Some fun with Glenn’s Gotta Go wristbands?

I had a fantastic weekend of flying, including virtually flawless service on all my flights, both in the cabin and in the cockpit (Channel 9 available on all flights, Florida vs. Alabama score gladly reported, etc.). I heard some funny stories, and there’s one in particular that I think some of you might appreciate. Of course I can’t vouch for the accuracy of the story, but it’s entertaining either way.

There was a Global Services passenger traveling through Narita with a “Glenn’s Gotta Go” wristband. Apparently UA has been cracking down on employees that wear these lately, and a supervisor walked up to the Global Services passenger and informed her she had to remove the wristband immediately, I guess assuming that she was an employee. The Global Services passenger responded “excuse me?” to which the supervisor said “you heard me, take it off, you’re not allowed to wear those.” She responded that she was a Global Service member, and that it was management employees like the supervisor that made her wear this wristband, and asked for the supervisor’s name.

Hah! 😀

By the way, on my IAD-SEA flight, which was an A319 with only eight F seats, four of us were on mileage runs!

Update: My friend David sent me this picture taken on a flight.


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  1. Yes, one was a FlyerTalker, and the other two know of FlyerTalk and are good friends with gleff, so they have an excellent teacher. 😉

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