Cool: St. Regis Bermuda Opening May 2021

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This is probably the upcoming Marriott property that I’m most excited to stay at… I think.

St. Regis Bermuda opening soon

The 120-room St. Regis Bermuda is accepting reservations for stays as of May 22, 2021. This hotel has been in the pipeline for a long time, though until recently the opening date was in limbo.

The St. Regis will be located in the town of St. George’s, and will be near St. Catherine’s Beach. The hotel will feature all the amenities you’d expect — two swimming pools, an all-day dining restaurant, a BLT Steak New York restaurant, an Iridium Spa, and more.

As of now there are only a few pictures of the resort, so we’ll have to wait and see what it looks like in real life.

St. Regis Bermuda exterior

The base rooms at the St. Regis Bermuda are a spacious ~650 square foot, though interestingly are advertised as having “no view.” I suppose I appreciate the hotel’s honesty, because usually properties describe a not-great view at a beach resort as being resort view, garden view, or something similar. Or perhaps the base rooms just face a wall, or something?

St. Regis Bermuda guest room

St. Regis Bermuda guest room

St. Regis Bermuda BLT Steak

Booking the St. Regis Bermuda

The St. Regis Bermuda will be a Category 8 Marriott Bonvoy property, meaning stays will cost either 70,000, 85,000, or 100,000 Bonvoy points, depending on whether pricing is off-peak, standard, or peak.

We’ll see how pricing evolves, but as of now base rooms seem to start at ~$540 when paying cash.

Unfortunately this means that redeeming Marriott Bonvoy points won’t be a particularly great deal. I value Bonvoy points at ~0.7 cents each, so redeeming 85,000 points for a room that costs $540 isn’t exactly getting you disproportionate value.

I’m surprised this isn’t a Category 7 (or maybe even Category 6) property based on the pricing, though perhaps paid rates will get even higher.

Why I’m excited about the St. Regis Bermuda

It’s not the hotel as such that excites me so much, but rather Bermuda as a destination. For many years Bermuda has been on my list of places to visit — it’s not that far from Miami, it’s a new destination for me, and it generally intrigues me given its geography and history.

However, it’s a destination I’ve never really prioritized, so it has just kind of stayed on my bucket list all of this time. I think one of the reasons I haven’t visited is because of the hotel situation. There haven’t been any good points hotels there, and often I at least somewhat prioritize my destinations based on hotel options.

I’ve kind of been putting off my Bermuda visit until the St. Regis opens, since it’s the perfect combination of a nice, new points hotel, and a destination I’ve been wanting to visit.

If anyone has been to Bermuda, I’d love to hear how your experience was!

Bottom line

The St. Regis Bermuda is expected to open in May 2021, and should be the best points hotel on the island. Bermuda has long intrigued me, so hopefully later this year I can finally visit, once things start to return to normal, and also when this hotel is open.

Too bad the value proposition for redeeming points at the St. Regis isn’t actually that great, given that it’s a Category 8 property.

Anyone else excited about the St. Regis Bermuda?

  1. I take your point about rates not offering outsized value, but the services fees & taxes that you’re presumably avoiding on the rooms (with a points reservation) are over $100 a night, so you’d be getting at least $0.0075 of value on the marriott points

  2. @ Evan — Well, but you’re also forgoing points by redeeming points. Indeed the $539 rate comes out to $645, so on the surface you’re getting ~0.76 cents per point.

    At the same time, as a Titanium Elite member paying with a co-branded Marriott card I’d earn a minimum of 23.5x Bonvoy points per dollar spent, which I’d view as a ~17% reduction in cost. That puts me at around ~0.63 cents per point, which isn’t great.

    Of course there are things that can change the math further — a fifth night free on an award stay could change the math in one direction, and Virtuoso perks and/or a Bonvoy promotion could change the math further in the other direction.

  3. Bermuda has sky high taxes, mediocre service and ridiculous prices on just about everything. St Georges is at the wrong end of the island. getting downtown and back will add another $80 roundtrip. Combined with the typical “bonvoyed” treatment, this hotel is a pass.

  4. This looks like the working man’s Park Hyatt St Kitts.

    Bermuda ain’t what it used to be. Gone are a lot of the upscale spots, replaced by crap that appeals to the cruise ship set. A lot like what happened to Key West.

  5. Bermuda has no shame. It essentially just sold a UNESCO World Heritage Site to Marriott et al., who are in turn selling a (literal) beachhead to offshoring companies. Jesus.

    Anyway… Moving beyond my personal bias, I can actually see this being a nice option for you guys.

    Pro: Beach is the size of a postage stamp, so your exposure to sand is kept to a bare minimum.
    Pro: Shark diving is very much a thing there, so Ford will have fun.
    Pro: Plenty of patio room for umbrellaed introversion with drink in one hand, MacBook in the other.

    P.S. Your SEO is ninja-level. You were my fifth Google hit (behind only Marriott itself) within two minutes of posting.

  6. Why would anyone who wants Caribbean weather go to Bermuda? Bermuda isn’t even in the Caribbean! Sure, it’s tolerable in winter and spring but there are far better places with more flights, cheaper hotels and cheaper restaurants — to say nothing of better weather — than Bermuda.

    On a side note, I’m shocked that Canada hasn’t annexed Bermuda.

  7. Canada can’t annexe Bermuda because it’s a British territory, so if they tried the Queen would be cross.

    Is it still a tax haven / money laundering centre, predominantly inhabited by elderly British colonels with skin like tanned leather?

    Just asking.

    Though I think they also have traditional red British phone boxes, so that’s nice.

  8. OMG, how horrible to see this. This was such a nice and secluded part of the island, and they build that? I’m so glad I was there before they built the hotel. Sorry, it can be great, but I’m so sad that they destroyed this beautiful part of the island.

  9. Just looked at it on Google Maps. Very sad.
    It seems to be built on one of the nicest mini-beaches of Bermuda.
    Fort St.Catherine right over the crystal blue water looks beautiful…. now ruined with a large resort. SAD!

  10. Normally I laugh at all the immediate negative comments, but in this particular case I do agree. I’ll take another angle – Bermuda is one of those destinations where I way prefer to stay with a friend who lives there than at a hotel. If I want a beach vacation, the Caribbean is far superior (not a knock on Bermuda – I absolutely love it there).

  11. When I first heard about a St. Regis in Bermuda, on the cover of it I was thrilled. Bermuda isn’t really a points-friendly market and hotel rates were on the high side.

    When I found out about the location being a good ways outside of town, that just lessened the attraction for me. As has been noted, the geographic location of Bermuda doesn’t scream Caribbean.

    Add in now that the featured restaurant is BLT Steak (which is a decent steakhouse, but a chain I can get in plenty of other cities) and that doesn’t really drive any desire to make this a must-go to.

    In terms of new St. Regis hotels, it came out in the Ambassador Facebook group yesterday that they are building a new St. Regis on Longboat Key just outside of Sarasota that’s due to open in 2023. Given that this is right on the beach (the Ritz has dedicated beach space, but you have to take a shuttle from the property on the mainland), it should be a nice option.

  12. Bermuda is a fun place to visit, but I don’t believe they offer car rentals to visitors, so (a) the location where you are staying is particularly important, and (b) make sure to budget enough money for the expensive taxi rides, or enough time for the public bus rides.

  13. Agree with previous posters that this place ruins the historic UNESCO St. George’s World Heritage Site and adjacent Fort St. Catherine’s, where European settlers first made landfall in 1610 following a shipwreck that may have inspired Shakespeare’s Tempest.

    Last January my wife and I had a marvelous impromptu tour of the fort with two locals, after taking the public bus from Hamilton and then walking over the hill.

  14. Last visited the island in 2015 and look forward to revisiting, they have a new airport terminal with 2 new business lounges that also need a look see.

  15. I have been to Bermuda and love the island. Anyone that knows anything about the island should know that property is not easy to obtain. Most homes and land are passed down from generations of land owners. To obtain land and build a recognized brand is surprising. One other thing to know is that Bermuda doesn’t thrive on tourism…it’s biggest industry in insurance, much like Grand Cayman thrives on banking. I have taken private sunset cruises with the locals in Bermuda and talked to them about their country and heritage. For these reasons Bermuda is one of most treasured islands to go to. Soft pink sand is nice as well. It is expensive.

  16. It’s not really a new country, since it isn’t a country, unless you use really loose definitions of what counts as a country

  17. @LISA
    “Bermuda doesn’t thrive on tourism…it’s biggest industry in insurance”

    Love the euphemism.

    Its biggest industry is reputedly tax evasion (despite British attempts to shelter it, it’s on the EU list of the world’s top 30 tax evasion centres; while Oxfam describes it as the world’s biggest corporate tax haven).

  18. Well since its a St Regis you might be able to cash in a few Suite Night Awards. There is also supposed to be a Ritz-Carlton being built in Bermuda on the other end of the island so in a few years you could have two options.

  19. Bermuda is my absolute favorite location. I’ve been 5 times on cruises and can’t wait to go again. The Bermudians are friendly, and the island is clean and beautiful. You will love Bermuda.

  20. I visited Bermuda for 2 days. Loved it! Public transportation is convenient. Beaches are gorgeous. I’ve got photos and a recap of our time there on my blog.

  21. The reactions to this property are astute.

    On one end, you have people who see it for what it is.

    On the other, you have cruisers who are oblivious.

  22. We have been enjoying Bermuda since 1988 and have returned each year for our Anniversary. We travel several times a year all over the world, but Bermuda is where our hearts are. Only 2 hours from Boston, it is a quick flight to a Beautiful, clean and safe Island. We have stayed all over the Island in 32 years from apartments, to small hotels to the larger ones. We have been all over the Island and no matter where you stay you will love it! We are so excited to try the St Regis, it is a very quiet end of the Island but we go to relax and enjoy there beauty of the Island and its peace. We are planning a stay in June so I will let you know our thoughts on the St Regis, and are excited it is a Marriott property! For all you first timers visiting the Island if you are looking for a party, drink all night Island Bermuda is not for you. But for people looking to golf, relax, enjoy some great food and wonderful people and beautiful waters definitely visit Bermuda! Ka

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