Sales Of Macadamia Nuts In Korea Have Increased How Much?!

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Okay, I promise I’ll eventually stop talking about this Korean Air nut incident. Just not now… because the story is just too good to ignore. Forget the drama between Alaska and Delta in Seattle, or the Qatar Airways A380 delivery chronicles… this is better than everything else combined!

To start, for those of you that have been living under a rock, see these previous posts:

I wrote earlier about how I’m almost starting to feel bad for Heather Cho. Almost. But not quite.

Here are a couple of other fun updates:

Macadamia nut sales have increased 15-fold in Korea

Via The NY Times:

Auction, a South Korean unit of eBay and the country’s second-largest e-commerce website, said on Monday that sales of macadamias surged nearly 12-fold in the previous five days. Before the nut rage scandal, macadamias made up 5 percent of nut sales — now they account for almost half. South Korea’s largest online shopping retailer, Gmarket, also owned by eBay, said macadamia nut sales were 20 times as high as in the previous week.

To some extent Heather Cho is doing a public service here. Macadamia nuts are delicious — possibly my second favorite kind of nut. So it’s good news that they’re becoming more well known.


There goes my sympathy for Heather Cho

Earlier I wrote about how I’m almost kind of starting to feel bad for Heather Cho. Even though she’s at fault, she has been publicly humiliated to the max. So I almost felt bad.

But not anymore. After she apologized for her actions and her father apologized for how he raised her, she was called in for questioning and her “people” requested that the women’s restroom be cleaned again in case Heather Cho needed to use it. Via The NY Times:

When Ms. Cho was called in for questioning by the government on Friday, a horde of Korean Air officials accompanied her, although by then, her father, the chairman Mr. Cho, had apologized for her “foolish conduct” and said he would fire her from all corporate posts in his sprawling conglomerate.

Some of those Korean Air officials asked janitors at the government building to clean the women’s restroom again because Ms. Cho would most likely use it, the local media reported this week. A Korean Air spokesman said he could not immediately confirm or deny the reports.


Bottom line

  1. “Some of those Korean Air officials asked janitors at the government building to clean the women’s restroom again because Ms. Cho would most likely use it”

    What does that even mean? I don’t get it.

  2. This incident appears to have struck a nerve at a time when there appears to be deep resentment in Korea at nepotism in the Chaebols (Big Korean Companies). Second and third generations of families that have power out of all proportion with shareholdings are getting placed in roles they have neither the talent not experience for. Korea’so big companies are not doing as well as they used to and rightly or wrongly Koreans are laying a lot of the blame at the feet of of these scions of rich families. Heather Cho has become the poster child for nepotism and corruption.

  3. Did anyone hear about how they’re thinking of dropping “Korean” off of Korean Air? I don’t know if it’s true, but I heard rumors…

  4. Lucky, I think this woman is your newest faghag…if she headlined a Real Housewives of Seoul series, I think you’d love it…

  5. They are also investigation as to whether their apologies were even sincere at all. I’m currently living in South Korea now, so I get the play by play everyday. The news has report that both Heather and her father were coached through the whole apology. It has also been reported that there was one other passenger in first class along with Heather Cho. Now witness has allegedly been contacted by Korean Airlines to keep her mouth shut about the whole ordeal. Now this is the GOLDEN part of the story. The compensation for her, a person who PAID to be in first class, to keep mouth shut was…

    Wait for it…

    Wait for it…

    A Korean Air Airbus A380 diecast model in standard color O_o

    Just in case you are wondering, of course she didn’t take their ridiculousness of a bribe. I think she went to first news agency she could find to spill all of the beans!! 😀

  6. Heather Cho would be perfect for a “Real Housewives of Seoul” series!!! Could you just imagine what her tag line would be “People often have a hard time figuring me out but you should already know how I want my nuts served”.

  7. @lantean

    So apparently it’s not as real as I thought it was, although CNN does note it in one of their articles. This is what they had to say:

    “They are calling for Korean Air to change its name to Hanjin Airlines in a petition on Agora, a popular Korean online discussion forum. Korean Air is owned by South Korea’s large family-owned corporations, known as Hanjin.

    “Hanjin Group’s ‘Korean Air’ is no longer a national company. They should not use ‘Korea’ in the name. As a citizen of Korea, I cannot allow the word Korea to be used,” commented “Acorn”, one user on the site.”

    Do I think it’s a good idea? No, not even Malaysia Airlines did that after two simultaneous plane crashes. Changing the name of a company for a “nut rage” doesn’t seem very rational. Do I think it will happen? Not anymore.

  8. @W- I think the implication is that the janitors should clean up after she uses the bathroom, presumably to clear the room of her shameful cooties.

    Seems a bit extreme, hence “A Korean Air spokesman said he could not immediately confirm or deny the reports.”

  9. But then again I mean it coulda been worse. She coulda asked for the men’s room to be cleaned. She does kinda look like a tranny 😀

  10. this is very unfortunate turn of events for such a great airline.
    yes, she’s a major [email protected] but we all have the black sheep in the family. i wish no harm for the KAL brand.
    i will continue my patronage whenever possible.
    aside from their excellent customer care, they have the hottest looking FA’s on the sky!!!

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