Transfer Chase Ultimate Rewards To Singapore Airlines KrisFlyer

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Yesterday I posted about the news that Singapore Airlines’ KrisFlyer program was added as a transfer partner for Chase Ultimate Rewards.


Singapore Airlines is certainly now becoming one of the more “promiscuous” airlines, as they join British Airways and Virgin Atlantic as the third carrier to now be transfer partners with the “big three” flexible points currencies:

  • American Express Membership Rewards
  • Chase Ultimate Rewards
  • Starwood Preferred Guest.

But the reason people are so excited about Singapore KrisFlyer being added as an Ultimate Rewards transfer partner is because Ultimate Rewards points are so easy to come by.

Arguably the single best personal and business credit cards accrue Chase Ultimate Rewards points, including:

Earn Ultimate Rewards Points

So I figured I would write a couple of posts about why Singapore Airlines KrisFlyer is one of my favorite frequent flyer programs. In this post I’ll specifically discuss redeeming KrisFlyer miles for travel on Singapore Airlines, while tomorrow I’ll cover redeeming Singapore KrisFlyer miles for travel on other Star Alliance airlines.

Why you should care about Singapore Airlines KrisFlyer

Everyone knows that Singapore Airlines is one of the world’s best airlines, but what about their frequent flyer program? Why should you care that they were added as a Chase Ultimate Rewards transfer partner?

Well, lots of airlines make the same award space available to members of their own frequent flyer program as they do to members of partner frequent flyer programs. Singapore Airlines isn’t one of those airlines. They make a lot — and I mean a lot — more space available to members of their own KrisFlyer program than to members of partner airline programs.

As a matter of fact, they make virtually no first class award space available to members of their partner frequent flyer programs. Meanwhile, if you’re a member of KrisFlyer, you can fairly easily (and economically) redeem miles for both first class and suites class (found exclusively on their A380s).

Where does Singapore Airlines fly in the US?

Singapore’s destinations in the US include Houston, Los Angeles, New York, and San Francisco, Given the distance between the US and Singapore, all of those flights stop somewhere along the way, including Frankfurt, Hong Kong, Moscow, Seoul Incheon, and Tokyo Narita.



In total, Singapore’s route network out of the US looks as follows (all of the below routes offer continuing service to Singapore):

  • Houston to Moscow
  • Los Angeles to Tokyo Narita
  • New York JFK to Frankfurt
  • San Francisco to Hong Kong
  • San Francisco to Seoul Incheon

How many miles does Singapore Airlines KrisFlyer charge for awards?

Here’s the KrisFlyer award chart for travel on Singapore Airlines.

The great thing about Singapore Airlines KrisFlyer is that award rates are really reasonable, in particular for first class and suites class. Below are their award redemption costs, factoring in the 15% online booking discount:

RouteBusiness Class (One-Way)First Class (One-Way)Aircraft
San Francisco to Hong Kong63,750 miles + $112.40 70,125 miles + $112.40Boeing 777-300ER
San Francisco to Hong Kong to Singapore68,000 miles + $312.5091,375 miles + $325.50Boeing 777-300ER
San Francisco to Seoul65,875 miles + $205.5074,375 miles + $218.50Boeing 777-300ER
San Francisco to Seoul to Singapore68,000 miles + $312.5091,375 miles + $325.50Boeing 777-300ER
Los Angeles to Tokyo65,875 miles + $172.8074,375 miles + $172.80Airbus A380
Los Angeles to Tokyo to Singapore68,000 miles + $327.9691,375 miles + $340.96Airbus A380
New York to Frankfurt48,875 miles + $205.5057,375 miles + $218.50Airbus A380
New York to Frankfurt to Singapore72,250 miles + $340.8193,500 miles + $353.81Airbus A380
Houston to Moscow48,875 miles + $213.9057,375 miles + $226.90Boeing 777-300ER
Houston to Moscow to Singapore72,250 miles + $320.9093,500 miles + $333.90Boeing 777-300ER

Note that they do impose fuel surcharges, though they’re quite mild compared to British Airways, where they frequently charge $850+ roundtrip between the US and Europe in fuel surcharges alone.

What are the sweet spots on the award chart for travel on Singapore?

I think all of Singapore’s redemption rates out of the US are extremely reasonable. And I’d say that the premium for first class over business class is well worth it in all cases.

Factoring in the fuel surcharges and overall experience, I’d say the very best values are:

  • San Francisco to Hong Kong first class for 70,125 miles + $112.40
  • Houston to Moscow first class for 57,375 miles + $226.90
  • Los Angeles to Tokyo Narita suites class for 74,375 miles + $172.80
  • New York to Frankfurt to Singapore suites class for 93,500 miles + $353.81

How many first and business class award seats does Singapore release per flight?

As you might expect, it varies substantially. In general:

  • First class award space is more readily available than business class award space (which is great, given how small the premium in miles usually is)
  • On the 777-300ERs it’s not unusual to see two first class award seats. On some A380 flights, it’s also not unusual to see two suites class award seats, though in general I’ve found suites class awards tougher to book than in the past
  • If you want to fly suites class out of the US, generally you’ll find more award space on the Los Angeles to Tokyo to Singapore route than on the New York to Frankfurt to Singapore route

Does Singapore Airlines open up more award space as the departure date approaches?

Sometimes. They’re not as consistent about releasing last minute award space as, say, Cathay Pacific or Lufthansa, but they’re not horrible about it either. That being said, in my experience them opening up space seems to be more of an automatic process than a manual process, which means that I’ve seen cabins a day out that are mostly empty with still no award space.

So while I can predict with 99% certainty whether a given route will have Lufthansa award space open up, I can’t guess Singapore award space as consistently.

How does the 15% KrisFlyer online booking discount work?

Singapore Airlines does offer a 15% discount on published award rates if you make your booking online. It’s worth noting that this only applies for travel on Singapore Airlines and SilkAir, given that partner airlines aren’t bookable online.


The discounted price won’t appear on the search page.


Instead, it will appear once you click “Display total cost.”


As I’ve written about in the past, in some cases it’s possible to get the online booking discount by phone, if you’re trying to book a mixed cabin award or award that won’t price online. This won’t work for Star Alliance awards, however.

Does Singapore KrisFlyer allow award ticket holds?

Singapore doesn’t let you hold KrisFlyer awards. So there’s some risk involved, since points transfers aren’t instant, and will typically take about a day.

How does waitlisting KrisFlyer awards work?

If you’re searching for award space on the Singapore Airlines website, you’ll see that if space isn’t available it will show an option to “Waitlist.”


When you waitlist a KrisFlyer award, it doesn’t mean you’ll necessarily get the seat as long as one is available for sale. Instead, Singapore Airlines may or may not decide to “clear” that waitlist. If you’re waitlisted and they “clear” you, you’re not committed to taking that itinerary. You can choose not to accept it.

It’s tough to say in general what the chances of a waitlist clearing are since it really depends on the route, date, etc. But in general I wouldn’t count on a waitlist to get you to you on a flight, especially if it’s over peak dates.

Should you go out of way to fly A380 over the 777-300ER?

Singapore’s two primary aircraft for longhaul flights are their Boeing 777-300ERs and Airbus A380s. Their 777-300ERs feature a first class cabin, while their A380s feature a suites class cabin instead.

First let me start by linking to a few trip reports I’ve written about the two products:

The food and service should be identical in first class and suites class. If you want to maximize the “experience” on a Singapore flight, try to avoid flights with a “supper” service. That’s what’s served on flights that leave late at night (like San Francisco to Hong Kong), and the meal service is much more abbreviated than an earlier departure.

Singapore Airlines first class caviar service on lunch flight

In terms of the hard product, the 777-300ER has a good first class hard product. It’s not amazing, and I definitely prefer the Cathay Pacific first class seat. The bed isn’t especially long, I don’t think the bedding is amazing. But it’s definitely a solid seat.

Singapore Airlines 777-300ER first class

Singapore Airlines 777-300ER first class

Meanwhile the A380 has one hell of a gorgeous suites class cabin. It’s ridiculously private, and as of now still the only “double bed” in the sky on a commercial plane.

Singapore Airlines A380 suites class

Singapore Airlines A380 suites class

So yes, if you’re really looking for an experience, I would recommend going out of your way to seek out the A380.

Will award availability get worse now?

So it’s fantastic that Chase Ultimate Rewards points can now be redeemed through Singapore KrisFlyer. The only caveat I’d add is that KrisFlyer is now transfer partners with all three major flexible points currencies, so I expect availability will become a lot more fluid. Going back a couple of years, almost no one transferred points to KrisFlyer, so if I saw availability today, chances are it would still be around in a week.

While I don’t expect availability to get worse, there will be more competition for the same number of award seats, and transfers to KrisFlyer aren’t instant. Since holds aren’t allowed, understand that you’re taking a gamble when transferring points, if you’re doing so with a specific flight in mind.

Bottom line

This is a really exciting new transfer partner for Ultimate Rewards, and makes the cards even more valuable in my opinion.

If you have any questions on the redemption opportunities with KrisFlyer, let me know, please!

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  1. No caviar on IAH-DME in first?

    So it’s 57,375 miles + $226.90 for IAH-DME. Do you know if it’s possible to tag on YVR-IAH, to make it YVR-IAH-DME, UA J / SQ F? How much would it cost?

  2. Thanks Lucky for this post!!! Looking forward to tomorrow’s post. I’m hoping to redeem a one way from HNL/OGG/LIH back to NYC and don’t have any SQ miles, but this solved my problem! Woohoo!!!

    Question is what would you do if you were me – I am looking for 2 seats at the end of Sept., but I don’t see any saver seats available for business. I see some economy and it’s not too bad since there is a layover and each flight is 5 hours and change each. I am not sure if I should wait and hope that they’ll release some more business seats or just do the economy. What do you think? I don’t have a date set in stone to come back, it can be any time from Sept 25 – Sept 30 and I can fly back from any of the islands. Thanks Lucky!

  3. I’ve noticed it’s now harder to find business class seats on the JFK-FRA-SIN route ever since SQ ended the non-stop SIN-EWR flight last year. :/

  4. Lucky, can do a post about KrisFlyer sweet spots for star alliance redeptions I am guessing there are some sweetspots that would make transferring the miles to krisflyer for partner redemptions more valuable than UA with their devaluation, especially for Star Alliance First class & Biz Class

  5. i’d like to remind everyone that their biz class amenity kit is a joke… and some routes don’t even get one at all. sad.

  6. If you don’t live near one of the gateway cities, do you need to buy/use other miles for your positioning flight? It seems that actually adds quite a bit of real cost to the redemption.

  7. Ben,

    Have you ever seen 3 First class suites available on the A380 on any of the routes ????


  8. The 15% discount on online bookings is great. But, a quick question: do you need the full amount of miles in your account before booking, at which point you will receive the discount? Or do I only need the discounted amount?


  9. Nice! Thanks for breaking the news.

    Does SQ allow a Tokyo stopover on a lax-sin award?

  10. @ turgutebey — The Singapore KrisFlyer chart is exclusively for travel on Singapore. Tomorrow I’ll cover the Star Alliance award chart, which would allow you to mix Star Alliance partners and Singapore Airlines.

  11. @ Ang — If you’re flexible I would probably hold off and wait for the space you want to open up, assuming flying business class is something you value. Otherwise would lock in the economy options. Good luck!

  12. @ echino — If you add on a segment on a Star Alliance carrier you’d be charged per the Star Alliance award chart. One-way from the US to Europe costs 80K miles in first class per the Star Alliance award chart, with no option of a 15% online booking discount.

  13. I am actually interested in using Krisflyer miles for U.S. Star Alliance bookings on UA. If UA has the award space on their website, does that mean that SQ can book it?

  14. @ Carl — If MileagePlus shows saver award space then Singapore KrisFlyer should have access to it as well.

  15. Lucky,

    Quick question – Can I transfer UR points from 2 different accounts into one KrisFlyer account? Would be useful if booking 2 tickets. Else would have to check for availability and make sure it remains unchanged while tickets 2 different accounts are booked. This would be so much better if they allowed even 24-hour holds.

  16. @ Hitesh — The rules state that Ultimate Rewards points can only be transferred to a mileage account in the name of the account holder or their spouse.

  17. Oh awesome! This is to my wife’s KrisFlyer account!

    Stupid question but…how does Chase know if the person is my spouse or not? Just based on postal address?

  18. @Adam: i see where you’re going there- positioning for the rarest of the rare; a commercial airline mile high threesome. good luck!

  19. I had a schedule change this week that caused a misconnect on a Krisflyer award ticket on UA. They had to redeposit my ticket and start from scratch to get me the new flights I wanted. They allowed a 72 hour hold on the new ticket while we waited for miles to be refunded on first ticket so I wouldn’t lose the space. Clearly this means they are physically able to hold award tickets. Ben…have you ever tested their “no hold” policy with the hang up and call again rule??

    P.S. Another selling point of KrisFlyer over MileagePlus is that there agents are consistently 10 times more competent than their United counterparts.

  20. Great excuse to write about Singapore? You mean Singapore is a great excuse to pimp Ink products again and again and again and again.

    Hey, did you know that super duper 60K Ink offer is going away June 1? Get it now!!! Click HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!

    C’mon. Enough pimping. Can’t you at least shove the links to the sidebars? Our eyes are bleeding from seeing so many Ink links.

  21. Good overview of KF, Lucky! Thx. in your experience how long does it take for the waitlist to clear/reject. Looking for a redemption in October and only waitlist is possible at the moment for the date I need.

  22. @ — It could be months out or it could be a week out. No way to know, unfortunately.

  23. @Paul (at 1:04 am), I’d be more than happy to click on any of Lucky’s referral links simply because he is so helpful and generous with his advice. I hope this reason is good enough for the lowlife piece of shit that you are! If not, go fcuk yourself, I might just give a rat’s ass someday.

  24. Does SQ allow mixing cabins, or will it cause problems? for instance if I wanted to fly DPS-SIN-FRA-JFK with the DPS-SIN leg in C and the rest in F, how would it price out?

  25. Am I reading SQ’s Star Alliance award chart right? They seem to charge less for some partner flights than for their own (e.g. 137.5k from North America to Australia on SQ metal; 127.5k on *A.) Admittedly, there’s the 15% online booking discount, but this would be the first time I’ve seen an airline effectively offer a discount for not using their own product. Right?

  26. @ Josh — That’s correct, and actually not that surprising. The only way they can get you there on Singapore metal is through Singapore, while if you redeemed on Star Alliance partners you’d have to fly “direct” (they wouldn’t let you route via Asia as far as I know).

  27. What are the stopover rules? Can I book the A380 LAX-NRT-SIN with a long layover in Tokyo for the same 91,000 in Suites?

  28. How about layovers? For example, if I go SFO to HKG to SIN, can I have a layover at HKG for up to the 24 hours?

  29. @ Elena — Yep, up to 24 hours is fine. Sometimes not bookable online, so you may have to call, but with some persistence should be able to convince an agent to still give you 15% discount.

  30. I’m trying to get to Bangkok in October, first week ish and come back the 20ish 5 day flexibility on either end. I’ve check SF, LAX and JFK (I’m a New Yorker so JFK would be best) and there is no saver rates out of JFK, out of LAX the cost in first is 210, 000, SFO is 215,000 and I’d have to buy a ticket to LA or SF. Curious am I looking too early? I’d love to love from home if I could I’m just trying to figure out when to move my miles from Amex and Chase… should I wait to see if anything comes up out of JFK or just transfer the miles and keep checking and nab what I can when I can?

  31. @ Lucky – I think on the GC map you have SFO and LAX routes flipped. Also, did you mean to say that opening up award space is a manual process? If it were automatic, it’d be easy to predict.

  32. @ Ivan Y — Hah that’s weird because I entered it correctly and when I make the map again the same thing happens. It’s not manual in the sense that there seems to be no “manual” interventions to open up space when a cabin is wide open. Instead the computer applies some odd arbitrary judgment.

  33. Ohh… So it’s automatic but we just don’t have a good grasp on the algorithm behind it.

    P. S. You finally broke GC Mapper!

  34. Can one backtrack when it is also a valid SQ revenue routing? (i.e. LAX-NRT-SIN-TPE all on SQ). Looking at the Krisflyer chart, Zone 13 to Zone 5 is Westcoast to Taipei 70,125 miles?

  35. @ Mike — They’ll typically do cumulative pricing there, so charge you for US to Singapore and then Singapore to Taipei separately.

  36. @ Mike – Lucky is correct but I wanted to elaborate a bit (did some experimentation with SQ KF site):

    (1) SQ doesn’t fly F on SIN-TPE so you’d run into problems when trying to book a mixed cabin routing (it switches everything to J).

    (2) While SQ chart shows 75K for J & 82.5K for F between Zones 4 (South Chine/Hong Kong/Taiwan) and 13 (West Coast), it has a little cross symbol next to it which is note that indicates the rate is only valid for nonstop routes between two destinations.

    (3) In practical terms, #2 means that if you fly SFO-HKG nonstop on SQ1, it’s 70,125 for F (after 15% off) but if you chose another option that KF site presents (SFO-ICN-SIN and then SIN-HKG), the price after discount jumps to 123,250.

    (4) Same is true if doing J on the routing you’d like — it may show 75000 in column heading but once you go to price it, it comes back as 91,375.

    Since you’d be looking at 114,750 if you booked it online as two one-ways (F & J), I guess it wouldn’t hurt calling KF and trying to convince them to charge you 87,500 for LAX-NRT-SIN in F and SIN-TPE in J but I’ve never tried doing something like that.

    @ Lucky – in your experience, do SQ KF agents have ability to manually price a ticket to make the above happen or do they just follow whatever their system spits out?

  37. @ Ivan Y — Yeah, have never been able to get them to do that, since they explicitly mention the nonstop travel requirement on their chart.

  38. @lucky
    whats the best place to search SQ economy space please?
    i still havent figured out ANA’s site.

  39. @ Mr. Cool — If you want award space as it’s available to KrisFlyer members, your best bet is Singapore’s website directly.

  40. FYI, they will hold award space if you are canceling an existing award ticket and want to use the miles for the new ticket. Presumably, they do this because miles can take quite a while to be redeposited. Somewhat recently, an agent also held an award seat because I was having an issue with miles being transferred into Krisflyer (from Chase UR). The hold was to expire in FIVE MONTHS, which I thought was amazingly generous.

  41. Hi Lucky,

    I understand the 15% discount does not apply to Star Alliance redemption specifically. However, if one were to call and book JFK-FRA on SQ and FRA-TXL on a partner award, would I be entitled for the 15% discount?

  42. I know that on SQ I can designate up to 5 people for whom I can redeem my KF miles for award bookings. So my question is: If I make a booking for 1 of my designees and then the award booking has to be cancelled for whatever reason, will the miles used return to my account for my use however I see fit, or will they be tied in some way to that one designated individual, and only they can then use them?

    Also, as far as “Waitlist” status goes, do these at least *sometimes* clear, regardless of how soon after booking or conversely how close to departure date? What would happen if it didn’t clear, would the points just deposit back unused? I haven’t come across any anecdotal data points for WL clears. Thanks for any insight.

  43. @ Scott — They’ll be returned to your account and not tied to anyone. The waitlists do apparently sometimes clear. The points are never pulled when you waitlist, so there’s nothing to go back. When you waitlist you don’t even have to book the award, even if it clears.

  44. Ben, if I I actually need the flight can I book an SQ flight and a waitlist flight, and swap it if the higher class becomes available?

    The prompt said something about being allowed to select another flight as well. Also, I’d only want to transfer in what I’m booking — is there an opportunity to transfer more in if my waitlist clears?

  45. @ ed — Yep, you can waitlist for a higher class of service without issue. You should be able to transfer points in after.

  46. So, on January 28th, I’ll be flying SQ11 F LAX-NRT-SIN. Pretty excited! I previously had SQ25 F JFK-FRA booked for November 2nd (on my way to the Athens Marathon), but once the addl. xfer partnerships debuted, I figured only 34K more newly minted KF miles would get me an extra 12 hours of F joy and make for the only really comfortable way for me to ever experience S.E. Asia so I pounced. Thanks, Lucky, for all the guidance on this.

    Couple questions for Lucky, or anybody else who’s flown this route: Since SQ11 arrives in Changi at 03:25 local time, which is about 12 hours off from most hotel check-in’s, what does one typically do upon arrival? Does SQ offer any kind of limo/towncar transfer from the aiport for F, complimentary or for some reasonable fee? Also, how do you go about using the “Book the Chef” option (I’d hate to get stuck with whatever was available, since there are so many reports of them only stocking 1 or 2 of each on their own)? Finally, back to the start of the itinerary, does anyone know which lounge at LAX F has access to? Thanks again so much for any insights. I’m SO looking forward to this, as it will be my first Intl. F experience, and I hear there are none better!

  47. @ Scott — No car service. As far as checking into hotels goes, I’ve done it both ways. I’ve booked a transit hotel in Changi, I’ve just hung out till about 7AM and then tried to check-in, or I’ve just booked the hotel the night before. All depends on how important it is to me on that particular trip.

    For Book The Cook you just choose what you want in advance. If you change your mind they’ll still serve you something from the menu if they have leftovers.

    At LAX you’ll have access to the Star Alliance first class lounge, which is the best at the airport, in my opinion.

    Enjoy your trip, sounds like a fun one!

  48. H Lucky. I am a United 1K flyer with Chase Bold Ink & Starwood AMEX corporate cards. If I sign up for a Krisflyer account, can I:

    1) Consolidate all my points from my 2 corporate accounts to my KF account? I’m assuming that I can’t move my UA miles to a KF account.
    2) Book 2 first class award tickets under my KF account? I want to travel with a companion and use all of my points for 2 passengers.

    Thanks! Craig

  49. Just transferred 100,000 Ultimate Rewards points to my Singapore Airlines account. According to them it takes 6-8 weeks before the miles can show into the account. Anyone has similar experience? Help! I am trying to book a ticket to HK and I am running out of time…


  50. Can I book FRA-DFW as Singapore, or is this only as a partner award and not bookable online? Can I look up prices/rates without a Singapore KrisFlyer account?

  51. @ Joe @lucky — Likewise I transferred points just yesterday, and Chase advises that turnaround time to be 48 hours but Krisflyer is stating 6-8 weeks (just got off the phone w/ them). I find this absurd and have requested a rush on the transfer. Fingers crossed that it truly is 48 hours — we all know how dynamic point redemption seats can be.

    Have you tried transferring over points recently?

  52. Lucky, What would you do in below scenario? Seeking aspirational (wedding anniversary) on back of EY454 F, a first-world problem your fascinating blog helped me create.

    Need to get 2 pax one-way SYD-ATL F or O in June on a specific non-flexible Wednesday. Options:

    1) Transfer UR–>KE: Book KE SYD-ICN-ATL A380 (High-season space is available now)
    2) Speculatively transfer UR–>SQ: Waitlist SQ SYD….JFK or SYD….LAX/SFO (standard award avail now)
    3) Speculatively transfer MR–>SQ: Waitlist SQ SYD….JFK or SYD….LAX/SFO (standard award avail now)
    4) Monitor SQ Saver space and UR/MR transfer to SQ last minute (wait 24 hours for xfer to post)
    5) Monitor last-minute CX..SYD-HKG-LAX/JFK/ORD using AA miles
    6) JAL last minute trick: TYO-LAX space always opens up (use AA miles). Crappy product SYD-TYO
    7) ANA/TG/OZ last minute space sometimes (not reliably) opens up (transfer MR–>Aeroplan)
    8) Transfer UR–> UA J (God forbid) (SYD-US) opens up 20% of time last minute

    -YQ avoidance not really a factor
    -Speculative UR/MR transfers wipe out many other options (only 250K miles balances in UR/MR respectively)
    -Last minute space opens up 24-36 hours out, yet 24-36 hours is typical UR/MR xfer post period
    -Is KE380 so inferior to SQ F A380 or CX F that it is worth the risk of opting out? This seems like the “safest” (yet least aspirational)

  53. @ fauxblogger — I’d go with the Korean Air option. Since it seems like there’s no date flexibility, it seems silly to gamble when you can get a “sure thing” which is actually quite good. Korean Air first class is still excellent, and Australia isn’t an easy place from which to redeem miles.

  54. I booked 2 suite seats that make into a double bed on the Singapore to Paris flight with my husband. Because we live in Hawaii, finding A380 flights isn’t easy for us. We are thinking of making our booking around the world, leaving Europe & heading west back to Hawaii. Do you have any ideas about what carriers to use from Kona to Singapore & then from Europe back to Hawaii? I’ve considered booking a Frankfurt- Jfk leg on Singapore to have a day flight to enjoy it. How would you get from Paris to Frankfurt? any suggestions would be very much appreciated. Aloha & Mahalo

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