Singapore Airlines relaxes entry requirements for “The Private Room”

While Singapore Airlines is “all that” in the air, they simply aren’t on the ground, both in terms of customer service as well as actual amenities. In Singapore they have a mediocre first class lounge. Compare that to the Lufthansa First Class Terminal in Frankfurt, the Thai first class lounge and spa in Bangkok, and the Turkish first class ground services in Istanbul, and they really are looking pretty bad given their standing as one of the world’s best airlines.

Over a year ago they decided to add “The Private Room,” which was basically a fancy restaurant for first class passengers. Why passengers that are flying Singapore Airlines first class would want to dine before their flight is beyond me, but that’s a different story. 😉

Anyway, their entry policy was rather ridiculous. Only revenue, paid first class passengers were allowed access, so passengers upgrading and award passengers were out of luck. Well, according to, they have relaxed the rules and now allow any passenger with an outbound Singapore Airlines first class boarding class to use “The Private Room.” They note that this might be a temporary change due to the downturn in the economy.

This is the only policy which makes sense. I understand when airlines don’t want to provide chauffeur service into the city to award passengers, for example, but this was ridiculous. It’s almost like only allowing paid first class passengers to consume the Dom and Krug aboard.

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  1. There HAS been discussion in the CX forum about a crew discussion on whether it would be possible to provide less service for op-ups… (shudder)

    Nonetheless, finally some progress (though the Private Room reports aren’t even all that impressive).

    Now we just need SQ to release some regular ‘ol awards in F on their 77Ws. Fine, not the A380 suites, whatever. But their basic workhorse long-haul aircraft.

  2. I got into TPR this last july on an award ticket. I was sitting in the FCL opposite TPR entrance and spotted a FT’er going in! I went up to the attendant and asked to speak to infoworks and they let me in and took me to him. Spent most of time chatting so no time to explore but I was surprised they let me in

  3. I think airlines should treat first class passengers equally well, no matter how they got there. Anything else is just tacky. Same for business class passengers and economy. Except for the rare op-up, everyone paid one way or another for the seat/service.

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