The Royal Air Maroc US Electronics Ban Is Being Lifted Tomorrow

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The US electronics ban has now been lifted for all but a few airlines that were impacted by it. Over the past week we’ve seen six airlines have the electronics ban lifted for flights from their respective hubs to the US:

Now it has just been announced that a seventh airline is no longer subjected to the US electronics ban.

As of July 13, 2017 (tomorrow), large electronic devices will be allowed in the cabins of Royal Air Maroc flights from Morocco to the US.

Royal Air Maroc 787 business class

Remaining airlines impacted by the ban include EgyptAir and Saudia. For what it’s worth, The National reported that Saudia expects for their ban to be lifted by July 19, while I haven’t heard anything from EgyptAir.

The US has implemented new safety requirements for US-bound flights, and as part of that, airports are able to have the electronics ban lifted if they comply. The catch is that we don’t know what exactly these requirements are, so I have to wonder if Egypt is having issues. There have long been security concerns with Egyptian airports (less than two years ago a Russian charter plane was brought down by a bomb after departing Sharm El Sheikh Airport).

I’m most curious to see if/when this ban is lifted for EgyptAir, which seems to be the only remaining unknown.

(Tip of the hat to @badaoui8_rachid)

  1. My guess is simply that they will be enforcing the same kind of laptop requirements they do domestically – specifically, that you take large electronics out of any bags, put them through an X-ray, and have the capability and equipment to do an explosives residue swab of anything questionable. Possibly also require that electronics be powered on at the gate if asked. These were likely easy to implement for many airports, but they probably sent DHS investigators through the airports a couple times to confirm that the new procedures were being adhered to.

  2. Lucky – a simple look at Egyptairs twitter feed would have shown that the ban was already lifted for them this morning. You should have done better research. 😉

  3. Every time I traveled on RAM, the cockpit door remained open for most of the flight.
    If the ban is universally cancelled, it is one thing. Cancelling it for major and trustworthy airlines in the region is another, but announcing its end “For” RAM or Egyptair makes no sense at all. Who is next? Air Korio ?

  4. slap on policy makers face. they shud get to their desk and start making a list of those that are banned considering the list of those un-baned keeps getting longer

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