Served by an onboard supervisor

This was a first for me. We had an onboard supervisor working the first class cabin on my United flight from Washington to Chicago this afternoon. This was an A320 which usually has three flight attendants, one in first class and two in coach, but instead we had an onboard supervisor in first class and two flight attendants in coach. Now, the guy never identified himself as an onboard supervisor to the passengers, but he had the “supervisor” dress on (including the badge), was the “purser,” and did everything 100% by the book, although didn’t go above and beyond in any way.

I’ve heard of onboard supervisors appearing on international flights to observe service and interact with passengers, but I’m not quite sure what purpose this served. Maybe United’s latest cost cutting technique?

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  1. I had an onboard supervisor a few days ago on sfo-nrt. I was in F and he came by after boarding to introduce himself and then I never saw him again until shortly before landing when he came back to hand out little cards asking us to fill out the (standard) survey.

    The crew was great (though this was my first trip in int’l F so not sure how it compares).

    The only other time I have seen an onboard supervisor was on sfo-hkg in C.

  2. I had an onboard supervisor on my first flight from LAX to SYD in C some years ago. The service was quite good and passengers were given a long survey to complete.

  3. I had a great onboard supervisor from FRA-ORD last year. She didn’t appear to assist in the service, but she was friendly and engaged passengers who wished to speak to her.

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