what you want to see. I learned that as a well known and prolific author. Doesn’t matter what you actually write. The reader will turn it into something they want to read. The US has a hunting culture in some areas, but the gun culture is highly exaggerated. Americans have the freedom to posses firearms and many of them use that right responsibly for recreation or for self defense while others use guns to commit crimes. Criminals generally don’t buy their guns in gun shops and they don’t have much culture. Regardless of where you live I am certain you have criminals and I am sure some are violent. The only difference, is that in most countries you can’t shoot back. In the US, you can. Violence in America is definitely a growing concern as right and left become increasingly divided and our larger cities collapse from incompetent leadership. That problem will soon be solved as police forces are completely defended and big city residents will turn to shoot your own dinner cannibalism with all take away places shut down due to the pandemic.

    For all of the talk about white supremacy and I think those people are absolute cretins, most of the violence I see today in the US is coming from the left not the right. That problem may also be solved depending upon the outcome of the election next month as civil war may break out.

    Damn, I’ve gone totally off topic haven’t I? We were talking about skanky dressing, attention seeking and exposed boobs right?

  142. I understand hiw some wowan will have a problem with this. I personally don’t mind what she was wearing. I mean c’mon ALL GUYS wil stare wether she was wearing that attire or if she was completely covered up, wowan of course will complain cause they don’t have what she has n for the kids well if they stare n have a huge smile and keep on looking her way then they most likely n probably seen a wowan TOPLESS and or nude already.. They wee just hating on her cause they don’t have a pair like hers. N for any guy who says “I don’t want to look at them of they wouldn’t stare” r uust lying. They are just afraid that if flying wuth family n they are gonna get caught staring by wife.. let’s be real n honest men…
    Bottom line is everyone dresses differently n have different taste. So dress like u want and if someone don’t like it then TOO BAD, CLOSE UR EYES OR DINT BOARD. Plain n simple ppl..

  143. Interesting.

    SW pilot finds a solution to a problem that could have been addressed with common sense. Customer waits until they’re in the air and then proceeds ignore the accommodation my removing the shirt provided to her.

    But yeah, SW is 100% the bad guy here.

    /pardon me while I roll my eyes

  144. First you say it’s freedom (nakedness) then you say it’s not allowed everywhere , teach modesty from childhood , everything will be alright ,it’s not boob exhibition

  145. The United States is no longer the country I once knew. It’s a very dark place now. It could have been so much more. It is such a pity.

  146. I feel sorry for the gate agent. If she let this woman on the plane and anything happened, it would be on her. I’m talking anything….scalding cup of coffee spilling on her, getting cut by something on the plane, an allergic reaction to the cleaning fluid used on seat backs…whatever. Even a thin fabric covering is better than nothing on your skin in an accident. SW needs to update their policy. Well done to the Captain for defusing the situation.

  147. Risking hate I am against women dressing scantily.
    A lot of men are sexually stimulated visually. The sight of a scantily clad woman makes some men stare with lust, others get disgusted, some become embarrassed and some are nonplussed. There is a reason there are establishments where women wear none to almost none clothing. There are men who enjoy it. They PAY to see women dressed like that. I don’t go to those places because I don’t want to see women dressed like that. I don’t want to see them there and I don’t want to see them in public. Why do we kid ourselves and act like it is no big deal. It is a big deal. There is a reason hookers dress like that.

  148. If i had been the person wearing that top, I would have admitted it was questionable enough that I’d just put on a sweater, jacket, or tshirt. Not sure why she’s bullying the gate agents.

  149. You claim sexism by comparing it to a tank top but that’s bullshit because women wear tank tops on plane all the time. A real comparison would be If a man wore that top. He would be asked to change too. If anything women are given a bigger pass than men in this case.

  150. Let’s stop using kids to make a point and let’s stop making this bigger than what it is. No kid or child would even pay attention to her unless nipples were blatantly showing. Secondly any adult that is or would be offended is hating (jealous). I would have been more concerned with how her under arm smell.

  151. @Lisa:

    . Thank you! The American double standard.

    Too far back to get the “prolific”author’s name but you are still living in the 50’s with that image you painted of the US. I suggest you get out a bit from that writer’s cabin.

  152. I think this was totally set up to see how the employees and possibly other passengers would react to get a news story. It did not turn out as bad as she expected. But really, who wants to sit next to a strangers half exposed breasts (besides perverts) even if she does have a good body. It is public transportation. Next time she should try it on a city bus or subway and record reactions.

  153. Perhaps some would not have any issue with some of the outfits found at the Folsom Street Fair or Dore Alley (leather fetish wear) being worn by person on a plane but I do.

    This is not a strip club or gay street fetish party, it’s an airline.

  154. My buddy got kicked off from his flight for wearing a shirt that said fuck a few times even though it was spelt like f###…

  155. @Ray. The 1950s we’re such a glorious time weren’t they? I suspect you haven’t left the East or West coast for longer than I’ve been in my cabin. Fly over country has lots of disenchanted folks waiting to express their opinion of 2020. We’ll see if my read is right soon enough.

  156. Just another self centered, entitled, attention hungry, maladapted, rude sociopath.

    She pulled that stunt for attention or possible to add fuel to social injustice war. Southwest employees nicely diffused her cleavage martyrdom.

  157. If i were the pilot, I’d set that ac to minus 7C!
    I bet she’d change her opinion about what to wear.

  158. Creating an issue where none should exist. Creating division over the most mindless, insignificant matter. With everything going on, you choose stir the pot over a perceived dress code violation. Pathetic.

  159. I agree with Southwest. I also agree with all the comments regarding that she seems she was wanting attention so she wore a top to show off her physque so people would look at her and react to her looks . It seems that she wanted shock people to see how far she could get away with it. She was doing this display in the wrong place. Planes are cold to some people
    I personally like it to be cool enough to wear a light sweater or jacket. She was beach or strip joint clothes not appropiate for a public place such as an airport where there are people of all ages, creeds, nationalities, etc. She obviously did not care about anybody only wanted her way .
    Which was to be a show off to get attention.

  160. I think she is dressed sexy but not lewdly. It looks like she put effort into how she looked unlike so many people who show up to the airports these days. We can’t wait until wearing fuzzy slippers is out if style.

    I’m a gate agent, not with Southwest, and if she is dressed offensively then half of the people boarding a Miami flight wouldn’t be able to fly because those women hardly have any clothes on. I’ve seen outfits where prettt much only the nipples are covered or you can see them right through their shirt. I just hope women wearing REALLY short skirts are wearing underwear because that’s just unsanitery. The cleaners aren’t wiping down seats between turns, People.

    We even have become lax on our dress policy for employees on leisure travel. You would never wear jeans let alone show up in your pajamas and a pair of furry slippers and expect to get first class. You wouldn’t make it on the flight and employee travel violation would be submitted. It took awhile to convince my dad he wouldn’t get in trouble for not wearing a collared shirt when traveling on my pass.

    So many people are coming to the airport are looking like trash and then acting like trash. Half the time it’s not the employees they are acting up with. It’s each other. Getting into fights. I do think for many of these people how they present themselves in how they dress really is a good indicator of how they act.

    I really don’t think this lady is one of the people who look trashy.

  161. I agree with Southwest Airlines. However they do need to rewrite their dress code policy to be more specific.

  162. I used to work for Southwest. They are in the wrong here. It was a power trip by the customer service agent. This is a lawsuit in the works.

  163. Obviously, someone or at least several people were confused or offended. SWA attendants are people too.

    Shirt needed especially now during COVID. Save the partial nudity for the beach and clubs.

  164. @Reginald: because the only argument Merlin (they/them) proposed was that breasts were natural. That’s why I’ve included butts as another example for people like you who would say not everyone has a dick. So how about butts? They are natural too. Everything is natural.

    Please use some logic.

  165. A similar scenario would be a man coming onto the plane with no shirt on, hmm I have never seen that happen. I do not get the mindset that believes wearing such a low cut and revealing top is good and appropriate. I am busty, so to speak ,and never in a million years would I go out in public, other than on a beach, revealing that much of my breasts. And yes I do dress thinking of others, I have zero desire to offend others, nor do I feel the pathetic need to have others looking at my breasts, and helllooooo dressed like thatbyou know damn well others are going to ogle. You can still dress sexy without looking like you are a stripper. That woman needs to learn some restraint when wanting to look sexy.

    Southwest is a great airline, I love them. And they used to have a short lived Southwest reality show, I loved it, and yeah they had a dress code. There was some dude, wearing a very short skirt and he uh was revealing his package in his underwear, he was in the waiting area, they politely took him aside and told him some people were offended, they asked if he had some long pants he could put on instead, he changed, issue solved. This woman can dress like that in an appropriate setting like at a private party, a nightclub, some hollywood thing, but not on an airplane, it is totally inappropriate.

  166. A similar scenario would be a man coming onto the plane with no shirt on, hmm I have never seen that happen. I do not get the mindset that believes wearing such a low cut and revealing top is good and appropriate. I am busty, so to speak ,and never in a million years would I go out in public, other than on a beach, revealing that much of my breasts. And yes I do dress thinking of others, I have zero desire to offend others, nor do I feel the pathetic need to have others looking at my breasts, and helllooooo dressed like that you know damn well others are going to ogle. You can still dress sexy without looking like that That woman needs to learn some restraint when wanting to look sexy.

    Southwest is a great airline, I love them. And they used to have a short lived Southwest reality show, I loved it, and yeah they had a dress code. There was some dude, wearing a very short skirt and he uh was revealing his package in his underwear, he was in the waiting area, they politely took him aside and told him some people were offended, they asked if he had some long pants he could put on instead, he changed, issue solved. This woman can dress like that in an appropriate setting like at a private party, a nightclub, some hollywood thing, but not on an airplane, it is totally inappropriate.

  167. Who decides what is “Lewd or Obscene”. Seems pretty subjective to me. If the policy cannot be more specific, then in my opinion it can’t be enforced without bias.

  168. Can you imagine how much more inflammatory this story would have been if the gate agent had been a “Karen” (popular racist term for middle aged white women) ? Thank God she wasn’t, so that we don’t have to listen to more reverse racist whining. Nice tits tho.

  169. I personally don’t mind her top at all. She looks great and I have no problem with women
    showing curves or cleavage however, when u look at the full pic we see that the top isn’t a tank’s basically a bra or bikini top. That said, I can see why the employees r giving her a hard time. I don’t think she would get away with wearing that top to work in any professional or office work either aand that’s the way I look at that…if u can’t wear it to work then don’t wear it on a plane, train or out for supper.

  170. Dress like a tramp…get treated as such. Pretty sad when u to be reminded on how to dress. Common sense people…if u dress luke that when u go out slutting around..fine..but no one wants to c that mess when on a plane..hope she took he her refund to buy some much needwd CLASS!

  171. Im tired of seeing politically correct, after-the-fact apologies being given by those who are not in the wrong. We’ve really gone downhill in our values…In this case, its not all about Lady Godiva. What about all the other passengers having to look at that??? Lady, have a little respect for yourself and more importantly, others….And for all the ‘Apologizers’ out there, get a little back bone!!!

  172. Bottom line–that outfit was a safety issue. In event of an emergency evacuation, those huge swinging breasticles could hit passengers in their heads or greatly slow efficient egress from the aircraft.

  173. I am a woman of color (not that that gives my opinion more value) and I would be utterly embarrassed to have to travel near someone dressed that way. Particularly if my children were with me. That is inappropriate attire for a public place like an airport or airplane.

  174. Oh come on that outfit was completely inappropriate. I’m not trying to sit next to someone dressed like that for an entire flight. And the captain was gross saying “ they hating on you for looking good” I cringed.

  175. I cannot believe that an adult woman does not understand the problem. She is dressed inappropriately, period. She looks ridiculous and I actually feel sorry for her. This is all about getting attention. A woman who walks through an airport dressed like that has very low self esteem. How very sad. She needs professional help. I would not sit next to her on an airplane because it’s obvious there is something wrong with her. Really wrong. Southwest did a good job deescalating the situation. I commend them for a smart, good job.

  176. Let’s just give up and eliminate all restrictions. If people want to fly naked just let them. We just have to explain to our kids that some people like the attention.

  177. OMG! I do not believe you people!
    I am in complete agreement with CG! She went to the airport with the intention of making a headline on the evening news! Mission accomplished! That and she created all of the stir here! Lol!
    Bingo! Lol! The laugh is on all of you! Kudos to the pilot!

  178. All this fake morality.Give it a rest.Some of you are the same people they can find kiddie porn in your computers,hubbies hooked on porn and wives on the dark net thrill seeking.I have never heard such self righteous nonsense regarding a shirt as if you have never seen a white woman scantily clad board a plane. Grow up. If she wants to draw attention to herself by showing off her natural attributes, that’s on her if she attracts men who get the wrong idea about her.Most kids see worse watching YouTube..All the pearl clutching over this is vomit inducing and so fake, as if you’re all 100 yr.old pastors.I’m sure most of you protesting the loudest have enough skeletons in your closest to rival any cemetery.

  179. “what about the children?” Indeed, what about the children?? I am so sick of Americans saying “No Sharia law” in one breath and “oh my Lord breasts, what about the decency?” In another. Breast obsessed America– clap your hands together and WAKE UP! Breasts are not for men, breasts are not for selling cars or alcohol or porn. Breasts are for making milk that feeds our youngest humans. There is nothing unhygienic about Breasts!
    There is Nothing. Lewd. About. Breasts! It is not one person’s business why she chose this outfit to fly. Women, if you are offended by breasts you need to check your self hatred to the core! Men If you offended by breasts, you need to check your misogyny to the core. Breasts are life giving. They are beautiful. So is she. Give the breasts a rest. Poor woman. Fellow Americans, If freedom doesn’t mean being able to wear what you want– why on earth is it worth stealing resources, occupying countries and murdering innocent people? Seriously, get a clue. Read a book. Stop humiliating your sad fat selves to the rest of this planet

  180. Haha yes our breasts are merely for milk, what a crock of crap. Our breasts are sexual, we women know they are sexy, beautiful, they can entice most men, mesmerize them. And guess what there is NOTHING wrong with breasts being sexualized and deemed exotic. Uhh legs are considered sexy too, but I suppose that angers you and you feel they are only for standing, walking and running. Hmm butts are considered sexy, but in yourcworld they are only there to sit on and poop and fart out of. Now can we discuss genitalia, hmm I guess those to you are for only procreation and for urine to be excreted out of. But see knowing our breasts of course are sexy, any woman who CHOOSES to have them as exposed as that woman chose to, well expect there to be backlash. That woman did not have a baby attached to her beast, no she chose to wear a very low cut halter top which exposed a large portion of her breasts, her skirt was super tight and sexy too and she definitely has that right to dress like that, but not in a place like an airport where she knew damn well some people could be
    OFFENDED.If she were at a bar, a nightclub, a private party, the beach she can dress that way. If a man wore pants highlighting his package, or wearing pants designed to reveal his butt cheeks and crack, he too would be told he cannot dress like that.

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