Refurbished American 777-200 Now Flying

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American is in the process of refreshing their longhaul fleet. That started with the introduction of their 777-300ERs, which feature a new first and business class product. That was followed by them introducing a new business class product on their 767-300s, which were badly in need of a refresh.

And now they’re finally refreshing their 777-200s:

While American’s first reconfigured 777-200 has been out of the “shop” for a couple of weeks now, it hasn’t started commercial service.

American 777-200 new business class seat

It looks like American will finally begin passenger service with their first reconfigured 777-200 tomorrow, Monday, October 6, 2014.

American will initially fly the refurbished 777-200 between Dallas and Santiago three days per week, as follows:

AA945 Dallas to Santiago departing 9:45PM arriving 9:05AM (+1 day) [Mon, Thu, Sat]
AA940 Santiago to Dallas departing 10:20PM arriving 6:15AM (+1 day) [Tue, Fri, Sun]


The other days of the week the route will be operated by a 767-300 featuring the old business class product.

It’s also interesting to note that American has changed the “designation” for their reconfigured 777s. Ordinarily the 777-200s just show “777” as the aircraft type, like on this flight between Dallas and Tokyo.


However, the reconfigured 777s show the aircraft type as “772,” so that’s an easy way to tell if your flight is scheduled to be operated by the new product or not.


You can also tell by the fact that the reconfigured 777s no longer feature a first class cabin, so if you’re on a 777 and they’re not selling first class, it’s a reconfigured aircraft.

I believe American has plans to reconfigure a majority of the 777 fleet in the next year, though I haven’t seen the new seatmap loaded onto any other routes yet.

I’m curious to read reviews of this product, given that it’s an entirely new seat, different than what they had on the 777-300ERs and 767-300s. I would’ve tried to get on the inaugural, but I’m traveling at the moment, and even the remote possibility of running into His Excellency kinda outranked this.

Does anyone have plans to try American’s new 777-200 business class product?

(Tip of the hat to JonNYC)

  1. The aircraft for my jfk-cdg in feb has been changed and now reflect a business class cabin w all aisle access. I initially thought it was going to be 787-9 until I read this article. Looking forward to it. The J in AA’s 77W is one of the best out there.

  2. @ Lucky: oh my, I just check my flight status for next March from SFO-NRT in AA metal First and it’s still in 777….perhaps the old 777-200…..:(

  3. @ John — Well if you’re in first class then it is the old product, since the new one doesn’t have first class.

  4. I am currently scheduled to fly AA F on a 777 to NRT next April. (1) Is there any published schedule where I could see if my plane is schedule to be refurbished before my flight? (2) If it is refurbished and I am put in business, can I request a partial refund of miles or ask for an alternate routing (perhaps on a partner airline), that would let me continue in a first class cabin?

  5. Lucky – you’re correct! sorry for the confusion… I had previously flown DFW-SCL a couple of years ago in their old 767. I hope to get the chance to try this newly refurbished aircraft on my next visit.

  6. @ NaritaBound — The schedule isn’t published beyond the initial route. If you are put in business class then you would get the difference in miles back, or can reasonably expect to be rerouted on American (or on a partner if they have saver award space available).

  7. I just flew the old style 777-200 from ICN-DFW in F class. While the F cabin is very spacious, the 777-200 is way in need of an overhaul and update. When your armrest in F is loose and falls off exposing all the wiring, I think it’s time for an update. When you need a magnifying glass to see the tiny monitor, I think it’s time for an update.

    Having flown Air China from IAH-PEK on the same trip on their 777-300 in F, it really makes you realize how far American-based carriers lag behind their Asian counterparts.

  8. Not sure if everyone is aware, but the first set of 777s are going to have 45 J seats since that was in place before USAir took over. The new plan reduces the cabin to, I believe, 37 total J. Once all of the aircraft have been reconfigured they will go back and change the group that is coming out now to the smaller J cabin.

    Those upgrades are going to get pretty tough in the not to distant future.

  9. Flew DFW to ICH Jan. 13 FVMALL #182 611 480 42 on old 777. What a lousy flight. Entertainment center malfunctioned, controls on top of arm rests very uncomfortable, cramped seat space, food adequate, attendants adequate. BUT when compared to Nippon, Korean, China Air, Air China very inferior in all areas. We are scheduled to return Feb. 11 and we are dreading the flight. Will NOT fly AA again.

  10. Hi Lucky and thank you for all the information and the awesome blog! FYI I am booking ATL-EZE for next June and AA 945 (DFW-SCL) is listed as the old 3-class 777-200 (777). It looks like they might be moving the retrofit aircraft off the route at some point. I will keep searching back and update you if I notice the transition timing. Thank you for all you do for us flight junkies!

  11. Hi Lucky, I’m booking business class on a refurbished AA 777-200 with my wife. Any suggestions to which seats I should book so that we can speak to each other during the flight. The herringbone pattern looks awkward. Many thanks.

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