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For our two night stay in Minsk we decided to stay at the Renaissance, which was about $100 per night. I guess I had been spoiled by the nearby capitals of Tallinn and Riga, where the airports are only a very short drive from the city, because in Minsk the airport is a long 45 minute drive away from the city, and that’s without traffic.

The Renaissance’s exterior is… peculiar, and I couldn’t figure out exactly what kind of a theme they were going for.

Renaissance Minsk exterior

The interior had a much more standard design. The lobby was spacious, and reception was located inside and to the right.

Renaissance Minsk lobby

Renaissance Minsk lobby

The lobby also had plenty of seating.

Renaissance Minsk lobby

Renaissance Minsk lobby seating

I was informed that I had been upgraded to a suite as a Marriott Platinum member, and was also familiarized with the hours of the club lounge. Here’s the letter I was given with information regarding the lounge:

We were also told that the hotel offers a free shuttle to the city center, though only in the evenings. Given that the city center was only about a five minute drive away and taxis are cheap, we never did use that shuttle.

My room, #620, was located on the sixth floor.

Renaissance Minsk hallway

The entrance to my room was just outside the elevator and to the right.

Renaissance Minsk suite exterior

Renaissance Hotel Minsk exterior

The suite was large, and was a “proper” two room suite, rather than a junior suite. It featured a living area with a couch and chair.

Renaissance Minsk suite living room

Renaissance Minsk suite living room

Renaissance Minsk suite living room

Then there was a TV, as well as a desk with a rolling chair, which is also where the coffee machine was located.

Renaissance Minsk suite living room

Renaissance Minsk suite coffee machine & bottled water

The minibar was located underneath the TV.

Renaissance Minsk suite minibar

On the living room table was a welcome amenity consisting of branded cookies.

Renaissance Minsk welcome gift

Right by the entrance was a half bathroom.

Renaissance Minsk half bathroom

Then there was a door leading to the bedroom, which was in a curvy shape.

Renaissance Minsk suite bedroom

The TV was over in the corner by the entrance to the bathroom.

Renaissance Minsk suite bedroom

The room didn’t have much in the way of views — it faced the hotel parking lot, as well as some trees and grass in the distance.

Renaissance Minsk suite view

The bathroom featured a sink, walk-in shower, tub, toilet, and bidet.

Renaissance Minsk suite bathroom

Renaissance Minsk suite bathtub

Renaissance Minsk suite toilet & shower

There were also plenty of toiletries.

Renaissance Minsk suite toiletries

So yeah, overall the room was great and the wifi fast, so I was pleased with the room.

The hotel’s executive lounge was located on the 11th floor, and was open daily from 6:30AM until 11:00PM. The services had the following hours:

  • Breakfast: 6:30AM-10:30AM
  • Tea: 12:00PM-5:30PM
  • Evening snacks & drinks: 5:30PM-7:30PM
  • Dessert: 7:30PM-9:30PM

The executive lounge was a nice space, with several seating options, including dining tables, a more casual area with couches towards the back, a business center, and a terrace.

Renaissance Minsk executive lounge

Renaissance Minsk executive lounge

Renaissance Minsk executive lounge

Renaissance Minsk executive lounge

Renaissance Minsk executive lounge patio

Renaissance Minsk executive lounge buffet

The breakfast selection was definitely on the continental side, with cold cuts, fruit, yogurt, cereal, veggies, pastries, etc.

Renaissance Minsk executive lounge breakfast

Renaissance Minsk executive lounge breakfast

Renaissance Minsk club lounge breakfast

The only hot options were (really runny — ugh) scrambled eggs, potatoes, sausage, and bacon.

Renaissance Minsk club lounge breakfast

The evening selection also wasn’t that extensive, and most definitely not a dinner substitute. Options included finger sandwiches, cookies, nuts, veggies, and a few hot fried snacks.

Renaissance Minsk executive lounge evening selection

Renaissance Minsk executive lounge evening selection

Renaissance Minsk executive lounge evening selection

On the plus side, the wine was pretty decent.

Renaissance Minsk executive lounge evening selection

Then after that there was dessert, which consisted of two rotating options.

Renaissance Minsk executive lounge evening selection

The executive lounge was almost completely empty whenever we were there, so that was kind of nice.

On the weekends breakfast isn’t served in the lounge, so those with access to the lounge can instead enjoy a restaurant breakfast, which gives you access to a much better food spread.

Renaissance Minsk restaurant

Renaissance Minsk restaurant breakfast buffet

Renaissance Minsk restaurant breakfast buffet

This also came with custom made eggs.

Renaissance Minsk restaurant breakfast omelet

Speaking of breakfast, one thing I love is that the hotel puts out coffee and light snacks in the lobby prior to 6:30AM. They remove this as soon as breakfast starts in the restaurant, but it’s a nice feature for those of us who get up early and are looking for that first cup.

Renaissance Minsk morning coffee & snacks

One evening we had some traditional local shots at the lobby bar (long story), so that was fun. After that we were going to go to the casino connected to the hotel, though they had a power outage. Probably for the better…

Renaissance Minsk bar

Renaissance Minsk bar

As far as the hotel’s other amenities go, also on the first floor is the hotel’s gym, fitness center, and pool.

Renaissance Minsk spa

The hotel has a solid gym that can be accessed by guests 24/7.

Renaissance Minsk gym

Renaissance Minsk gym

There’s also a very nice pool.

Renaissance Minsk pool

While I didn’t get a spa treatment, here’s the menu (for example, a 60 minute massage is ~60USD):

We found the staff at the hotel to mostly be quite friendly, and the Renaissance was within a 10 minute taxi ride of most places in town we wanted to visit. Unfortunately there wasn’t much else in the immediate area, though. For more on our time in Minsk, see this post.

Bottom line

Overall the Renaissance Minsk was a great option for us. The hotel is reasonably priced and has excellent Platinum recognition — my suite was beautiful, and the lounge was a great place from which to work.

However, I don’t think I’d return. Why? Because after visiting, I really did like the more central part of town, and the DoubleTree seemed to have an ideal location. In the future I’d probably stay there, since the location is unbeatable — you can just walk from there to all kinds of sights, and also have easier access to Minsk’s beautiful subway stations.

But if you are a Marriott loyalist, this is a good option.

  1. Actually I’d say if you want a chain with the best location, it’s easily the Crowne Plaza. Pretty much exactly in the center of town, and 20,000 points. Plus they were bowled over by IHG Platinum status! Ahhhh, Europe

  2. I stayed at the Renaissance Minsk two Januarys ago and had a similar experience to what the review describes—with one exception—Imagine Dragons were staying there whilst performing a concert.

    You missed out on the spa treatment. Anywhere you can score $1 or less per minute for a rubdown at a legitimate spa is well worth it. As it stands, I had one of the best at that facility.

  3. No idea why you stayed there. The Doubletree is a better hotel in a better location with a superior breakfast buffet.

    Not that I plan to return to Belarus any time soon…

  4. Crowne Plaza def a better location than the Doubletree. That said, it’s Minsk – why not the renovated Soviet-era Hotel President? Cheaper and much more “of the place”.

  5. As suggested by many people when Lucky was planning this trip, Doubletree is by far the nicest and best positioned chain hotel in Minsk.
    Crowneplaza is …. well, let’s just say that unless you are in Minsk to meet some friendly females, this is not a hotel you want to stay

  6. Thanks. One of the nicer ones I see. Will keep it in mind. chasing marriott currently. (but in bed not via credit card ) 😉

  7. Double tree is the best option in town by far!!
    More pricey those days than Renaissance but it’s another planet. Stunning F&B and nightlife at doubletree and very convenient location.
    The renaissance is nice but it’s only good if you have points to burn (12.5k). It used to be a 10K hotel.
    The Marriott is the same category but the service and management is just poor there.

  8. @kevincure : no way. The crown plaza is a Turkish sex tourist style hotel with a crappy night club full of cheap local hookers. Atmosphere is disgusting and location is just ok. The new center is around the doubletree those days.

  9. We had working women approach us at the bar at the Doubletree. I gather this is common in Minsk. Otherwise it was a good stay. The rooms at the Ren look nicer and there is no lounge at the Doubletree but it is attached to a mall and walking distance from a store and many restaurants.

  10. Stayed there a few days ago and found it a very nice hotel although location is suboptimal. Only downside was that, when prompted at check-in the agent pretended to check if suites are available (i’m platinum) and said no although when in the room there were actually 3 types of suites that could still be booked. We also stayed at the Crowne Plaza and while location-wise it’s much better the hotel wasn’t as nice and the club lounge pretty poor.

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