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On this trip I was spending one night in Melbourne. I arrived early in the morning from San Francisco, and was departing the following morning to Singapore. I’ve been to Melbourne twice before, and both times stayed at the Park Hyatt (which is nice, but hardly feels like a Park Hyatt).

While I was tempted to stay there or the Grand Hyatt, I ended up booking the Sheraton Melbourne. This was for the simple reason that I needed one more elite night with Marriott to requalify for Ambassador Elite, and that seemed like the most practical option.

My rate at the Sheraton Melbourne was reasonable, around 145USD all-in.

I took an Uber from the airport, which took just over 30 minutes in rush hour. The Sheraton is located on Little Collins Street, in the CBD.

At the door I was greeted by a bellman, and informed that the lobby was up a level.

Sheraton Melbourne entrance

The Sheraton has a bellman on the ground floor, but then you take up the elevator to the lobby, on the first floor.

Sheraton Melbourne lobby

Sheraton Melbourne lobby

This Sheraton is only a few years old, and in my opinion they did a spectacular job with it. This really feels like something that’s much nicer than a Sheraton.

Reception was just down the hall from the elevators, and I was greeted by a friendly front desk agent. I was pleasantly surprised to learn that my room was ready, even though I was checking in so early. I had used a confirmed suite upgrade to get a suite for this stay, given that it was expiring soon.

I was surprised to learn that the Sheraton Melbourne doesn’t have a club lounge. I was under the impression that all Sheratons do as a brand standard amenity. At least off the top of my head I can’t think of any Sheratons that don’t.

I could select breakfast as my elite welcome amenity, but I knew I’d be going to the airport really early the next morning (so I could review several lounges), so I just chose the points as my welcome amenity.

Sheraton Melbourne reception

I was also given a voucher for a complimentary house beverage at the hotel’s restaurant, Little Collins St Kitchen.

Sheraton Melbourne Platinum drinks

The lobby isn’t very big, but otherwise consists of a few cozy sitting areas.

Sheraton Melbourne lobby seating

Sheraton Melbourne lobby seating

Sheraton Melbourne lobby seating

With key in hand I took the elevator to the 12th floor, where my room was located.

Sheraton Melbourne elevators

I was assigned room 1201, located at the end of the hall.

Sheraton Melbourne hallway

Sheraton Melbourne suite exterior

Sheraton Melbourne floorplan

This was a legitimate suite, which is to say that there was a door between the living room and bedroom. The living room featured a loveseat and a seat along the other window, along with a TV and a closet in the far corner of the room.

Sheraton Melbourne suite living room

Sheraton Melbourne suite living room

Then there was a door leading to the bedroom, which featured a king size bed with the signature Sheraton bed.

Sheraton Melbourne suite bedroom

The bathroom was in a separate room, though there was a glass shield separating the two rooms, and then there were blinds you could raise or lower.

Sheraton Melbourne suite bedroom

Across from the bed was a chair, a flat screen TV, and a desk with another chair.

Sheraton Melbourne suite bedroom

Sheraton Melbourne suite desk

The minibar was underneath the TV. In addition to drinks and snacks, there was also a kettle with tea and coffee.

Sheraton Melbourne in-room minibar

Sheraton Melbourne in-room minibar

Sheraton Melbourne in-room minibar

The bathroom featured a toilet, sink, and then a shower “compound” with both a walk-in shower with two shower heads, as well as a bathtub.

Sheraton Melbourne suite bathroom

Sheraton Melbourne suite bathroom

Sheraton Melbourne suite bathtub

Toiletries were from Le Grand Bain, the signature Sheraton scent, which I oddly quite like.

Sheraton Melbourne suite toiletries

My room had nice views of the surrounding CBD, and even some parks and churches in the distance.

Sheraton Melbourne suite view

Sheraton Melbourne suite view

As far as the hotel’s other amenities go, the hotel has a spa. It’s just branded as “The Spa at Sheraton Melbourne.” I didn’t get a treatment, but you can find the spa menu here.

Sheraton Melbourne spa

Right next to the spa is the hotel’s beautiful indoor pool.

Sheraton Melbourne pool

Sheraton Melbourne pool

The gym is also in this area, but every time I went to take pictures there were people in it, so I ended up not getting pictures. It was a pretty standard Sheraton spa, though.

While I didn’t eat there, the hotel’s all day dining restaurant is Little Collins St Kitchen, and it at least looked inviting. It’s located right next to reception.

Sheraton Melbourne Little Collins St Kitchen

Sheraton Melbourne Little Collins St Kitchen

Sheraton Melbourne Little Collins St Kitchen

My schedule in Melbourne was a little crazy. Keep in mind I had taken redeyes two nights in a row (from Tahiti to San Francisco to Melbourne), and I landed in the morning. So in the morning I worked and walked around town (though it was raining much of the day), and then at 2PM I fell asleep. Amazingly I slept until midnight, and then I worked until shortly after 5AM, and then got ready to head to the airport.

Sheraton Melbourne bottom line

I had an excellent stay at the Sheraton Melbourne. Sheraton is a brand that’s so inconsistent, with most of their hotels being past their prime and not terribly nice.

The Sheraton Melbourne, conversely, is actually a really nice property. Now, the hotel doesn’t have a club lounge, which is rare for a Sheraton, but that didn’t bother me.

All things considered I had a great stay, though also didn’t use many of the hotel’s amenities.

If you’ve stayed at the Sheraton Melbourne, what was your experience like? Do you have a favorite hotel in Melbourne?

  1. You should try Sheraton Oman. It’s one of the best deals as category 4 property with an amazing breakfast that’s out of this world (freshly squeezed juices are ridiculously good) and the hotel is very modern as well.

  2. Hi Ben — What was the date of this visit? Last November/December? I note that in two photos, the printed matter used the Sheraton/SPG names and not Marriott/Bonvoy — that was surprising for a hotel that was recently renovated. I’ve been to Melbourne five times and my go-to place is Hyatt on Collins or the Park Hyatt.

    With reference to Lukas’s comment above, I had an amazing time in the largest suite ever at the Hyatt in Muscat. It was so large, I seriously needed a map of the place to get around!

  3. That’s a very nice Sheraton judging from the pictures. Why can’t all Sheratons be that nice? I don’t remember the last time I stayed at a Sheraton, Marriott or even Renaissance in North America with a stocked mini-bar. To me, the hotel looks more like a Westin or JW Marriott in the decor and the quality of the design. Nonetheless, I don’t understand why a hotel without a lounge just doesn’t give complimentary mini-bar privileges or something. I can get a Marriott brand that doesn’t have lounges as a brand standard but as you pointed out everyone expects a Sheraton to have a lounge. Also, giving ambassadors a “platinum” free beverage coupon is kind of tacky, given ambassador isn’t the top status anymore.

  4. Loving all the reviews! The fact you were able to sleep through most of the afternoon says to me you had a really quiet room with a comfortable bed, often the only thing you need in a hotel when you’re in transit.

  5. Hi Lucky minor factual error – this Sheraton is newly built rather than renovated. Great review!

  6. Appreciate the review
    I’ve been traveling to Melbourne for 25 years and while modern and comfortable
    this small Sheraton property looks pitiful compared to the Iconic Grand Hyatt The Park Hyatt The Westin ,the former Hilton Southwharf and the Langham previously one of the greatest Sheratons
    As a former lifetime Plat in SpG Member now a lifetime Bonvoy Tit
    At the old Sheraton Luxury Collection which was reasonably priced Plats
    we’re typically assigned a butler and upgraded to a huge jacuzzi suite with showers for two people .Their club lounge was spectacular with great service & offerings right through the evening
    What is with that atrocious carpeting in the new Sheraton guest room?
    it gives me a headache just looking at it
    And the mirrored elevator walls ?
    That was the 70s I guess they are running out of ideas
    I’d pick the Sheraton Melbourne in last highly desirable no desirable yes I suppose but it looks small and cramped
    The price would have to be far less for me to consider it or demand so high in the city to make sense
    Today I’m a Grand Hyatt guy when in Melbourne
    Excellent fitness center good food and nearly sound proof comfortable rooms
    Nice service and stunning views from the high floors 30 plus stories in the air and a solid well staffed club lounge
    It has gotten more pricey to stay there but still a good value

  7. That’s crazy that breakfast doesn’t come standard, especially when there’s no club lounge. Hilton is light years ahead with the consistent breakfast amenity.

  8. I think Sheraton is a much more upscale brand outside of the US than within the US. I am always surprised when I end up staying in a Sheraton in the US because they feel like roadside motels.

  9. I am not sure if the stay would have been that great if you are not upgraded to a Suite and got a normal room instead. It will be a Sheraton, with an entry level room, but without a club lounge. (Suite upgrades are not guaranteed, but no lounge access is guaranteed here. For a Sheraton, this could mean poor value for Plats, given that it is only 1 drink voucher in place of a lounge. )

    Other Sheratons gave good alternatives when there is no lounge; Sheraton Miyako Tokyo allows Plats to have (unlimited) drinks at their lobby lounge (albeit a smaller menu meant for Plats). Sheraton Macau’s arrangement is even better (you can read up about that).

    So yes, there are indeed Sheratons without a club lounge, but no Sheraton i have been to, gets away without a proper lounge alternative as much as Sheraton Melbourne. After i read your report, i actually thought it was a bit short of a typical Sheraton standard, but i agree that the hotel looks well maintained.

  10. The Sheraton looks great. Stayed at the Four Points at the Docklands about 15 mos ago on a leisure visit and thought it was excellent, and a great value as well.

  11. The pictures look anything but spectacular – but I trust your in-person report more than the pictures. The decor makes it look like an un-renovated Sheraton from 1977 with the mirrored walls, the green and brown color scheme, the carpet, the uncomfortable looking faintly modernist furniture, etc. I know fashion and decor is cyclical but that was a period best forgotten in my opinion. Thanks for the review and I’m glad you enjoyed your stay.

  12. this sheraton has some extremely poor view rooms as more than 1/2 the rooms face a derelict office block (traditional rooms which are actually also nice and modern!) which is about 9 feet away from the windows with NO views due to the span of this block.

  13. Interested to read this review as I live in Melbourne, and have stayed at this hotel numerous times since it was opened in 2014. It is a hotel that I feel very comfortable in. The rooms may have an unusual decor, possibly due to the owners who built it, and who have since sold. But they work. Standard room size is 35sqm so not large but ok. They generally look like the bedroom area of the suite Lucky was in, excluding the lounge. As a previous poster mentioned some half of the rooms don’t have a view, with apartments built above it, but this is a central city hotel on a narrow block. And the alternate proposition is that half the rooms do have views.
    Starwood were down to one hotel in Melbourne, the Westin. So they took the opportunity to open the Sheraton as a boutique hotel, with only 174 rooms, of which only 11 are suites.
    It is a great location surrounded by restaurants, cafes, and theatres. And the area is very quiet, as the hotel is not located on a major street.
    What would people rather have? No hotel, or a Sheraton without an executive lounge? If an executive lounge is so essential the people have other choices.
    Pining for the Sheraton Southgate which became a Langham in 2014 wont get us anywhere.

    Marriott now have 4 hotels in Melbourne, all of which a very good, but only the Marriott has an executive lounge. However they have at least 6 hotels being built or in the pipeline. I am sure those that crave lounges will find one in the new hotels!

  14. Great review Ben. I’m amazed you got from MEL to the cbd in 30 mins at rush hour. The opposite direction trip can easily take 90 mins often leading to a last minute rush to catch my VA flight to BNE

  15. The Sheraton in Sydney by Hyde Park is superb. The Club Lounge has great views of the harbour and the staff wait on you hand and foot.

    Also, I’m thrilled you worked so hard and churned out quite a few reviews! I appreciate your hard work.

  16. Next time you go to Melbourne, you really should stay at the Crown Metropol or Crown Tower – they definetly will not disopoint.

  17. Out of left field , should you ever be passing through Bangkok the Sheraton Grande Sukhumvit is probably the best urban Sheraton property I have had the pleasure of staying in.

  18. I agree with Trey above, the Sheraton in Sydney is a wonderful hotel. I’m glad to see its Melbourne cousin is almost as impressive.

  19. I stayed at this (Cat 5) hotel over the new year. Great location in CBD for excursion meet up/pick ups. Although not a suite, my room was spacious and had a great view of the fireworks. The hotel also did a cocktail reception in their rooftop lounge near the spa to watch the shows. The rooftop lounge is comfortable and has a nice view….really enjoyed the breezy sunsets from there after sightseeing all day. Not sure how you missed posting a pic of that area Lucky! I stayed for five nights on points and took the breakfast amenity. The breakfast spread was delicious with a nice pastries, fruit, juices, hot bar, and a al carte options. Breakfast also includes hand-crafted coffee beverages. All in all, I really enjoyed my stay and would definitely go back.

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