Official: Singapore Airlines Adding Manchester To Houston Flight As Of October 2016

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A few days ago I wrote about a rumor that Singapore Airlines would be making a major adjustment to their Singapore to Houston route. The fight presently operates via Moscow, though due to the economy in Moscow, Singapore Airlines was planning on routing the flight via Manchester instead.

Well, it’s now official, and the route change is happening even faster than we expected. As of October 30, 2016, Singapore Airlines will operate a Singapore to Manchester to Houston flight 5x weekly with the following schedule, per

SQ52 Singapore to Manchester departing 2:35AM arriving 9:00AM
SQ52 Manchester to Houston departing 10:15AM arriving 3:35PM
SQ51 Houston to Manchester departing 7:15PM arriving 10:05AM (+1 day)
SQ51 Manchester to Singapore departing 11:35AM arriving 8:20AM (+1 day)


As part of these changes:

  • Singapore Airlines will continue to operate a Singapore to Moscow flight, though will reduce the frequency from 5x weekly to 4x weekly
  • The Moscow to Houston flight will be discontinued altogether
  • Presently Singapore Airlines operates a flight from Singapore to Munich to Manchester, so the Munich to Manchester tag flight will be discontinued (which was always a fun fifth freedom route)

This new Singapore to Manchester to Houston flight will be operated by a three cabin Boeing 777-300ER, meaning it’ll feature Singapore’s “old” first class product.

Singapore-777-First-Class - 7

It also features Singapore’s “old” business class product, which is still excellent.


I imagine at some point this route will be upgraded to a four class 777-300ER, featuring Singapore Airlines’ new first & business class, as well as premium economy. However, it’s sort of a blessing that this is one of the “old” planes, since the new ones feature just four first class seats, rather than eight.

As of the time of this post, the Singapore to Houston flight via Moscow is still bookable, though I imagine it will be removed from the system shortly. Meanwhile all the awards between Houston and Singapore that route via Manchester show as waitlisted at the saver level. I suspect this will eventually be updated.

Singapore-Award-1 Singapore-Award-2

Similarly, when Singapore Airlines announced their San Francisco to Singapore flight they didn’t have any saver award space, but then recently they added a lot of space.

Once the flight does become bookable at the saver level, the one-way award cost between Houston and Manchester should be:

  • 57,375 KrisFlyer miles in first class
  • 48,875 KrisFlyer miles in business class

There are also some mild carrier imposed surcharges, and keep in mind that if you’re departing the UK you’ll be subject to the UK Air Passenger Duty.

Moscow-Airport-Lounge - 34

Bottom line

I’m not surprised to see Singapore Airlines change up this route, given the economy in Moscow. While Manchester as a stopover point was puzzling at first, given that it’s not a Star Alliance hub, I can see the logic now. Singapore will presumably be codesharing with United on the route, and since it’s a route United doesn’t serve, there may be a significant amount of demand.

Between this change and Singapore Airlines’ recent US service changes, the scope of their US service is changing drastically in October.

Do you plan on taking Singapore Airlines’ new flight between Houston and Manchester?

  1. So I guess this would mean the end of MUC-MAN service 🙁 An end to a lovely 5th freedom flight within Europe.

  2. I believe they not just adding a second service IAH-MAN-SIN in addition to keeping the current IAH-DME_SIN.

  3. I’m pleased by this, MAN is a pretty good option for visiting the north of England and I’ve never flown Singapore Airlines.

  4. There are 777’s featuring the new First cabin with 8 seats. I flew one from SIN to HND last week

  5. Being IAH based, I’m delighted to now have the option to visit MAN straight from my home airport, which is a city in England that I always wanted to visit. Besides, I enjoyed the route to Moscow, but is true, when I went back in September the plane was not full in either class of service. And the bulk of the passenger were actually going to SIN & not to DME.

    Most likely the new stop over in MAN will be friendlier than the current experience via Moscow. So hello Manchester, here we come!

  6. I am booked on black Friday IAH-DME-SIN-HKG, I guess I will be re routed now… A late(r) IAH departure improves my odds of having caviar 😉

  7. Wtf would someone want to go to Manchester?

    Have flown this route a couple of times- mainly cos the availability is much better than JFK or LAX.

    Currently on a refurb’d (4 F) 777-300ER on the way to SYD. Overnight flight? Bulkhead seats…people.

  8. @That guy It’s the 2nd largest city in England? It’s the 2nd most visited city in England? Use Google?

  9. If I book a SFO-IAH revenue ticket on United, then a IAH-MAN SQ award ticket, would I be able to check a bag all the way through, even though I’d have two PNR’s? Any protection if the SFO-IAH flight is late?

    Easier ways to get to Manchester from SF (VA direct!), but would be an interesting way to fly SQ.

  10. Just got the text. Being rerouted. Was booked SQ62, SIN-DME-IAH, now SQ52, SIN-MAN-IAH. My journey begins in SYD-SIN. Wife thinks I’m nuts doing all this just to ride in F on return all the way through.

  11. So if this is a possible code share flight with UA. would that mean it is possible to do LAX-IAH-MAN-SIN on a single award ticket?

  12. @ Craig is correct SQ have a number of 777-300ER’s with the new Business product it operates daily between MEL-SIN and has 8 First.

  13. Good thing they are cutting IAH-DME. Don’t think there was ever a lot of demand for that flight…

  14. Hi Lucky, I have an IAH to DME award reservation for April 2017. Do you think Singapore Air will just cancel my ticket or will they offer to re-route me through Manchester?
    Thank you.

  15. This is brilliant news. I’m IAH based and travel via LHR to MAN several times a year to see friends & family. Sick of transiting in LHR with two young kids and missing or nearly missing my connection. Cannot wait to fly direct with SQ.
    Anyone know the best way to use up AVIOS???

  16. This is the worst news in the world! The only airline that I can bear to stand is SingaporeAirlines when I fly to Moscow. I am very sad.

  17. I am looking up SIN-MAN-IAH flights, and the Singapore website says first class isn’t an option on those flights! Is it possible they are eliminating first class service on this route?

  18. I just flew to and from Moscow in July and flights were packed both ways. Same when my friends were flying in June and flights from Moscow to Singapore were very busy too (flew there as well). It is very bad news for me as I have to fly to Moscow few times per year for work. Hopefully some other airlines will step in and fill the void.

  19. I am having same issue as Sam S. If I look at anything after black Friday it is showing no availability for first class and automatically changes it to business. I have checked round trip and one-way. Any thoughts on this? Was hoping to fly first/suites from Man-IAH to enjoy close to 10 hours Dom/Krug/etc.

  20. I just checked Singapore Air’s website and called customer service. I can’t get a confirmation, but after February 28th, there is no longer any availability in First for a revenue ticket or KrisFlyer redemption. Appears as if a change in aircraft might be happening?? Don’t understand why they would lock first class after that date when you can book on the website up to 350 days out. Anyone know anything about this?

  21. This is a good and interesting development as MAN is my local airport. MAN-SIN was a non stop flight 10 years ago and was always full, yet for some reason it’s status was reduced to a one stop route. In the meantime the Middle East airlines have stepped in to fill the void, so it will be interesting to see how the route develops especially with good time slots at MAN. I hope that it is priced competitively so that passengers are not lost to LHR with cheaper fares frequently offered.

  22. Only reason I can think that there is no more first class availability after a certain date is if the route is transitioning to SQ’s A350s..

  23. I tweeted to Singapore Airlines and the representative gave me the response that the summer schedule is not set yet but there were no plans of an equipment change at this point. But I agree with you, make sense that it would be switching to an A350. Probably sometime around March 1 would be my guess because the last bookable first class revenue ticket is February 28.

  24. I just stumbled across this news, because my company travel site gave me a weird option!

    I travel MAN-IAH 4 or 5 times a year and have to decide between UAL (IAD/EWR both in B777s) and LH (via FRA in A380)

    To suddenly find I not only have a DIRECT flight, but with someone with a decent in flight service – all my birthdays came at once 🙂

    Oh, and for my annual pilgrimage to Australia, MAN gets its direct SIN flight back after all this time

    What’s not to like

    Phil G

  25. As Steve B says above, the lack of ability to book even a revenue ticket in F after 2/28/17 on IAH-MAN indicates to me there is a product change 3/1/17. I’ve been waiting to book F for April, checking every few days. Guess we will just go with J in the hopes that F opens up and we can switch into it. If they do put the A350 on it, the J product on that is still one of the best across the Atlantic for the miles.

  26. I always look forward to meeting friends on singapore air

    My wife lives in houston and manchetser , but alss I work in moscow

    But the “Mrs” calls the shots the

  27. Wow that excellent planned for new fly operation to Houston from Manchester on Singapore Airline 777-300ER it Really cool cos most people from Manchester and all over in North England really love to Texas for holiday that really good idea because most people hate travel to London airport then catch plane to Houston too long for people getting tired and fed up but now new Air travel to Houston from Manchester it will be excellent for people be easy travel to Manchester Airport near people who live in Greater Manchester area and Northwest of England it much better. it excellent planned.

    G Kitchener

  28. I’ve commented before, but I’m just wondering if anyone has heard anything about a possible equipment change (on a permanent basis) beginning in March of 2017? I booked a business class award for May because I didnt want to miss out, but I was hoping to fly in First on this route. The 777-300ER should have first class, but Singapore says there is no first class cabin on this route.

    Help me Lucky (and friends), you’re my only hope!

  29. I have emailed and tweeted Singapore Air about his a couple of times. I keep getting told no equipment change has been decided and that the schedule for next summer is not set yet. I have an award ticket in business in June. Same situation. I wanna upgrade to first class but Singapore keeps saying no first class on this route. I keep checking every couple of days and still says same thing.

  30. @Steve – When I searched “First/Suites” on dates 3/1/17+ last week, it would come back and say nothing was available but show me business availability instead. Now the site has am error when you search First/Suites instead. I confirm that searching Business has results 3/1/17 and after as you said (hadn’t tried that because I didn’t need to last week).

    This seems to indicate to me that Singapore has loaded into their system that there is no first class at all starting 3/1/17 as opposed to being “sold out” as the agents kept telling me. Additionally, searching Kayak comes up with no non-stop IAH-MAN in F on SQ, but does come up with seats in J.

    I think our chances of getting F on this flight after 2/28 are vanishing…

  31. My question at this point is whether there will be an equipment change, or whether maybe SQ is offering a differently configured 777-300ER or even whether they will actually fly that plane without offering first class.

  32. My money is on an equipment change to the A350, but keeping my fingers crossed that F will open up closer to departure, though I am not holding my breath. Like you said, J ain’t bad for the miles TATL.

  33. Is the cost of a return trip from SIN – MAN – IAH still 110,000 miles? It seems to have increased 170,000, at least on my end…

  34. Just want to report since someone was asking. Singapore Airlines did change my reservation from IAH-Moscow-Singapore to IAH-Manchester-Singapore on their own, no cancellation.

  35. Fair warning- do not take this route MAN-IAH connecting from anywhere in Europe. It’s a train wreck. Staffing at MAN is inept, the process is ridicules – and thats after 6 months of practice.

    I did AMS – MAN -IAH June 23rd. with 3 hours transfer time. Barely made my connection. A bus ride after a long wait to a single security prescreening line in transfer area led by incompetence, followed by some absurd reconfirmation process led by Singapore Air within the transit screening area, then another bus ride back to the terminal. All this with multiple multilevel stair cases while you are carrying your luggage up and down to and from the terminal.

    Any connection at LHR is better than this fiasco, any. Singapore Air should have their heads examined for choosing this airport without vetting the logistics ability of MAN.

    You have been warned.

  36. Question for anyone who might know: What does this mean for me if, say, I’m flying Singapore Airlines from IAH to another destination, but with a layover in Singapore? My flight is listed as having MAN in-between. Does this mean the plane stops at MAN (refuels, picks up additional passengers) and continues on without me having to disembark, or do I have to change flights? TIA

  37. As somebody who occasionally flies between Sydney and Manchester, thank goodness it is no longer via Munich. Have experienced a horrendous delay in Munich where we were on the ground for several hours before flying on to Manchester and weren’t allowed to leave the plane.
    Of course I wanted them to fix the technical issue but total disregard for passenger comfort and sanity after a long flight from Singapore!

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