Classy: Fist Fight Breaks Out At Ritz-Carlton Aruba On Christmas Eve

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Nothing says “class” quite like a fist fight breaking out at the Ritz-Carlton Aruba on Christmas Eve. That’s exactly what happened, and there’s footage of it:

I’m really undecided as to what the best part of all of this is:

  • Wanna be Mike “The Situation” with the tight white pants punching someone and then covering his head as he does
  • The lady who tries to kick someone in the head and nearly falls over
  • The lady yelling “staaaaaaaahp it” the whole time (though she’s no doubt the most reasonable among them)
  • The fact that everyone is acting a damn fool; it’s one thing if one or two people are being drunk idiots, but step away and try to deescalate the situation, folks

I hope that all of these people were promptly kicked out of the hotel and that a police report was filed, because it’s actually called for here (unlike the unfortunate situation where a black guest at a hotel dared to make a phone call in the lobby).

I can’t even imagine how much these people were paying to stay at a mediocre Caribbean hotel over the holidays (this is the definition of a Ritz-Carlton resort factory), but as Countess Luann says…

Now that I’ve watched that video again, I’m always impressed by her natural talents. There aren’t many performers who can pull off that level of vocals without any sort of autotuning or anything. She’s almost as good at singing as she is at picking men!

Sorry, I guess I’m a bit sassy at 7AM on Saturdays. Time for another cup of coffee…

(Tip of the hat to Michael)

  1. The Situation has turned his life around and is sober now, Lucky. This is old Mike.

    Seriously, his transformation has been absolutely amazing to watch.

  2. Lmao. Rich dbags with no clue how to fight. Get some jiujitsu in your life boys and at least know how to choke a b*tch once it hits the ground

  3. God, have i laughed hard! Just what i need to spice up my afternoon. The lady in blue is everything! And yes, they sound like brits so well….

  4. The Ritz-Carlton Aruba Being the Playground of the Socialist Scum of the Venezuelan regime, I came to see if the fight involved them! (it’s pretty normal for those sub-humans to behave like this, and much much worse).

    That being said, I totally avoid any trouble but I almost broke into a fistfight with a New Yorker that demanded ‘his’ beach lounger, that was available and prepared for my gf and I by the staff.

    As per the ‘mediocre Caribbean hotel’ this is one of the very very few lines I have to slightly disagree.

    Funny post anyhow!

  5. Strange feeling these are my neighbors from Revere MA “Reveah”

    Woman yelling “staaaahp it” and the guy wearing a baby gap T-shirt clinched it

    Revere is to Boston as jersey shore is to NYC

  6. White Jeans took a serious, unprovoked, cheap shot. He’ll be lucky if he doesn’t end up with a law suit.

  7. Yeah, thanks, I’ll pass on a Aruba vaca. Jeez, Mr White Jeans is a class act. If Ms Blue Top lady is his gf/spouse, hope the are childless.

  8. Stayed at this ritz several times and know if the family in the fight… this is their third issue on the island (son got in fight at hotel 2 years ago, younger son threw up and passed out in the bushes (his dad didn’t care as he was trying to impress another family) and now they get into this fight! Best part of it all… the ritz is so money hungry and poorly managed that they did not kick this family out of the hotel! Unbelievable.

  9. You will never see this at an Aman resort….

    And yes Lucky u r dishing out shades galore this morning. Maybe the tea was too hot to sip slowly. These people are the definition of money can’t buy you class although they could be spending points at this “aspirational” Ritz Carlton. Lol. They are definitely not gone with the wind fabulous.

  10. @Dave S, ironically (or really its not that ironic if one things just a little about it) you’re probably infinitely more likely to run into this behavior at a Ritz, ESPECIALLY in a place like Aruba.

  11. @Nate Lately it feels more like reading a tabloid like the NY Post then a travel website. Hopefully it is just an aberration because the blog is better than this and has a history of solid and useful travel content.

  12. Looks like they got into an argument over whether the Starwood merger had been good for Marriott Rewards members. Hard to imagine they are former SPG 🙂

  13. @Miller508. I agree, know the type well. they are “Massholes” for shua. Their idea of a pissah vacation is to go to Aruba or Nassau or some Caribbean all inclusive and get wasted at the bah all’s day long.

  14. The Countess Luann video completes me. View from the Wing will never have a “best of Danielle Staub” megamix and that is why I don’t waste my time there.

  15. What’s the big deal? You can see that in most any bar on week-ends.

    Or are only poor people allowed to act out?

  16. Lucky, you want to visit the town I grew up in, Glasgow in Scotland, same kind of entertainment, only difference is, it peaks most weekends there. Thinking back, I remember lobby scenes in the Hilton (now Hyatt), the Albany, good old days! Billy Conolly does some great Glasgow nostalgic comedy routines about fighting in hotels, and the airport there.

  17. If anybody fancies a good laugh about Glasgow Airport, when 2 terrorists tried unsuccessfully tried to blow it up, Youtube Billy Conolly Terror Attack Glasgow Airport

  18. @Lucky, I love your insightful and detailed postings but please no need to fill up a dry news period with this sorry example of so-called adults making complete fools of themselves (and that goes for LuAnn Nadeau also.)

    Happy New Year!

  19. @Sam…..Could be rich Brits , but generally I think unlikely to be Brits . They just do not go so far as Aruba for Christmas.
    They prefer Florida , Thailand and Cyprus

  20. Middleton MA people with $$ – no class — family 1: kids kicked out of high school/colleg for alleged drugs selling , family 2: kids kicked out of colleges for alleged drug selling. Money can’t buy you love, class or brains..

  21. This was funny: Aah! The riff-raff are now at the Ritz. I’m going back to the Holiday Inn Express.

    Of course, any form of security were in the break room playing checkers.

  22. @Jackie…You are just dumb a blind Trumptard supporter with low level of intelligence. These are what people typically called “Ugly Americans” all over the world so stop acting like Americans are the best.

  23. @ dang Bree
    I said Revere Mass, was off by 15 miles…

    As soon as I heard the “Staaahp it” I New it

  24. Classless behavior displayed by classless tourists. As an American who has been in Aruba for the past 14 years, I have never seen such idiocy by these hotel guests from hell. The guy in the white pants who likes to sucker punch others from behind is a complete loser who humorously ended up on the ground at the conclusion. Hopefully, these morons were either arrested or deported off the island. Absolutely pathetic!

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