Sign of Continental/United lounge cooperation?

A major point of discussion given the upcoming Continental and United partnership/alliance has been lounge access, since Continental’s Presidents Clubs are far superior to United’s Red Carpet Clubs.

While Continental and Northwest have liberal lounge access rules when it comes to accessing partner lounges, I speculated that it would be a bit different with United, since Continental’s lounges are superior in every way to United’s, while that wasn’t the case with Continental and Northwest.

Well, maybe I was wrong. Check this out. Basically Red Carpet Club members and United international first and business class passengers will now be able to access the Presidents Club in Las Vegas. While this is only one location, it seems to suggest that we might see more of this in the future.

This could mean that once the alliance is finalized, Red Carpet Club members could have access to the Presidents Clubs, even when traveling on United, as opposed to just when traveling on Continental.

That would be great news!

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  1. I’m curious to see what happens with AMEX Platinum lounge access. As of now, the Platinum card will get you into Continental, Delta, Northwest, and American’s lounges but not United or USAir.

    I am hoping that it will either remain the status quo, allowing use Continental Lounges but not United OR allowing the use of both lounges. I just hope that Continental does not follow United’s lead and not allow the Plat Card members in.

    Only time will tell I’m sure….

  2. I was pleasantly surprised by this announcement when I got the email. LAS is an airport that UA needed a club. The fact it’s not going to be a RCC, all the better. Hopefully we’ll see more of this in places with major CO presence, such as IAH.

    Maybe UA should just outsource all their RCC operations to CO???

  3. This PC is pretty new…and the only club at the airport before that was the old AWA-come-US Airways lounge…which is a total joke, not to mention OUTSIDE the security perimeter. Such a joke. Let’s see how fast UA lounge people can destroy the PC lounges.

  4. That would be helpful at LAX Terminal 6. There’s a Continental club, but no RCC and I find that many of my outbound LAX flights depart from there.

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