Silvercar Is Expanding To Salt Lake City In 2018

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I’ve written extensively about Silvercar, including about the rental experience at LAXSilvercar is an innovative rental car company available in over a dozen markets, with only one type of car in their fleet, the Audi A4.


Each A4 is equipped with free GPS, wifi, and satellite radio, and Silvercar has a fair fuel plan, where they’ll fill up your tank for the “market price” plus a $5 refueling fee.


I feel like they charge a reasonable premium for what they offer, though admittedly everyone values things like this differently.

As of now, Silvercar is available in the following locations:

  • Austin — AUS
  • Chicago — ORD
  • Dallas — DAL
  • Denver — DEN
  • Ft. Lauderdale — FLL
  • Las Vegas — LAS
  • Los Angeles — LAX
  • Miami — MIA
  • Miami — South Beach
  • Newark — EWR
  • New York City — Brooklyn
  • New York City — Brooklyn Downtown
  • New York City — Manhattan
  • Orlando — MCO
  • Phoenix — PHX
  • San Francisco — SFO
  • Seattle — SEA

They’ve been growing nicely, and understandably one of the biggest hurdles standing in the way of trying Silvercar has been their lack of locations compared to the “big guys.” The good news is that they keep expanding.

Today Silvercar has announced that they’re expanding to Salt Lake City Airport as of January 8, 2018. This is part of Silvercar’s goal of doubling their number of airport locations by the end of 2018.

Rates in Salt Lake City start at $49 per day plus tax. For example, a two day rental including tax would cost you ~$130. The good news is that there are plenty of opportunities to save money on the cost of a Silvercar rental.

For one, if you have a Visa Infinite Card (like the Chase Sapphire Reserve) you can always save 30% on the cost of your rental of at least two days. Simply enter promo code VINFINITE at the time of booking. That would bring down the cost of a two day rental to $92, or $46 per day.

If you haven’t yet rented from Silvercar, they have a generous referral program, where you can get $25 in cash after your first rental if you’re referred by an existing customer. If you enter my code, BSCHLAPPIG, at the time you sign-up for Silvercar, you’ll get that after your first rental (and I’ll get the same). Just go to the top right of and click on “sign-up,” and then enter your email address and password. Once your email address has been verified you can log-in and enter the above referral code.

The above two promotions should be combinable, and in many cases should put a rental into a comparable price range to a basic rental from another car rental company.

The last time I rented a car in Salt Lake City (when I was headed to Deer Valley) the experience was awful. I paid an arm and a leg, we waited in line for over an hour, and the person working the desk couldn’t have been less professional (“your birthday is 4/20, my favorite day… hah hah”).

Anyone plan on renting from Silvercar in Salt Lake City?

  1. ” I paid an arm and a leg, we waited in line for over an hour” avis preferred is free to sign up and you skip the line. I was about to be in a 20-30 deep line at BOS at the start of labor day wknd, I signed up for avis preferred on my phone and went out to the lot and got a car. Still had to wait 10 mins or so.

    I feel like silvercar is putting all your eggs in one basket …

  2. I feel like lucky doesn’t rent cars often enough (running to fly from JFK to DCA on a separate ticket LOLOLOL) . Book on costco travel, they are no-fee cancel. Hold reservations with multiple car rental companies. Pick the one with the shortest line if they are in the same building.

  3. Who waits in car rental lines at major airports for their rental card. If you just sign up for a car rental’s loyalty club, you can skip the line and go right out to the lot.

    I can’t remember the last time I waited in line for a car rental at a major airport.

  4. RE: Wait time at SLC – I rent at SLC quite regularly and unfortunately, the rental car center at the SLC airport lacks the infrastructure that allows rental car companies to offer efficient self serve options.

    Currently Hertz is the only company that I’m aware of that operates out of the SLC on site car center with the option for members to go directly to their car without visiting a counter. Since they’re in such tight quarters, they only have one or two exit gates to let cars out which can lead to significant waititimes depending on demand. I’ve had times where I’ve waited over 30 mins to get out of the Gold lot.

    I’ve also seen a board by the Avis counter with renters names on it however, it appears everyone still has to go to a booth to pick up their keys. The same goes for National who does not offer Emerald Aisle at this location and also requires all customers to check in at the booth in the garage.

    While they’re currently working on building a new rental car center, until that is complete, SLC will likely continue lacking efficient self serve rental car options that we’re all used to at other major airports. It’ll be interesting to see where they actually put Silver Car since they’re already bursting at the seams in that garage.

  5. So Lucky shares a birthday with Hitler (20 April). One out of every 365 1/4 German passport holders can say the same. It’s hardly unprofessional to mention it. Heck, it probably had nothing to do with the enhanced interrogation at TLV.

    SLC Airport is being completely rebuilt. Completely. Not one brick or inch of pavement will remain between 2016 and 2021 in the terminals, parking structures, concourses, gates, skirts, lots, sidewalks, baggage chutes, or ramps. The logistics of operating an airport under total replacement are fascinating, but difficult. The car rental situation was bad before and is far worse during construction. Expect more rough experiences until then.

  6. @anon – i have family in salt lake and l fly in there all the time. typically use costco travel for rentals.

    silvercar (right now) is cheaper than the most economy car for winter dates. plus with coupons its even better. in the end i’m saving over $100 to rent an audi a4 instead of an economy car. and i get AWD!

  7. Several neighbors are working on the SLC rebuild, it’s really flying along! It seems working on that job is the gold standard since it’s long term stability in the construction world.

    The address listed on the SilverCar website is not in the rental car facility but rather at the end of the Terminal 2 baggage claim area. This will put their actual operation either at the International Center just west of the airport or on North Temple near Redwood (Diamond etc is there).

  8. @lucky Where do I enter your referral code? It asks me for my drivers licence and credit card, etc but I don’t see where to enter the referral code.

  9. This was supposed to open today. Anyone here have firsthand knowledge of the Silvercar operation at SLC and would provide details?

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