Registration now open for Continental’s Mileathon

Registration is now open for Continental’s Mileathon, which goes through June 30 (with registration closing on May 31). This is a great way to earn some bonus miles for activity you’d have anyway. This would be an especially good time to sign up for a Chase Continental debit card.

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  1. It would a huge help if you were to describe (some of) the bonus offers that are behind log-ins. For example say I don’t have a Continental log-in – how many bonus miles per X does it say I would get for doing Y?

    I’ve felt the same with some hotel stories, without the hotel account I have no clue what the say the hotel to AA rate is – without it I can not evaluate if I should get a hotel credit card for X points that can become Y AA miles…

    In this case I understand there is a bonus – but what is it other than a opportunity for a grand prize, is it some sort of random bonus or a 1 to 1 bonus etc…

  2. Read through the T&C and it’s still not clear what the benefits are other than the grand prize. If I know I’m not going to win, is there any point in signing up?

  3. You need to log in to see the benefits. Basically you earn credits for all kinds of activity (opening a credit card, debit card, checking in online, buying a Presidents Club membership, booking premium tickets, etc.), and those credits can be redeemed for miles. This is an easy way to at least earn a few thousand miles if you fly Continental anyway.

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