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For our one night stay in Frankfurt I wanted to review somewhere new. Over the years I’ve stayed at most of the Starwood properties in the city, though with Marriott’s takeover of Starwood, I figured a review of the Marriott Frankfurt could come in handy.

The Marriott Frankfurt is one of the city’s biggest hotels, so I didn’t expect I’d love it. Because of that, a one night stay seemed like a great opportunity to check it out. The paid rate for a Saturday night was around $160.

The Marriott Frankfurt has an outdated exterior, and no matter how much they update the interior, I doubt there’s much they can do to make the exterior not look decades past its prime.

Marriott Frankfurt exterior

Marriott Frankfurt entrance

For such a huge hotel, I thought the Marriott had a rather small and dark lobby. I was expecting something a bit “grander,” but rather it was just a room with virtually no natural light.

Marriott Frankfurt lobby

Marriott Frankfurt lobby

Reception was located inside the lobby and straight ahead. The check-in process wasn’t great — the lady checking us in had an attitude, she thanked me for being a “Marriott member,” and only after specifically asking about the lounge did she mention I’d have access.

I was assigned room 2710, located on the 27th floor. I didn’t actually ask about an upgrade, though I guess you could say the hotel isn’t terribly proactive about that. Rooms are located on floors 26 through 43 of the building, so I was on one of the lowest floors.

There were signs throughout the hotel indicating that the property is being renovated, though I’m not sure what stage that renovation is at, as I couldn’t tell if some areas had been renovated or not.

For example, has the hallway been renovated (in which case, bleh), or no (in which case, the old design isn’t that bad)?

Marriott Frankfurt hallway

Marriott Frankfurt room exterior

The same was true for my room — I’m not sure if it had been renovated or not, though I hope not. The room featured an entryway with a closet to the right and the bathroom to the left.

Marriott Frankfurt room entryway

The room had a king size bed, and a chair with ottoman by the window.

Marriott Frankfurt king room

Marriott Frankfurt king room

Across from that was a desk with a rolling chair, as well as a TV.

Marriott Frankfurt king room

What I really did like were the views from the rooms — given that this hotel is much taller than all nearby buildings, you get great views of Frankfurt from here.

Marriott Frankfurt room view

Back towards the entrance was a mini-fridge with a large bottle of still and sparkling water.

Marriott Frankfurt in-room mini fridge

There was also a kettle.

Marriott Frankfurt in-room kettle

The bathroom was compact, and featured a sink, toilet, and shower/tub combo.

Marriott Frankfurt bathroom

Marriott Frankfurt bathroom

Marriott Frankfurt bathroom

Toiletries were from Acca Kappa.

Marriott Frankfurt toiletries

So yeah, the room was… fine. It did the trick, but there was nothing awful or great about it.

Anyway, the hotel’s executive lounge is located on the 43rd floor, and it’s open from 6AM until 12AM on weekdays, and from 7AM until 12AM on weekends.

Marriott Frankfurt executive lounge entrance

For the Saturday night we were staying, the evening drinks and snacks were served from 5:30PM until 8:30PM, while breakfast was served from 6:30AM until 12PM.

Best I can tell, the lounge seems to consist of several converted guest rooms, so it consists of several smaller rooms. There are dining tables, couches, and some high-top tables with bar stools.

Marriott Frankfurt executive lounge

Marriott Frankfurt executive lounge

Marriott Frankfurt executive lounge

Marriott Frankfurt executive lounge

Marriott Frankfurt executive lounge

The lounge also had even better views than my room, given that it was much higher up.

Marriott Frankfurt club lounge view

Throughout the day you can grab coffee, soft drinks, and water.

Marriott Frankfurt executive lounge drinks

During the day they also had pretzels, nuts, chips, and some sweets.

Marriott Frankfurt club lounge snacks

Marriott Frankfurt club lounge snacks

For a club lounge the food selection was very good, and the evening spread could act as a dinner substitute.

Marriott Frankfurt club lounge dinner

Marriott Frankfurt club lounge dinner

Marriott Frankfurt club lounge dinner

Marriott Frankfurt club lounge dinner

Breakfast was good as well, with fresh fruit, yogurt, cereal, cold cuts, sausage, bacon, omelets, etc.

Marriott Frankfurt club lounge breakfast

Marriott Frankfurt club lounge breakfast

Marriott Frankfurt club lounge breakfast

Marriott Frankfurt club lounge breakfast

Marriott Frankfurt club lounge breakfast

Marriott Frankfurt club lounge breakfast

Marriott Frankfurt club lounge breakfast

While the food selection was very good, I’d note that the lounge was constantly hectic, given that this is a huge hotel and I guess a lot of people have access to the lounge. If it was this full on a Saturday night and Sunday morning, I imagine it gets even busier on weekdays, when you have more business travelers.

The only other amenity the hotel has is the gym, located one level above the lobby. The hotel doesn’t have a pool, or anything else I found noteworthy.

Marriott Frankfurt gym

Marriott Frankfurt gym

Marriott Frankfurt gym

Marriott Frankfurt bottom line

Personally I wouldn’t return to the Marriott Frankfurt. The rooms are fine and the club lounge food and drink selection are very good, but that’s where the good things end.

It always took a long time to get an elevator, and then the elevators would be super full. I found the staff to be impersonal and cold. The decor was also pretty drab. Lastly, I didn’t love the location — I’d rather be closer to the river, the Zeil, the Kleinmarkthalle, etc. So personally I won’t be returning.

While Villa Kennedy is my favorite hotel in Frankfurt, obviously that’s in a different league. But to compare apples-to-apples, I have a preference for the Westin over this.

If you’ve stayed at the Marriott Frankfurt, what was your experience like?

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  1. I stayed on the 37th or the 39th floor a few years ago. Nothing much to write about. Much like the city and Lufthansa, the hotel was a meh…. ohh… and the decor looked identical as far as I could recall… which is to say not much….

  2. I stayed there 2 years ago , the room looks the same.
    I didn’t like it , but many Singapore f/a say they like it.

  3. @Lucky, I don’t get why you *wouldn’t* ask about an upgrade. In a business oriented location, I’d be surprised if there wasn’t a superior room available on a Saturday. On the one hand, it’s nice to know what you’d get by not saying anything. But, on the other hand, it’d be better to know what their response would be when asked. Getting a room on the 2nd lowest floor as a top tier elite (IIRC, you’re Platinum Premier with Ambassador, right?) on a slow day is pretty poor treatment.

    A lot of times, it seems as though you just roll over and take whatever you’re given. I’m not saying you should be an entitled jerk about it, but you could be more proactive.

  4. Really no good MR/SPG options in Frankfurt. I would describe the Westin as similar — “…fine. It did the trick, but there was nothing awful or great about it”. I found the bathrooms in need of a renovation, and particularly the toilets were difficult to flush. And the Le Meridian has really small rooms. I like the Hilton better, although they unusually have interior rooms that have windows to the atrium.

    If I had to go back to Frankfurt, I would stay at the Villa Kennedy despite the lack of points, or try the Sofitel or Jumeirah.

  5. The selling point of this hotel is of course that it is located just opposite of the fair grounds as shown in the first picture. It must be a money maker since they just renewed the leasing contract for another 30 years if I remember it correctly…

  6. Throughout all the lounges, all the club suites, all the hotel breakfasts, all the flights, and everything else, I refuse to believe the food has ever been worth it, even in first class (and there are a few, but very few exceptions). I refuse to believe it’s hygenically produced. I refuse to believe it’s healthy. And I also refuse to believe that it’s all consumed, and then so much food is wasted.

    I really don’t get the fascination with this game sometimes. Travel for the unique experiences, not the 20th indescriminate potato salad in the club lounge of a strip mall Marriot in suburban America.

  7. Personally I have had horrible experiences as an SPG Platinum @ the Westin as well…I think its more a cultural thing then brand…

  8. Just got back from that hotel 2 weeks ago. Spent 1 night, transiting through. Third stay in that hotel. I pick it because it easy to get from the train station there, easy to get to the river, and I like the neighborhood restaurants in the area behind the hotel.

    The lounge is always nice and well stocked.

    Overall, I agree though. The hotel is pretty middle of the road. Nothing amazing, but nothing bad either. Perhaps I should try the Westin next time.

  9. My dad stayed here in 2009 and said it was fine but not great I have one night in Frankfurt in December I have enough night to review my Marriott top tier status should I try the le meridian the old wing looks ok or just stay at villa Kennedy

  10. That’s definitely the old style room and hallway. I’ve spent the last four Xmas/NYs in that hotel, I’d know it anywhere. The renovation is overdue, but I always found the place clean and well maintained. Not sure what they could realistically do about the exterior tbqh.
    Different experience with the staff. I’ve always found them very personable, from front end through the brasserie, the restaurants and the lounge, and never had to ask for an upgrade. Concur on the lounge food; besides Frankfurt the Berlin, Sindelfingen and Hamburg Marriotts are the only ones in Europe that still do decent lounge food imho. I just wish the Frankfurt lounge stayed open all weekend.
    As for location, YMMV. I love the area, and with the 16/17 tram stop right at the door I can get around if I need to.

  11. Someone mentioned Jumeirah in Frankfurt. It’s quite a bit nicer than that Marriott, but at an average room rate in the €250 range. The rooms are modern, large and up-to-date. The bathrooms are only “ok.” For some strange reason they seem like they were last renovated longer ago than the rooms themselves. The common areas at the Jumeirah are not outstanding. I would have expected better; in particular, I would have expected more options for bars and restaurants.

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