Some quotes from UA employees over the past couple of days

I’ve had quite the array of UA employees during this mileage run, and had some interesting quotes, from funny to sad. Here are just a few (some are paraphrased):

  • A person with my seniority at American or Continental would make $11 per flight hour more. I know that for a fact, I saw the contract with my own eyes, we’re the lowest paid by a ton.
  • Man, these Premiers think they’re all that, they can’t even wait in line for five minutes.
  • Ladies and gentlemen, we know that most of you probably have the safety video memorized by now, but please pretend to pay attention. You never know if the person next to you has never flown before, has self-respect, or is perhaps an FAA inspector.
  • I fly full fare on other airlines all the time and United is the only one that does more than one drink run on domestic flights, even water or coffee. I know that for a fact.
  • &%$* Glenn Tilton and management.
  • We hope you’ve enjoyed flying with us as much as we’ve enjoyed taking you and your money for a ride.
  • I had a car accident on my way to work, but I was too scared I’d lose my job so instead of going to a doctor here I am.
  • This delay was my fault, I have guests coming over tonight at 7.
  • If you don’t like the snack I can serve you a seven course meal, consisting of a variety of snack mix…. it just takes a little bit of imagination.
  • You want a skykit for that?
  • We all hate working here, this place sucks.
  • Glenn Tilton sucks, he’s also getting rid of free upgrades for all of our Million Milers, 1K’s and Global Services. I work Sydney flights all the time and everyone is full fare, shame on Glenn!
  • They’re retiring the Ted planes, not reconfiguring them.
  • United has never had a good management team.

OK, I know there were some other good ones, but I forgot them for now. I’ll add them to the bottom of the list as I remember them…

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  1. Most of those are so depressing… 🙁

    (I was thinking along the same lines, FortFun. What are the chances another pax would even know what a SK is, let alone ask for one?)

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