Singapore Airlines seems to have (finally) come to their senses….

As most of you are probably aware, Singapore Airlines has not released any first or business class award availability on their new 777-300ER’s or A380’s to Star Alliance partners, but has been releasing them through their own frequent flyer program, although in limited quantities. While I understand their desire to preserve the exclusivity of premium cabins, this becomes increasingly frustrating when planes that used to be the old configuration turn into the new configuration and no longer have availability. We’ve seen these swaps on SFO-HKG-SIN, FRA-SIN, ZRH-SIN, LHR-SIN, and many more routes. The ANA tool even made note of this, saying that awards aren’t available on flights operated by the Singapore Airlines 77W or 380.

Well, it appears the tides have changed. I’m not sure whether this can be attributed to the plummeting premium loads due to the economy or the novelty of the new cabins wearing off, but all of a sudden the above notice is missing from the ANA tool and there are tons of award seats, both in first and business class. There’s plenty of availability from LHR to SIN in business class on the A380, although there doesn’t seem to be any on the return flight (yet). Plenty of other routes are showing availability as well.

The lack of the “warning” message on the ANA tool makes me think this is a policy change and not a glitch, so let’s hope we see more and more availability, as I’d really love to travel on the A380!


  1. The warning message is still there, but has moved location and is in black instead of red.

    Nonetheless, the awards being available on lots of A380 and 77W flights in business class (and first for 77W) suggests it is not a glitch.

    As I pointed out in my other blog (, there remains no award availability in first on A380, or in business on A345, at least at the moment.

  2. Unfortunately I doubt we’ll see them open up any availability on the A380 up front, since it’s technically “Suites” and not “First.”

    I’d really love to see them open up some availability EWR/LAX-SIN, since I can’t imagine they’re filling the 100-seat all business class A340-500’s.

  3. I cannot comment on the load of A340-500 because I have not flown the routes LAX-SIN-LAX and EWR-SIN-EWR.

    I do know the one time I flew SIN-LHR on A380 last month, the SIN-EWR flight was boarding an hour before my flight. It was packed, although having 100 passengers packed into A345 does not have the same meaning as packing Y passengers into a full flight. I heard the gate agent announced the flight was completed full.

    On the award seats availability of 77W and A380 C seats:

    I am glad SQ have made them available for the following reasons:
    1. Let people try the products to fully appreciate how good they are.
    2. Having experience the new SQ C will help SQ drum up new businesses down the road. People will realize for almos the same fare, one could fly far superior products when money is not the issue.
    3. SQ needs to act like a member of *A

    I have flown C in both SQ A380 and 77W, and I’d pay to fly them instead of paying for C or F on UA. The product and services are so superior that I’d give up the extra RDM and fare based EQM bonus on United to fly SQ 77W and A380. I would not do the same for NH, LH and other *A carriers. At the end of the day, RDM and EQM on UA are very important to me, but SQ 77W and A380 C are just too good to bypass.

  4. Not sure whether it was a glitch or not, but most (if not all) of the availability seems to be gone. 🙁

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