Ritz-Carlton Turks & Caicos Opens This Summer

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Want to take advantage of the Marriott STARS program to receive extra perks (like breakfast and upgrades) for paid stays at the Ritz-Carlton Turks & Caicos? Contact [email protected] for more details. He may even be able to help if you already have a stay booked.

The Ritz-Carlton Turks & Caicos will be opening this summer, so in this post I wanted to go over the basics of this property, since it’s a points property that may interest some (though personally I’m skeptical).

Ritz-Carlton Turks & Caicos basics

The Ritz-Carlton Turks & Caicos is currently taking reservations for stays as of July 2, 2021. The 155-room hotel will be in Providenciales, and will have views of Grace Bay.

The resort will feature everything from a club lounge, to a casino, to a spa, to multiple pools, to a BLT Steak restaurant. Unfortunately as of now there aren’t many pictures of this property, so we’ll have to be patient and use our imaginations.

For that matter, the hotel is selling rooms even though the website doesn’t state the square footage or features of these rooms. There seem to be a limited number of room categories as of now — there are deluxe rooms, club rooms, junior suites, executive suites, and then a few more categories of specialty suites.

This will be Ritz-Carlton’s fourth property in the Caribbean, after Aruba, Grand Cayman, and St. Thomas (this doesn’t include Ritz-Carlton Reserve properties, which for all practical purposes are separate).

Redeeming points at the Ritz-Carlton Turks & Caicos

The Ritz-Carlton Turks & Caicos will be a Category 8 Marriott Bonvoy property:

  • A free night will cost 70,000 points off-peak, 85,000 points standard, and 100,000 points peak
  • As always, you get a fifth night free on Marriott Bonvoy free night redemptions

As a point of comparison, paid rates at the Ritz-Carlton seem to start at somewhere around $600, but can get way higher than that.

If you are going to book a paid stay at the Ritz-Carlton Turks & Caicos, I’d recommend booking through the Marriott STARS program, so you’ll receive complimentary breakfast, a room upgrade subject to availability, a hotel credit, and more.

My Ritz-Carlton Turks & Caicos skepticism

I’ve been wanting to visit Turks & Caicos for years, especially given its proximity to Miami. I’ve heard it’s gorgeous, and in particular that the beaches are truly special.

That being said, I’ve always struggled to actually book a trip, given the hotel options up until now:

  • Amanyara is probably the best hotel, but it’s also outrageously expensive (you’re basically paying the “not that far from rich New Yorkers tax”)
  • I’ve heard COMO Parrot Cay is great; while still very expensive, it’s a bit more affordable than the Aman
  • Point Grace Resort & Spa looks pretty good too, and is part of the Hyatt & SLH partnership, so you could earn or redeem World of Hyatt points there

That brings us to the Ritz-Carlton, which to be honest I have a hard time getting excited about, even with the current lack of options:

  • While most other Turks & Caicos hotels are a couple of floors high, the Ritz-Carlton has 12 floors; this just feels so out of place for the area, and the concept of a casino and BLT Steak has little appeal to me (interestingly enough the new St. Regis Bermuda will also have a BLT Steak as its signature restaurant)
  • While 155 rooms isn’t that much, between the hotel, residences, and casino, you can expect that this will feel like a resort factory
  • On top of all that, it’s not like Marriott Bonvoy elite members even get great treatment at Ritz-Carltons, as Ritz-Carlton is excluded from the breakfast benefit for Bonvoy Platinum members and above
  • Whenever I think of Ritz-Carlton resorts in the Caribbean I can’t help but think back to the below video from the Ritz-Carlton Aruba

Bottom line

The Ritz-Carlton Turks & Caicos will be opening in the summer of 2021. There aren’t many major chain hotels in Turks & Caicos (for better or worse). While there’s a lot I’m willing to overlook in order to earn & redeem points, I think I’ll skip this hotel, between the casino, the BLT Steak, the lack of elite benefits, and my generally low expectations of Ritz-Carlton’s Caribbean properties.

And it’s one thing if there were an amazing deal, or something, but at 70,000-100,000 points per night, there are better places to redeem points.

Do you plan on staying at the Ritz-Carlton Turks & Caicos? If you’ve been to Turks & Caicos, what was your experience like, and any recommendations on where to stay?

  1. It seems you want Amanyara without the Amanyara prices. In Turks and Caicos during high season that is impossible and then you are left with the RC Aruba “crowd”.

  2. @ Pete — Hah, totally fair, except I’m willing to go in off-season too. For example, the absolute lowest rate at Amanyara (in hurricane season) is $1,475 per night, and that comes out to $1,873 per night including taxes and fees. Ouch.

  3. I don’t really like that it’s 12 stories, doesn’t fit in with the Island. They shouldn’t have approved anything with a design over 5 stories IMO.

    Ritz Carlton South Beach is my favorite Ritz if going to the beach. It was just renovated and is only a 3 hr flight from NYC, lovley hotel with great service and in walking distance to tons of restaurants so you don’t feel trapped.

  4. I have been looking forward to the opening of this hotel for a while. The beach on Grace Bay is the best in the world.Prices are expensive but worth it in my opinion.

  5. Ben,
    Grace Bay Club is the OG of T&C. Hands down the best with regards to price / location / service. Have stayed there multiple times and nothing else compares. It is a part of FHR and depending on the time of year the room upgrades can be quite nice.

  6. Turks & Caicos limited the building heights for decades to preserve the islands but recently got greedy. 12 stories do not fit into this island.

    I stayed multiple times at the Club Med: While the accommodations are simple, you are on the same great beach and most sports are included. There is great snorkeling, wind surfing and sailing !

  7. I always just stay at the Sands of Grace Bay. Always cheap around 200 for a large one bedroom with kitchen and dryer. Although it’s not that much of a hotel it has a small restaurant and nice pool.
    The Ritz Carlton is just so out of place on Grace Bay
    SAD! Lol

  8. We’ve been to T&C twice and both times stayed at the Royal West Indies. Nice small owner rented condo complex next door to Club Med. You get a kitchen which convenient.
    Not sure if they still do it but they had a daily 2 for 1 happy each day at the outdoor bar. It brought in people from other resorts even. It was fun. Bartender got to know me and would get me my drink upon arrival without asking.

  9. I second the grace bay club. Phenomenal property, outstanding service. One of my families favorite vacation spots. Breakfast included as are kayaks, paddleboards, etc. Amazing beach
    Also they give you a cellphone that summons your concierge anytime you want. I long to go back

  10. Ugh. Too bad it wasn’t a Park Hyatt or St Regis instead. The lack of elite recognition at Ritz properties is such a turn off, and is the only reason why I avoid booking there.

  11. There are plenty of other cooler properties on Grace Bay, take a look at the Gansevoort for example.

    If you want something different you should stay on Long Bay and take kiteboarding lessons–that’s where we always stay, best kiting in the world 🙂

  12. Years ago in the 90’s I used to work for Club Med at North American HQ. I went to the Club Med T&C a couple of times and loved it. This was old school Club Med, super basic. They’ve changed, still looking not super luxurious, but the beach is incredible! Tons of sports, diving is great. It’s been 20+ years since I’ve been to a Club, but the food used to be great.

  13. Go for a beach house at Parrot Cay. You’ll not regret it. It costs a little more than a base pavilion at Amanyara but provides significant better value.

  14. I was there March of 2020 and it wasn’t very far along. Definitely looked out of place to the otherwise “underdeveloped” feel of Grace Bay compared to say, 7 Mile Beach in Grand Cayman.

  15. you’re basically paying the “not that far from rich New Yorkers tax”
    Or you can call it “far away from most people tax.” It doesn’t guarantee that everyone will be civilized and have impeccable manners but money can’t buy you everything.

  16. Have been to T&C many times and stayed at a variety of places. The thing to note for Parrot Cay and Amanyara is that you need to really like going to the beach. That sounds obvious for anyone going to the Caribbean, but there’s really not much else to do at those and they are more remote; but yes they are the top options down there along with Grace Bay Club. I prefer GBC as there’s much more to do and I prefer to be on Grace Bay beach. It’s a rare one that meets and surpasses the expectations. GBC also had renovations recently, so while it is one of the older properties, it’s up to date and fresh. I also highly recommend Waymara (formerly Gansevoort). It’s on the left side of Grace Bay and has a much more private feel to Grace Bay since the only other property there is West Bay club (GBC’s little/cheaper sister). It’s also a short walk to one of my favorite beach bars anywhere.

    Other fun options are Shore Club (great pool, but not on Grace Bay), or get crazy and go with a Beach Enclave villa.

  17. 12 freakin’ stories?

    The Bali Beach hotel was the first high rise on Bali, and it really murdered the skyline on Sanur beach.

    There was such an outcry over it that it’s the reason that it’s the *only* high rise on Sanur. Kuta and Nuda Dua notwithstanding, Bali learned the hard way how NOT to build hotels.

    I suspect Turks snd Caicos will learn the same lesson.

  18. Agree 12 floors is way too tall for the island and that beach. Most of the original resorts are three or four floors. The attraction of Grace Bay is that it is not overdeveloped but it looks like that is changing.

  19. TandC overall pretty$$$$ than some other islands. It seemed when we stayed there they charged for everything other places included. Not a place i will return to soon.,,Cabo-Espranza was sooo much better.

  20. Already made a booking for late August. Not cheap at all, but my agent for breakfast thrown in.

    Can’t wait!

  21. Come on Ben. What you dont like Ritz-Carlton’s so you just phone this post in with a rehash of youtube videos? Maybe you shouldn’t do reviews or comment on beach resorts since you seem to be a city guy.

    I have been to plenty of RC’s and each is unique.

    Sorry a bit disappointed.

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