Silvercar Minimum Rental Age Lowered To 22

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I recently turned 25. What was most exciting to me about turning a quarter century old? The ability to rent cars without paying underage fees, believe it or not.

I’m a big fan of Silvercar, and have written about them extensively, including about the rental experience at LAX. Silvercar is a fairly new rental car company with only one type of car in their fleet, the Audi A4.


Since they started, the minimum age to rent from Silvercar was 25. If you were under 25 there was no way to rent from them, even if paying an underage fee. I recently met with some of the marketing folks from Silvercar, and had to mention to them how I loved their product, and was sad that I couldn’t actually rent from them until recently.

While I’m not taking credit for the change, I was thrilled when they sent me an email yesterday informing me that the minimum age to rent from Silvercar is now 22. Best of all, 22-24 year olds don’t pay an underage fee with Silvercar.

Meanwhile with just about any other rental agency you’d pay an underage fee, at least technically. There are certainly “codes” out there that waive those fees, but in my opinion this improves the value proposition of Silvercar even further for those under 25.

If you haven’t yet rented from Silvercar, they run a ton of promotions, including a $50 off code for a rental of at least two days, using promotion code FTU50 (this can’t be combined with the above promo codes). This is valid through the end of the year for both new and existing members, though can only be used once. That could lower the cost for a two day rental quite a bit, making it a great way to “try out” Silvercar.


On top of any of the above promotions, Silvercar has a great referral program, which they recently improved. If you’re referred to Silvercar and make your first rental, both the person referring and person being referred will receive $25 in cash.

If you haven’t yet rented from Silvercar, simply go to the sign-up page on, and enter the “Referral Code” at the bottom of the page. If you’d like to use my code (which I’d of course be incredibly grateful for) it’s BSCHLAPPIG, though feel free to post yours below as well, and someone else can use it.


So, any 22-24 year olds out there who are excited about this change?

  1. Yessss!!! Finally get to try Silvercar! Heard only great things about this startup and more than ecstatic to see the rental is age not only lowered, but there is also no additional charge. Any idea if primary car rental insurance from Chase Sapphire covers this too?

    – Phil

  2. Going to be renting this in Chicago when it comes out. I’m expecting a special rate, because it’s a new station, combined with your referral and $50 off, it will be cheaper than a standard rental car 🙂 Thanks for the update!

    Also, just wondering if you got my email.

    Thank you for the awesome blog!

  3. Awesome news about them lowering their age requirements. I am 24 and now plan to use them in Austin in a few weeks where they appear only a couple dollars more than the competition (before applying any discounts)

    I would love it if anyone used my referral code AMORDANT1

  4. Seems that under 25 year olds can’t yet make bookings. Any idea when the change will be reflected on the app?

  5. Excited to try them out! I just got a lot less excited to turn 25.

    Just signed up with your referral code. Thanks for the update!

  6. Lucky,
    my family will be heading to LA in august and will definitely try silvercar for a day or two, thanks to your info.

  7. Sixt also doesn’t charge young driver fee, if you book one of their lowest categories (up to full size, I believe)

  8. Just wanted to confirm that you can in fact rent on the Silvercar app if you are 22 or over despite it still saying that you must be at least 25. They are in the process of updating the copy on the app.

  9. What is your advice on insurance on rental cars? I’m new to the game, and this area is quite confusing.

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